[Event Proposal] Yin Yang Club Meetup 1 "The Fengshui of Home" - June 2022


Creative Director: Masia One
Project Manager: Robert Harford
Content & Curation: Brian Offenther (DJ BO)
Graphics & Art Curation: Kenzy Chew
Social Media: Joanne Teh

What are your goals

This inaugural event is to introduce the Yin Yang Club to the NxM community and Paras audience as a hub for artists to explore creative Web3 projects:

  1. An art & music appreciation club:
    We aim to break stigmas of NFTs being a “get rich over night scheme with cartoon animals” (a common feedback we have received) by developing an audience with an appreciation for the visual art, music, and ideas surrounding NFT projects emerging from the NxM community. Our focus is to showcase that the art and music itself is the ends utility with the outcome of developing a deeper desire to participate as a collector and/or a creative. It helps connect the community to the content.

  2. An on-boarding hub for both creatives and collectors: YYClub is a point of reference to learn Web3 vocabulary, initiatives and projects with an underlying zen approach that shapes our social content, workshops and events.

This first event on June 15 is titled “The Fengshui of Home” will be done in partnership with artist Supa Mojo’s launch of her EP “Home”, a part of DAOrecords’ #SoundSplash. The event will be held both in the virtual and physical space and include the following activities:

The Critical NFT Club (C-NFT-C)** : Twitter Space interactive chat where we bring enthusiasts together to discuss new art-related (music and visual) NFT projects. It’s an off-shoot of the Critical Music Club (CMC) developed by Brian Offenther (DJ BO)- a music critic, DJ/event producer. These sessions will include “Critic Lists” such as “Best Music to walk to work to,” “Best saxophone songs,” and “Best Art/audio pairing in an NFT.” C-NFT-C will help make create an active dialogue concerning NFTs as an artistic-based experience. Leading up to our first event on June 15, our themes will surround the ideas of home, including “Music that reminds us of home”.

  • May 19, May 26, June 2, June 9 Twitter Space Yin Yang Club " * C-NFT-C" discussion * concerning different themes that tie into that week’s NFT launches hosted by Brian Offenther. Brian has lead many different writing, editing and curation projects, working with platforms like Vice, and runs his own “Critical Music Club” program. We hope YYClub live Twitter chats will generate more interest and engagement for our June 15 launch, as well as provide a space for audience development through the appreciation of art.

The Fengshui of Home:
The main event June 15 is a physical meetup to provide networking and art appreciation session for NxM members in our Malaysian community. Physical meetups bring a lower barrier-to-entry point for creatives to enter the Web3 space because they are able to learn peer-to-peer in a personal way, share tangible tools of engagement, and ease the transition from physical to virtual space. Physical meetups paired with virtual launches promote global participation for the NxM community. Physical meetups can be projected into virtual space via Cryptovoxels and either livestream via Twitch or YouTube live or post-produced video.

Our June 15 “Fengshui of Home” event will be held at LiveFact! in Kuala Lumpur where the venue will be divided into a display area for Supa Mojo’s Home , a mini gallery from the Yin Yang Club, and performance artist space.

The Yin Yang Club display will share high quality art prints of our first NFT launch (“Tiger Elements”) with artwork from Noyz134. Each element will be demonstrated in the space with a caption sharing where the elements of Metal, Water, Earth, Fire, and Wood should be placed within the home.

We will also have an info booth/merchandise table selling “phy-gital” items that correspond with our NFT for sale on Paras . The information booth will also share background on the Yin Yang Club how we help creatives on-board onto the NEAR blockchain through the support of our club and network. We will be reaching out to Paras for advice in anticipation of the end-goal to develop and popularize an Yin Yang Club NFT store on their platform. It will house works of multiple creatives that align with our YY Club theme.

We will be reaching out to the NxM community for advice from others that have facilitated Live Physical-to-Virtual launches to discover logistical challenges, event flows, and ways to cross-engage the virtual audience with the live one in Kuala Lumpur. We will also be reaching out to NEAR Malaysia to see if we can engage members of a community that are already active with NEAR protocol.

