EIR Program - Gautam Jan (Report)

Name: Gautam Padiyar
Wallet: padiyar.near

Marking progress for Jan '22 here -

  • Grew the team from 4 to 10 members and moved into an office in Bangalore
  • Facilitated the entry of two new DIRs - Sohom and Mohnish - working on funded projects
  • Started work on and shipped v1 of nearamp - a dev tool to safely create and fund a new near wallet for end-users from within the dev’s application. Uniqart is currently integrating and testing on mainnet. Website and integration details will be made public soon.
  • Started work on wagmeet, the experimental meetups interaction app. Initial user flow is documented and devs are now comfortable writing smart contracts. Website and educational blog posts will start getting posted from the coming week
  • Scouted and referred 3 new projects for business grants
  • Coordinated and set up a new staking pool and validator node with capital investors from India. Named centurionstaking

KSP will post more operational updates separately for our join venture - Crypto Capable. Feel free to reach out for any collaborations. We’re growing quickly!



Thanks for this exciting report! Looking forward to all of the above, particularly that website and your educational blog posts. I’d love to experiment with platforms that provide any event coordination features, and I’m curious to learn how NEAR Meet could work with your team. We have a Discord for meetup organizers, if / when you’d like to recruit for user testing.

Additional info: