Engineering Weekly Update - 2021-08-09

Brief Summary

  • Nayduck now runs tests nightly, as oppose to running on every commit;
  • Developer Platform are learning how to run community on-call from Infrastructure team who are running on-fire on-call;
  • Node Interfaces initiated work on RPC as a service;


  • Node Experience removed 94 non-expensive tests and 2 duplicate tests from Nayduck. They also sped up neard build for Nayduck by approx 30%. The less stuff we run on Nayduck the less our cloud cost is;
  • Node Experience got rid of tech debt and fixed a bug hurting validators;
  • Node Experience created a pipeline with 500+ interested parties for running sharded Mainnet;
  • Developer Platform now tracks even unreleased Rust SDK changes in;
  • Developer Platform added Serialization Protocols and Callbacks to the Rust SDK book;
  • Developer Platform have MVP of JS tests for contracts;
  • Node Interfaces onboarded Fayyr to use indexer!
  • Node Interfaces made good progress towards near-api-rs;
  • Core team narrowed down approaches for reducing function call fee;
  • Core team also narrowed down issues with introducing shard ids;
  • Network team documented how handshake between the nodes works.

Challenges and Blockers

  • We are still figuring out why function call fees are high. It might require modifications in Wasmer code. This is generally blocking wok on fee reductions, in general;
  • Node Interfaces needs opinions on representation of NFT/FT tokens in explorer. Please join discussions here and here. This also affects the discussion of splitting Explorer into user- and developer-focused dashboards;

Full Reports