[EVENT] UPGRADE -> ASIA Staking Party for NEAR (virtual) 4th March 2PM UTC


There is no denial that South East Asia (SEA) has a huge potential for crypto mainstream adoption.

  • 663 million population !!!
  • Youngest population in the world after Africa.
  • Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia , and Singapore are among the Top 15 countries in terms of crypto holders on age bracket 16 to 64.

At Near Malaysia Guild, we want to kickstart our Guild journey by organizing a Staking Party for South East Asia in partnership with #MetaPool.

I would like to make a call to arms to our fellow friends at NEAR Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam Guild to start organizing the event and flow down to our community: @derymars @orvardjam @rileytran

Separately, if you are a Youtuber, influencer, etc in South East Asia, please do contact us to help us communicate on the event.

Our one and only @asyraf.near, the brain behind BicaraKrypto (https://www.youtube.com/c/BICARAKRYPTO) will be spearheading communication of the event in Bahasa language. The event itself will be in English.


WHAT : SEA Staking Party (Staking Party For South East Asia)

WHEN : FRIDAY 4th MARCH, 2:00pm UTC time, which means,

10:00pm for Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippines (UTC + 8)

9:00pm for Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia (UTC + 7)

8:00pm for Myanmar (UTC + 6)

WHERE: Google Meet


  • People will join by filling airtable form.
  • People will then receive the Google Meet link.
  • The event will be conducted in English.


TBD SOON :tm: !!


  • Briefly introduce NEAR
  • Encourage NEAR wallet creation
  • Expain staking, liquid staking, and Metapool
  • Explain DeFi opportunities of liquid staked NEAR (stNEAR)
  • Encourage NEAR staking through Metapool
  • Meet & Greet for all SEA NEAR members, perhaps the start of a thriving partnership?

Let us know if you have any comments or questions! If you are in Asia and want to participate, please let us know too. Regitration form will open shortly.


Let’s do this! Will love to meet up with folks in Malaysia and SEA whose active in Near ecosystem.

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Sounds really interesting! :smiley:

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Brilliant! We will gladly support to spread this info in the NEAR Indonesia community network


Cool ! So this is from/collaboration with the Ambassador program from Metapool right ?

Awesome !!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We’re here in India, would be interesting to participate and it would be great if we can invite people from here to join
What time by India time zone it will happen?
And if you post announcements in social media, I’ll share it to out fellows :pray:

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Note: the event has been UPGRADED to ASIA Staking party, with the addition to Korean, Indian, and Filipino friends!

See you on Friday 4th March, 2PM UTC. Communications will start today (banner, registration forms) in all social media channels.

If you are an individual or guild in Asia, please feel free to DM me or reply to this message, so you can join the party like @johanga did.


This is a great idea bro!