Outcome/Longterm Goal
We will develop the Yin Yang Club store on PARAs for phy-gital products including wearables, NFTs, and physical products from creative members in our community. Based on philosophy, curation, on and offline engagements, the YY Club will develop its brand and reputation as a unique hub to keep an eye on in the Web3 space.

We will create social engagements that allow the Yin Yang Club to be a pragmatic part of the NxM and NEAR creative community, where artists looking to promote or launch their projects can contact us for music, art and, project criticism. Our audience will be a blend of people new to Web3 and veterans in the space.

Who is the Yin Yang Club?

The Yin Yang Club was launched by artist Masia One and Noyz134. The inaugural NFT collection was by artist Kenzy Chew (Noyz134) on the auspicious date and time of 22:22pm on Feb 2. 2022 to commemorate the Year of the Tiger. The product was soft-launched in partnership with Nusantara Records and consultation advice from VanDigital.

Based on the Chinese zodiac or sheng xiao , in this year of the “Water Tiger,” our manifesto is to create a space that considers the teachings of the Tao Te Ching in our approach into Web3 education, community building, and artworks curated. We believe this approach aligns with the natural pace of the human spirit, as creativity allows for a healthy and long lasting community to build from our initiatives.

Yin Yang Club Elements

Tied with with the animal zodiac is the Chinese system of Wu Xing, or Five Elements. These elements are: Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth, and create the 5 categories from which our projects and initiatives will stem from. This system describes the relationship and interdependence between all things, allowing us as a collective to seek balance through the types of activities we create. For example:

1. Metal: Metal forges the bridges between our project and other platforms in the Web3 space. These engagements will be cross-platform collaborations and partnerships with new technologies or utilities enabled by blockchain technology. For example:

  • Yin Yang Club X NxM: Themed challenges set forth to the NxM community for works that align with themes of the YY Club.
  • Yin Yang Club X DAOrecords: Yin Yang Club reviews of NFT projects emerging from SoundSplash.
  • Yin Yang Club X Emanate: Teaching about streamable NFTs and on-boarding Yin Yang Club creatives onto Emanate to launch their first streamable NFTs.

2. Water: Water provides the flow for the creative mind to reflect inward and produce outward for the world. This category might manifest engagements such as time-lapsed videos of artist creations, artist interviews on their creative process, and creative challenges for artists to showcase their personalized interpretation of specific themes.

3. Wood: Wood represents the building blocks of any new venture. Wood activities empower creatives to build and execute their own projects such as workshops, online educational content, and collaboration opportunities.

4. Fire: Fire is dynamic in enhancing talents and brings passion, movement, and high energy to the forefront. Fire activities include in-person performances and events, as well as livestream engagements.

5. Earth: Just as the earth is the fertile soil for healthy life to sprout, Earth engagements allow connection and growth, such as the Twitter space C-NFT-C, as well as networking meetups.

Detailed budget

200 Masia (Creative Director): Defining Yin Yang Club branding and rollouts; connecting this project back to NxM and Web3 communities to make the Yin Yang Club a useful and creative part of the NEAR ecosystem

150 Rob (Project Manager): Ensuring deadlines are met, deliverables are collected and coordinating team members to organize day-to-day activities leading up to June 15. 2022

200 Kenzy (Visuals): Create content and graphics created around this project including flyers, posters, artworks, merchandise

150 Brian (Host Critical Music Clubs) : Utilize Twitter to curate interested creatives and critics to participate in the Yin Yang Club discussions; write a blog post for the YY Club website to express his initial impressions of Art & Music in the Web3 space, and how it might have changed after his participation with the YYClub’s online launch on June 15

100 Joanne (Social media and PR) : Joanne will be assisting in boosting and facilitating promo for YYClub on Web2 socials. We are seeking additional funding to be able to hire her on for this role for consistency, and establishing weekly and monthly events. With the currently budget, she will facilitate a limited amount of boosts for content we service to her, and advise on possible future challenges and online trends we can use to engage more creatives.

200 Virtual/physical venue rental & online promotion : The cost of the physical venue will be split with Joanne Teh during her SoundSplash launch of Home . We will be working together with DAOrecords, who are providing the virtual space and branded launch in Cryptovoxels and Reality Chain.

