Event near brazil


My name is Paulo better known as (Pierre)
I got to know the NEAR project through a collection of NFT called NEARNAUTS.

I talked a lot with Donny and Teddy who are the NN founders
and i want to bring near to brazilians for near.
I have experience with events and have been a speaker for a long time. And I feel that Brazilians have great potential for technology.

I have a lot of football athletes friends who are about to collaborate with the of these events, so we can work in a different way with marketing campaigns.

I’ve already closed some partnerships for #NEARNAUTS but if these athletes with a lot of followers post pfp social networks, many won’t know how to use wallet near. therefore the event will serve as a training.

we will also talk about the entire NEAR ecosystem and its promising future

Thank you all and sorry for my english

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