[Denied] Scout DAO 7 days NEAR SCOUT CAMPOREE in Ogun State


My name is Bembeoro Tomiwa, a member of Scout Association of Nigeria, an OAP and a Content Creator.

After the successful completion of our first phase of 3days Scout Campaign In Nigeria, under the funding of AFROSTAR GUILD with SterryO

(before we turned to a dao) We were surprised at the massive turnover of over 60 attendants

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We were given 6 acres of land for free by chairman AFROGRAMS, to carry out all our scouting activities.

After we introduced our SCOUT DAO and its mission, we have come out with a plan for 7 days NEAR SCOUT CAMPOREE which Each scout troop from different zone will meet up together in one very large place in the woods

each troop always have at least 50 members and we should be inviting 5 troops from different zones all together

Funding Goes to

HAVING 10 Customised CAMP TENTS with NEAR LOGO PRINTED on it, 2 for each troop representing $1600
for example:


Inviting The Commissioner of scout to the event $200

7days Feeding for the mass $1000

Power Electricity Generator and fuel to charge device for Internet to teach about Web3 NEAR Ecosystem $400

Projector rent $150

Mega phone rent $100

Transport fee for some scout attendants that can’t afford $800

NEAR Token bounties to onboard scout members $500
NEAR To be won by winners of each camping games daily $700 ($100 for each game)

Event covering/recording with camera $500 will be minted as NFT

Miscellaneous $500

Picture of each attendants will be minted as NFTs
Telling every one the privileged of NEAR protocol to their funds and with NFTs

Total amount request: $6,450

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@Klint @David_NEAR @NEAR_Core @Benz_Near @Grace @Dacha @marketingdao-council


wowww, this is amazing an enormous. congrats. i wanna be there personal for the experience :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


weh weh woh! big, im proud of you bro, this is one of a king :raised_hands: :heart: :heart:


Good evening, sorry need feedback from our advisors @MktngDAO_Advisors



yes pls, thank you. camping tends to start 5 days after we got funded. @Dacha


this is really to great to see!

awesome project, goodluck!

Hi good morning, @MktngDAO_Advisors @MktngDAO_Advisors kindly get back to us on this. :pray: thank you.

Hi @Scouterayo – it looks like several of your past proposals were submitted to the Creative DAO and approved for funding? Can you clarify why this proposal is coming to the MarketingDAO instead of the CreativeDAO?


This particular event only happens twice a year it has been on plan before we saw it as an opportunity to make our Dao the main support for the event and for the onboarding’s sake
The Creatives Dao would fund us below the amount we made mention of up there
Meanwhile we had to cut all costs low to get to $6,450

In our last meeting with creatives dao on telegram community call,
We were told marketing dao can assist us for at least the amount needed for the event based on its timing, thank You @so608 :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s a no from me. It’s a really nice thought but this doesn’t appear to have much to do with Marketing or bringing new people onto Near.

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Good morning. Thank you for your proposal, but it’s not for me either. Looking forward to see another proposals from you. Have a great day!

Lol, 250 existing scout members are coming out for this event…for seven days we gonna be teaching about the near ecosystem, open near wallet for everybody, carry them along on our telegram group, 7 days is enough for them to get used to the wallet and be able to onboard people on their own forver, cos we are bringing them on telegram.

this answer should be (YOU CANT AFFORD TO FUND THIS PROJECT) Insteadof saying (it dosen’t have much to do with briniging people on near, understood) ?

@Klint @Dacha

we can’t cost low the cost of this, because of the value of the event.

Can you see the pix of what the camporee looks like? thank you


@marketingdao-council @MktngDAO_Advisors

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Hey, I don’t think the tone of this response is too welcoming.

I’m in agreement with the MarketingDAO advisors, I can’t see how this particularly relates to Marketing. Although I think it’s a wonderful initiative overall.

Further to that, before distributing $6,500 it would be great to understand more of your presence in the NEAR Ecosystem. Almost all previous forum comments and posts, bar the introduction of the Scout DAO, have been funding related.

Now, this is not necessarily a bad thing, but it’s certainly something that Councilors and Community members check when assessing whether to distribute funding or not.

In light of the above, we’ll be moving this proposal to denied.


oh well, i understand

My initial impressions as I read this proposal were that some of the expenses were unnecessary and disproportionate. For instance, why would you need 10 customised camp tents with NEAR logo on it? A tent should be commodity, and buying the cheapest functional item that satisfies the need should be enough.

While the figure in general can always be revised, what I find concerning is the level of entitlement and disrespect of the applicant. Mocking advisers as if we don’t have $6,000 is unacceptable (hint: we have a healthy amount of funds to fund as many quality applications as received).

I am taking some time to comment in this proposal, even though it has already been rejected, to clear things up as a precedent:

  • I am looking for marketing proposals that can onboard new users and accelerate the growth and adoption of NEAR
  • I think that at this stage - with so many quality projects, and rapid advancement of the tech, tools to build, and educational resources - I no longer think that simply opening a wallet is enough to count as ‘onboarded’
  • For future proposals I’d like to understand how value is generated for the wider community. How could a seven day event with young, ambitious scouts be used to empower them to leverage blockchain technology to meaningfully improve their lives? Would be astronomical to have a seven day mini-bootcamp where all participants are able to not just ‘learn’ from the technology but actually experience and build something.

Hope this feedback lands well and we are able to consider future proposals.


wow, God bless you for this light, i will learn from this and make amendments in further proposals, i apologise for the disrespect earlier. its all love thank you so much… we look forward to doing better. @satojandro the event is currently going on as well, everything is smooth. will learn from this your advise :heart: :heart: :heart: