Flying Rhino Guild LLC: March Roundup and Growth Statistics

Hello NEAR Protocol community!

It has been a few months since our last official post, where we have been busy merging into an independent LLC and official partner of the NEAR ecosystem, creating an entirely new promotional service on top of our social media service offerings, revamping our website, adding to the team, and preparing for a crazy summer ahead :slight_smile:

We have also crunched the numbers and have some growth statistics to showcase to the community: Everyone knows that Flying Rhino’s core mission focuses on long term, sustainable social media and community growth rather than quick and rapid gains that will ultimately lead to the same intense drop-off later on. We believe NEAR is here to stay, and your project should be too.

With so much happening in the community right now and an insane amount of growing and building, it is natural for everyone to be promoting at once. However, by attempting to organize the noise and chaos and streamlining the promotional processes within the ecosystem by collaborating with one another and utilizing all the talent on the table, we can keep growth scalable. Flying Rhino has been in collaboration with NEAR Week and NEAR Core teams to optimize this workflow. More information soon incoming!

In the meantime, check out our March report as well as the growth statistics from our accounts for the past 6 months:

March Report
Current Projects:

Tier 1:
-Myriad Social
-Reality Chain
-Astro DAO
-C1 Guild
-Sankore 2.0
-Unique One

Tier 2:
-Atocha Protocol

-Oin Finance
-Muti Collective
-Insur Ace

Graphics Created: 282+
Graphic Templates Created: 1

Community Events/Initiatives Held for our Projects:
-Myriad Social Twitter Space with Ref Finance to discuss farming on Ref as well as a meme contest
-Naksh partnership with NEAR Publish, collaboration with NEAR Meme Daily, introductory Twitter space organized and held
-Minting Music: NFT giveaway hosted and organized, securing an appearance on the Rise N Grind podcast

FR Internal Developments:
-Began aggregating ecosystem promotional workflow in partnership with NEAR core
-Creation of a new pitch deck
-Official partnerships with NEARweek and NEAR Writers Guild
-Creation and growth of FR Degens group

Overall, Flying Rhinos has seen immense growth these past few months after being awarded a NEAR grant in January of 2021 to support our newbie ecosystem projects, establishing our own LLC, growing a DeGen crew and promotional partners, perfecting our technique and process, and as always focusing on community growth and communication.

We are eager to continue building out the NEAR ecosystem!