400 Merchandise Production : This cost will be paid for by the Yin Yang Club. We hope these phy-gital samples will create a template that we can provide as examples for future creatives we on-board into the Web3 space. Exiting Phy-gital merchandise on display includes:

  • “YinYang Club NFT Edition + K.L. Graffiti coffee table book” by Supa Mojo
  • High quality art prints - “Tiger Elements” by Kenzy Chew, NFT available on PARAS.
  • Vulva Vocabulary” NFT, sticker pack, and + Vulva Vocab washable pads by Masia One.
  • Freedom Fades NFT + Freedom Fades Music Mask by Masia One.

Marketing & Promotion plan

  • 4 week Twitter space with music & art reviews hosted by Brian and Masia One starting May 19, May 26, June 2, June 9 leading up to the physical meet-up on June 15

  • Daily check ins with the NxM community via Telegram group to find out about the latest NFT releases, as well as survey to the creatives to gain feedback about our Twitter Space sessions, how NFT reviews might benefit their projects and general feedback from those that have attended our sessions.

  • Using key points of conversations and quotes from Twitter spaces to create visual content for social media platforms including IG, Twitter, FB, TikTok, and LinkedIn

  • Promotion around the NFTs and their physical merch counterparts that will be available at the live event; we will target streetwear and lifestyle stores around Kuala Lumpur

  • Key medium and blog articles written by Masia One & Brian Offenther surrounding the philosophical approach to the Yin Yang Club and Web3, key points from NFT reviewed projects on the Twitter Space, and showcasing other initiatives and opportunities happening related to NxM community

Online platforms: Cryptovoxels, Reality Chain, Social Media.

Partnership with: Emanate, DAOrecords, NxM.

500 requested upfront to cover expenses for:
200 Virtual / physical venue
100 Online marking and promotion
100 Materials to create artwork or plugins & apps for online content
100 PR costs associated with traditional media and music blog sites to share information about this YYClub launch.

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider our Yin Yang Club proposal. We hope to grow and support a balanced new approach in the Web3 space.


beautiful! i love the name, it’s fitting​:fire:

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Hi @masiaone, thank you for the proposal.

I would like to double confirm that the total requested budget is $1900 with $500 upfront for May period. Am I getting you right?

Hi William, I believe the maximum allowed per request is $1000, and we will bear the balance of the cost. The proposal is for $1000 with $500 upfront to get the planning and work started. Thank you for reading over this proposal.

We all gotta find some balance in this virtual space! This is our way of doing it lol.

Thank you, so the first half ($500) will be:

And the second half ($500) will be part of:

Yes, this is how we had envisioned the roll out. We will supplement the outstanding balance through:

Partnership with Supa Mojo’s DAOrecords SoundSplash release (50% of physical venue costs, and 100% of virtual venue cost subsidized by DAOrecords)

Merchandise manufacture cost supported by Nusantara Records and the individual artists.

Thank you.

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Dear @masiaone,

Please be informed that your proposal has been approved!

Feel free to request 50% of the requested funds to NxM.

Once your project will be ready please share your artworks and details with NxM Social Media Team in order to promote it on Twitter and Instagram - Telegram: Contact @nxmsocialmedia

We are implementing a new process of NxM membership via NEAR Guilds App, please join there, as stated wallets there will have privilege to request funding from NxM.

In order to join, please do the following steps:

  • Open NEAR Guilds App https://app.nearguilds.com
  • Find NxM Guild​
  • Log to the app using your NEAR wallet​
  • Join the community using your NEAR wallet!

Also, feel free to leave your feedback here, when you will be doing the report, after the delivered show.

Thank you so much for this reply and approval.
I will take a meeting with the team over the weekend and begin rollout of this plan.

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The event has been launched to be located at Dou Houz KL, a venue that is positioning itself as a “blockchain community club”.

Guests are by registration only via Google Form or scanning the QR code, which allows us to open NEAR wallets for them, and help onboard them into NxM community. Please advise if there are suggestions how else we can integrate NxM community for the night.

We have had to cut down on the online promo as we did not receive part of the anticipated funding applied through Supa Mojo. We will have to conduct 2 Twitter Spaces in collaboration with the Critical Music Club rather than 4 as a result of the more limited budget.

YinYangClub.xyz has been updated with information for this event and MEDIUM and promo articles to follow.

The 50% cost covers the venue rental and set up costs (painting framing, print up, projector and audio equipment)

Thank you again for this support.


Hey @masiaone I’m not able to open YinYangClub.xyz, as I’m getting “DNS server issue”. Maybe it’s on my side, however, I can’t find medium article as well, could you please share them here?
Thank you in advance!

That’s weird about the DNS server, we will look into this.

This is the initial article: The Yin Yang Club Presents: The Fengshui of Home – The Yin Yang Club
Will be posting the Medium article this week thank you.

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It’s soo cool, thanks!

Btw, on my PC is working well! :smiley:

Hey William
I tried to log onto the NEAR Guilds App but was rejected because it’s not a secure site (“connection not private”). Should I look into downloading the app from store direct?

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Hello @williamx

What is the process of closing out this event and delivering the report on the event engagement?

YinYang Club event “Home” at Douhous was a success with Supa Mojo’s NFT project minted in collaboration with DAOrecords and a guestlist of people that registered to join NxM. Photos from the inworld event can be seen here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.110750728338881&type=3

Hi @masiaone, thank you for the updates.

Please deliver a report here in the comments with outcomes of the event.


  • Actual date/time
  • Actual venue (if any)

Link to the store

Link to the minted artwork

  • Other outcomes (if any) that I haven’t mentioned.

After that please use this link to request for the remaining 50% of the total proposed amount on NxM Astro DAO.

Thank you!

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Thanks for your patience with me as I learn the process. I’m preparing a report and will follow up with the request from AstroDAO. Thank you.

[EVENT REPORT] Yin Yang Club Meetup 1 "The Fengshui of Home"

Date: June 15. 2022
Time: 8-10pm
Venue: Douhou, Kuala Lumpur @douhoukl

Link to the minted artwork: Fono Root

YinYangClub Project Info: http://yinyangclub.xyz/homewilldream

DAOrecords Medium Post: Come Home with SupaMojo. It all begins at home… | by DAOrecords | Medium

DOWNLOAD FOLDER: YYC Meetup 1 - Fengshui of Home - Google Drive

Guest list of people that registered to join NxM:

  • Please download guest list that joined NxM from the GDrive folder above. I have blocked out their phone numbers & email to protect their privacy.
  • 28 NEAR wallets opened from this event.

Event photos: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.110750728338881&type=3


  • Social media promo campaign, with the most successful reach on Facebook. (Please see download folder promo campaign summary).

  • Twitter Space with the artist Supa Mojo and NFT artist Noyz134 sharing the intent and story behind their works. The space was well attended, and recorded for repost as YinYangClub catalogues content.

  • Critical Music Club X2 Sessions: Participated in DJ BO’s critical music club with over 40 participants over zoom sharing their impressions of the music, art and asking questions pertaining to NxM, Web3 and NFTs.


This budget was enough to cover the event, promotion on social platforms, PA & Sound and set up costs. We have taken 20% of the fund generated from the YinYangClub NFTs sold to fund future projects and events.

  • The event gave myself as the curator and the artists a clearer sense of what pieces were successful for our audience, as well as the best way of facilitate wallet & NFT drops for future events. We saw that physical products such as our Year of the Tiger art prints that came with an NFT airdrop sold well, with NFT as an incentive for the buyers. We also sold glass etchings of Supa Mojo’s lyrics from her newly minted “Home” NFT as well as her late brother’s curated book of “KL Graffiti” with partial proceeds donated to a local charity to support mental health and suicide prevention.

  • Our next YinYangClub Meetup 2 is at Douhou KL on Sunday December 4. 2022. Our PARAs Store will be updated and new collection added for this 2nd event.

  • The event also allowed us to draw interest from the immediate community to begin organizing a Yin Yang DAO to better manage future events, on-boarding and promotion. We hope we can work with NxM ongoing as part of our in person and Metaverse launches.

Thank you for your help and support. The event was a very meaningful one due in support of mental health and suicide prevention, and we were grateful to see how NxM can support both the creative expression and promotion of this message.