Ecosystem Team Weekly Update - 08/27/2021

What we’re working on:

  • Building the framework for a highly detailed community-driven NEAR official ecosystem map to power multiple front ends
    • Ecosystem map repo is live and being actively contributed to/managed
  • Actively working on codifying the handoff criteria and process
    • Project lifecycle pipeline framework built out
  • How to work with us/Menu of services published
  • Onboarding 20 grantees the coming weeks, this will help drive the playbook and process
    • Goal is 5/week
  • Developing a process to get the current sentiment around building on NEAR, accept ecosystem feedback & understanding areas to improve (NPS)
  • Bi-Weekly project syncs to stay on top of needs, keep up to date with progress, ensure they are on track
  • Coordinating ecosystem partners interested in having a presence at NEAR Con 2021

Exciting events/milestones in the NEAR Ecosystem:

  • Octopus token sale took place on Skyward Finance & was a success with all 2.5 million $OCT being sold to 3915 participants! It is now trading on Ref Finance, Uniswap, It has also been listed on CoinGecko!
  • Ref Finance is now live on Coin Gecko!
  • Andre Cronje tweet vouching for NEAR’s tech & Rainbow Bridge!
  • MetaBUIDL Hackathon kicked off!
  • NEAR in top 10 Layer 1 FCAS category!
  • Aurora bridge UI revamp!
  • MetaPool launched on main net, with over $15m TVL & 2.8m $NEAR staked!
  • Flux Protocol testnet live!
  • Paras Teams Up with Ref Finance to Gift Community “Guardians of Ref” NFTs!
  • Stats.Gallery launched! An attractive UI to keep track of your NEAR wallet stats.