Flying Rhino Emergency April Funding

Hello Community Team!!

After our March update post, which can be found here: Flying Rhino Guild LLC: March Roundup and Growth Statistics, we have been encouraged by the Community Team to submit for extra funding to support our community clients before the new promotional workflow is finalized.

As explained in our last post, this near NEAR Ecosystem Promotional Workflow is a huge initiative on behalf of NF, Flying Rhino, and NEARweek to collectively create a promotional avenue for each project entering the ecosystem. It is currently being built out with the help of our community partners, and we are looking forward to finalizing and beginning it come April.

In the meantime, in order to support our grant projects that rely on us for service via a NEAR ecosystem grant, we have been encouraged to apply for $10,000 USD worth of emergency funding to tide us over until the workflow can subsequently be established and operational :slight_smile:

The projects that will continue to have access to our services with this funding include:
Tier 1-
-Minting Music
-Sankore 2.0
-C1 Guild
-Reality Chain

Tier 2:

Tier 3:
-Muti Collective

With this additional funding, we will be able to continue providing the best possible service to these clients who majorly impact the NEAR ecosystem :slight_smile:

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Good morning. Until may

Other projects have an option to work directly with Marketing DAO (without the middle-man company) and grow their own community strategists.

Cc: @clarian @jefedeoro @Mazi @boy_chula @Purpledots




In light of the upcoming ecosystem grant, and in order to ensure that FRG can continue their work in the ecosystem, I offer my full support for this :100:

Looking forward to seeing where it goes :raised_hands:


In my opinion the projects can work directly with Marketing DAO.

Could you please ask Flying Rhino to provide a detailed budget and information about how the last grant was spent?


Ps: @David_NEAR the company has $46 438 dollars. I believe it’s enough to cover all expenses, before they get a new grant

Cc: @leaves297 @Grace

Tier 1-
-Tamago $2000
-Minting Music $2000
-Sankore 2.0 $2000
-C1 Guild $2000
-NEARHub $2000
-Reality Chain $2000
-DeBio $2000

Tier 2:
-QSTN $1500

Tier 3:
-Muti Collective (no more longer work with flying rhino)

So, total monthly budget is $15 500.

Funded by projects according the topic

Tier 1:
-Myriad Social $2000
-Astro DAO $2000
-Unique One $2000

Tier 2:
-Atocha Protocol $1500

-Oin Finance $1000
-DePocket $1000
-Insur Ace $1000

, $10500

$35 938 dollars for promotion ( two months).

For statistics, the LLC received 7094 near (over $90 000) since February 2022. List of recent payments


Let us Talk about the service that this company provide

As par my understanding its a social media company that provides social media services
2022-03-07 12_06_09

Let see what’s the report of Flying Rhino

Made in Drag and Drop in Wix Builder and its very low professional website.

And You Check All There Client Social Media Account but very low reach in all post.

There is no google map office

Why Near is Give This much Fund to This Guy The Company name is Flying Rhino :rhinoceros: so that means one day it will fly and go to other blockchain and who support the rhino then the rhino always kill there friends :cow2:

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Emergency funds were received

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As is the case for most decentralised projects, it’s 2022 :sweat_smile:

FRG have cut their teeth on the NEAR Ecosystem from (almost) the very beginning.

I don’t think we need to judge the quality of their work by their website. Rather, we do so using the testaments of their clients and their on-the-ground work which is visible in their reports.

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