First of our Bi-weekly Guild Highlights Report

Morning all, I’m pleased to share the first “Guilds Report” with you, moving forward this will be a bi-weekly occurrence, a chance for us to highlight some of the great work being carried out by our Guilds. :star_struck: During Q4 of 2021: we onboarded 26 guilds with over 2400 members. Bringing the total guilds number at the end of 2021 to 115 with over 103,000 members. :heart_eyes:

:tipping_hand_woman: Here I would like to highlight some specific achievements from our Guilds last month:

  1. The NPK guild secured a top media partnership in December with DiutoCoinNews Media to spread the word about NEAR in Nigeria and across Africa.

  2. In addition to donating over 86k USD to VietNam to fight against covid 19, The Vietnam guild recently hosted an event which gave everyone in the Vietnam community the opportunity to join a quiz about NEAR ecosystem to get NEAR Swag
    Công ty blockchain Mỹ ủng hộ Việt Nam 2 tỷ đồng chống dịch Covid-19 - VietNamNet

  3. The Flying Rhino guild has now transitioned into an DAO LLC and is now an official partner of NEAR protocol.

  4. Sankore 2.0 guild has announced it’s pitch competition where participants take part in the in-person pitching session and is using the competition as a way to have more developers and projects onboarding onto the NEAR blockchain.

And in case you missed it; some extra highlights from the Guilds Team that are helping to improve the Guilds Programme:

  1. Guilds Office Hours:
    Since announcing the guilds office hours in November 2021, we have held three GOH with an average of 25 guilds leaders in attendance. Be sure to add your email to our database via @simeon4real to receive the reoccurring calendar invite (new time of 5pm CET to cater for our Latam friends).

  2. Guild interviews and Surveys:
    In order to better understand guilds onboarding process and learn how and where we need to improve upon, we launched a onboarding interview campaign where we got on in-depth one-to-one calls with guilds. The guilds survey results for Q4 2021 are available here: Guilds Survey Q4 '21 Results

  3. Guilds Newsletter - A new and streamlined way to get information across to guild leaders in a prompt and timely manner thanks to the guilds newsletter. All guilds are encouraged to submit their emails to be added to the database and mailing list.

  4. Guilds Ops team are fully functioning - middleware personnels that streamlines the communication between NEAR guilds, the community and the NF.

  5. Guild-to-Guild collaboration - We want to improve the collaboration between guilds, so we created a form where all guilds can fill out all services they need or offer so we can connect them to guilds that have what they need or need their services. An example is the recent collaboration between the NPK (NEAR NIGERIA ) and C1 Guilds: [REPORT] Guild-Guild interrelationships That said, all guilds are required to fill out the form:

  6. Guilds tiering system: Towards the end of 2021, The guilds tiering system was launched as a new way to evaluate guilds:
    Guilds' Tiering System: An evolutionary Path for Community Development

  7. Guilds Dashboard is going live- The vision is for the dashboard to track Guild growth by number of Guilds created and Guild membership numbers, with the ability for your view to be filtered by status (active vs. inactive), type*, dependency**, and age of Guild. [UPDATE] Guilds Data & Information Access Projects

  8. Guilds Summit - every quarter we plan to organize an event around the Guilds – with this, we aim to bring them together and raise awareness on the impact they create for our Ecosystem. A SAVE THE DATE for March 16, 2022, is being considered for the first event date.

:rocket: :unicorn: