February Defi Report

February Report

March 7th claimed rewards (15.027 Ref)
Staked Ref as xRef (11.592 xREF) giving us a total xRef balance of 150.160

We still hold our previous USDt balance of 140.6 and now have an xRef balance at current market value of $25.53, giving us a total USD equivalent of $166.13, down $4.96 from last month.

Impermanent loss has put our farmed value at $392.60 at time of report, so at present, from our initial $500 investment in DeFi, our current total balance would be $558.73, after 6 months of this process.

From my perspective, I feel we should continue course and remain in the low risk farm of USDT.e-NEAR, as I still feel we are not out of the bear market conditions, and allow our funds slow growth. If the council feels otherwise, and would prefer other options, please let me know.