Development Dashboard, Apps Catalogue & Grant Ideas (wiki)

This is a public dashboard and wiki page which is designed to track which components, standards, tools and applications have been developed (or are under development) on NEAR. It is intended to help developers find the components they need to build apps of their own or to discover areas where they can contribute.

How to use this wiki

This is a wiki so anyone can edit. When you discover a new app or component or tool that fits, please add it with links to where it can be found. Please indicate the status using the legend below:

:white_circle: : Not started, apply for a grant!
:red_circle: : Started but not on TestNet
:orange_circle: : On TestNet (and usable) (or “in progress” if not a component)
:yellow_circle: : On MainNet, not audited
:green_circle: : On MainNet, fully audited (or “shipped to production” if not a component)
:question: : Please help fill this in!

:wasm: : Uses Web Assembly (WASM)
:rust: : Uses Rust
:assemblyscript: : Uses AssemblyScript (AS)

The next version of this page can be evolving into an on-chain application as this grows.

Categories below:

  1. Core Components
  2. Standards
  3. Tools and Integrations
    a. Wallets & Portfolio Management
    b. DAO
    c. Fiat ramps
    d. Oracles
    e. Analytics
    f. Other Tools
  4. Developer Tools
    a. General
    b. Data Access & Indexing
    c. Gateways
    d. Deep Infrastructure
  5. Bridges and Interoperability
  6. Apps
    a. Art / Collectible Marketplaces
    b. Other Marketplaces
    c. Games
    d. Social
    e. DeFi (app layer)
  7. Misellaneous
  8. Education and Docs
  9. Validating and Staking Tools
  10. References

Core Components

These are key contracts that many people are expected to interact with

  • :green_circle: Staking Pool – Allows the creation of staking pools and delegation of funds to those pools, plus associated operations.
    – :green_circle: poolv1.near (github)
    – :white_circle: A pool that automatically unstakes each epoch’s earned NEAR and sends it directly to a specified account. Very useful for staking to become a core money lego.
  • :green_circle: Lockup Contract – locks funds over a specified duration
    – :green_circle: lockup (github)
  • :green_circle: Multisig Contract – allows setup of multiple signing parties to execute methods on a contract
    – :green_circle: core multisig (github)
  • :yellow_circle: Wrapped NEAR – converting base token NEAR into a Fungible Token. (github)


These are the standards that define key data types, APIs, contract standards etc that will be re-used across the ecosystem so they require standardization.
See the Issues and Pull Requests at NEAR Enhancement Proposal (NEP) repo or specifically the standards page.

Standard Description
Storage Management Standard to manage user’s storage inside other contracts
Fungible Token Fungible Token standard, similar to ERC-20 without needing approvals and with support of callbacks
Non-Fungible Token Non-Fungible Token (NFT), with support of royalties, auctions and more via extensions.

Ecosystem Tools & Integrations

Ecosystem tools integrate with NEAR and extend it’s functionality. This spans from tools like wallets to bridges to analytics tools and others.

Apply for an ecosystem grant or reach out to

Wallets & Portfolio Management

Wallet Name Description
NEAR Wallet web based wallet
Math Wallet mobile and Chrome-extension based wallet
Trust Wallet mobile wallet
Moonlet Wallet mobile wallet, with staking capabilities
Buildlinks Wallet fork of NEAR Wallet with additional features around red pockets.
NarWallet Chrome-extension based wallet


  • :white_circle: Wallet Selection SDK for developers - wallet-provider-js · GitHub
  • :white_circle: Wallet Connect
  • :white_circle: Portfolio viewer like Zerion and Debank
  • :white_circle: NFT gallery: showcasing NFTs from all the apps and marketplaces


DAOs allow anonymous funding of proposals and changes to governance. Join the DAO Guild to learn more and participate in growing the ecosystem.


  • :white_circle: Snapshot-like frontend with fully on-chain voting
  • :white_circle: Sybil - a governance tool for discovering delegates.
  • :white_circle: PowerPool -Accumulate governance power.
  • :white_circle: Boardroom-help crypto communities to make informed decisions

Fiat On/Off-ramp

  • :green_circle: MoonPay (outside US only)
  • :white_circle: …more welcome!


Bring off-chain data on-chain.


Various analytics dashboards that provide on-chain information like Dapp.radar, Defi Pulse, Dune Analytics, etc.


  • :white_circle: “Defi Pulse” like app to show TVL and volumes across various DeFi apps

Other Tools


  • :white_circle: Account faucet a place for users (or devs) to get sybil-resistant drips of tokens. Could be based on popular social logins that have some identity deduplication (Github, WeChat, etc)
  • :white_circle: “Login with NEAR” for web2 services: Discourse, Wordpress, OpenID, etc.


Developer Tools



  • :white_circle: :question: Testing framework (AssemblyScript, Rust)
  • :white_circle: C++ smart contract SDK
  • :white_circle: C# smart contract SDK
  • :white_circle: Go smart contract SDK
  • :white_circle: Smart contract life cycle management CLI tool: contract stats and usage monitoring, upgrade support
  • :white_circle: Developer console: UI for delpoying, tracking, upgrading, etc apps. Can be combined with RPC or other products.

Data Access & Indexing

Ability to query data from blockchain indexed in different ways based on developer needs. E.g. Infura, The Graph, Covalent, etc.


  • :white_circle: Query blockchain and app specific data via REST API


Tools and services for developers to use to not require user have crypto right away. Usually would be implemented via tx relaying or access key pattern.

NFTs gateway:


  • :white_circle: Fiat payment gateway - allow users to pay with fiat, including just to do subscription payment
  • :white_circle: Ads gateway - trade paying user’s transaction fees for them looking at ads

Deep infrastructure


  • :white_circle: On-chain and JS integration with data storage: like Arweave, Filecoin, Sia. Allows to pay and manage storage via NEAR accounts.
  • :white_circle: Proxy re-encryption integrated with NEAR’s account model
  • :white_circle: Zero knowledge proving infra for various subtasks

Bridges and Interoperability

Communication and sending assets between chains.

  • :green_circle: Aurora - EVM on NEAR / NEAR as a layer 2 for Ethereum
  • :green_circle: Ethereum <> NEAR
  • :white_circle: Bitcoin <> NEAR
  • :white_circle: Cosmos <> NEAR
  • :white_circle: Polkadot <> NEAR

Applications and Components

Art / Collectible Marketplace Apps and Components

Marketplaces for art and collectible digital or physical items.


Other marketplaces

  • :green_circle: NEARCrowd - Decentralized crowdsourcing platform. Allows to collect various data by engaging global collective of people.
  • :yellow_circle: TessaB - Reinvent Mobile Device Ownership

Gaming Apps and Components

Games and related services either using or fully on blockchain.


Social Apps and Components

Bridging crypto and existing web2 use cases


  • :orange_circle: Social token drops from See preview demo here
  • :white_circle: Token factory UI to create social tokens for people and communities
  • :white_circle: A UI for controlling your token-powered DAO Guild and its voting, revenue streams, etc.
  • :white_circle: Bots that integrate tokens and DAOs into social channels: Telegram, Slack, Discord
  • :white_circle: Bots that create easy closed loops between tweets and on-chain activity so one can trigger the other, creating viral loops.
  • :white_circle: Encrypted content sharing between people.
  • :white_circle: Photo and video sharing service aka “NearGram”. Images are stored in decentralized storage, on chain just identity + latest image hash.
  • :white_circle: Decentralized review app. Based on review protocol that encompasses some form of sybil resistance (reputation). Review protocol can include reviewing anything that is blockchain indexable, starting with collecting reviews for other on-chain projects and NFTs. Review itself stored in decentralized storage, storing on-chain reputation and interactions.
  • :white_circle: Signal-like private instant messenger that uses on-chain identity, integrates with payments and DAOs naturally. Doesn’t use phone numbers and central server for discovery. For example, can be forked from Telegram open source UI and just add alternative login / discovery protocols and extra features.

Many of these apps require integrations with storage, see “Developer Tools” section. Also they would benefit from having gateways like Ads gateway.

DeFi Apps and Components

Open Finance or Decentralized Finance use cases and applications


Education and Docs

Validating and Staking Tools

References and Resources


This is extremely helpful!

is there any updates on this? Thanks a lot

This is a wiki that is been continuously updated. If you see that some projects are missing - please add.

Wow, lets double the list in a year with having more then a half coloured green :green_heart:


Hi, I was wondering if these bounties are still open

Because of Aurora, they are not as now it’s more about just launching the exact same code in Aurora’s EVM + making sure all the services are operational.

But there are plenty of other bounties - and possible grants in the list above.

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Hello @illia , what do you think about developing an Escrow Token Standard on NEAR, like NEP-somenumberinthere

Also, for the off-ramp/on-ramp service for NEAR, could it like be accessible without internet? Could we have a USSD-based on/off-ramp crypto service because where I come from people don’t have that consistent access to the internet, and most use an offline Fintech API service to send and receive money. Thank you

I would like to add an idea of vr interface to the pixelparty code as a bounty for the vr DAO on the next hackathon would it be interesting to you? Can we talk about this in DM?

Escrow service would be great. Feel free to create a NEP here - GitHub - near/NEPs: The Near Enhancement Proposals repository
There is an escrow service-like pieces in the NFT marketplace, they can be reused.

For offline on/off ramp - I don’t know how that would work, but if you already have this working - feel free to apply for a grant.


thanks for contributing

@illia I am interested in building the NFT gallery (Under wallets and portfolio management). Is it still available?

Does we have any open opportunity here.