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@FritzWorm & @larkim I just wanted to clarify something: as you can see after discussions with Artivist dAPP, they were advised to approach a grant-type structure upon approval of last month’s proposal and have not submitted a proposal this month (this conversation was actually initiated in our moderators chat by you @FritzWorm).

It’s great that the community can support and platform technology related to Creatives, but I also think it’s a fair ask to consider the wider range of the project too. Having said this, I think some hybrid of kickstarting the project here through Creatives could also work.

It would also be great to hear from the team involved in the proposal on this matter :slight_smile:


Hello @ted.iv that’s right, and the main reason of why I kick-started that discussion was to give it a better approach to the funds Creatives DAO distribute into Creatives tools/dapps like receiving governance tokens back and starting building self-sustainability.

But everything is on hold now right, so there is no change in the Creatives DAO scope from May and June to July regarding helping Creatives to build web3 tools.

Advise to approach a grant didn’t mean a no to propose to Creatives DAO, the advise is to encourage them to receive help from the Grants program, just that their dapp development is long and the scope is big. There is no announcement saying that Creatives DAO dont support building tools for creatives.


I agree that it is most feasible for a dapp to start its work through Creatives DAO, with leaner but more affordable budgets. It is important to have contact and interaction with the community in the early stages of development in order to be aware of the demands and needs of the people involved in the creative economy. It is also important to learn the dynamics of the ecosystem and thus establish a coherent development base.

Moreover, the response to the Grant usually takes a long time, sometimes months, and all the energy of a project cannot be wasted.

We have submitted our project to the Grant, but we are considering submitting our research and design proposals to the Creatives DAO until we get a response, and afterwards, for work proposals that complement the development of the dapp.


Hey, want to say the UX/UI you already sketched looks amazing!

Really hope this goes live soon, I will for sure use it when onboarding as an example to explain creators how to upload music NFT :100: :love_you_gesture:

DAO Records and Young Fresh DAO for the win! Wish to understand more the connections/partnerships you have there. :vulcan_salute:


Hi @FritzWorm ,it’s good to have you here. Thank you so much for joining the conversation and shedding more light to the ideas. We are fully dedicated to this course.
This is sure going to be a big win for near ecosystem and creative dao community.



Hi @ted.iv Thank you so much for joining the conversation.
Well said,it is best to kickstart with the community and keep creatives abreast with the latest development.
W3 music is here to serve all music creatives

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Hi @larkim, can you add more information on this?

And this?

Thank you in advance for the answer


Thank you so much @williamx.
We are working with a strong and very dedicated team.
I would leave question 1) & 2) for the team.
@Developer @andresdom @Gperez @jochando

I will answer the remaining Questions.
W3 music incoorparates all music players, from producers, instrumentalists to songwriters…let me break it down
Close your eye for a second and Imagine a platform where a songwriter for instance writes a songs and upload for sale for another artist to buy and own , meaning the artist can sing , release and promote the song as his own. (Real value)
A producer makes beats upload for sale and it’s bought buy an artist that puts out the song .
A home where artiste can find songwriters or beatmakers
We are creating a source of income for independent and underground creatives.
*Our impact to the near ecosystem
Creating real value for web3 music creatives
Creating solution and a source income for music creatives in the ecosystem
Introducing new music creatives to the ecosystem
Incoorparates more users in the near Blockchain

  • Increase in the number of users on the platform

*A constant transaction and sales of works of creatives

*A steady source of income for independent music creatives

I believe have explained this above
I will post this to give a clearer view

One exciting feature of the dapp is the genre classification, for instance if you looking to buy a Rap beat or Rap song all you need to do is click on the genre and the list of beats or songs available will pop out for you to buy.

[quote=“williamx, post:15, topic:23931”]

I would say our Major connection is that Young fresh Dao and Dao records are both working hard to create solution for Music creatives in web3, and our impact will soon be felt across the globe.:white_heart::white_heart:


Hello @william I make you a small presentation of the TEAM for W3 MUSIC

Maria Eugenia Arevalo @developer, is a NEAR Certified Analyst, NEAR Certified Professor, NEAR Certified Developer and successfully completed the NEAR Developer in Residence with NEAR Hispano. He has had an active participation in projects such as NEAR P2P Dex, DEFIX3, Monkeonear. His role is project leader, architecture evaluation and standards

Andrés Dominguez @adresdom, is NEAR Certified Developer and NEAR Certified Instructor, successfully concluded the NEAR Developer in Residence with NEAR Hispano. He has had an active participation in projects like NEAR P2P Dex, FreeHorses, Evie. His role is Technical Leader within the team and integration

Herian Palencia @dexter3 is a NEAR Certified Analyst, NEAR Certified Developer and successfully completed the NEAR Developer in Residence with NEAR Hispano. He has had an active participation in projects such as Exswap, Raikumo, Monkeonear and HomeDelivery. His role in the team is to work on Figma the design and pass 100% layout to the frontend

Cesar Coronel @ccoronel7NEAR Certified Analyst, NEAR Certified Developer and successfully completed the NEAR Developer in Residence with NEAR Hispano. He has had an active participation in projects such as Home Delivery, and will be in this project as Frontend

Juan Ochando @jochando Certified Analyst, NEAR Certified Developer and successfully completed the NEAR Developer in Residence with NEAR Hispano. I work on the Backend of Defix3, Artemis Elearning and will be in this project working on the smart contract

It is important to note that the projects Home delivery and artemis elarning go to mainnet this week with the culmination of the Developer in Residence of the resources

Both Cesar and Juan join the project in Milestone 3, the approximate date of the first week of August.

I raise the clarification so that we understand that at the estimated start date of front and back, both resources will be 100% available and dedicated to W3 Music

As for the Graphic Design, it is under the responsibility of Joalis Rosario @jrosario, responsible for defining, together with Maria @developer, the scope of the DaPP and the requirements and functionalities of the application. Joalis is a NEAR Certified Developer by NEAR Hispano. Responsible for the execution of Milestone 1

Gabriel Perez @gperez83, is NEAR Certified ANalyst, NEAR Certified Developer and successfully concluded in Developer in Residence with the P2P Dex Project, and for W3 MUSIC his role is quality assurance, validations, tests, integration

In the project timeline, each resource has its activity and its specific work to be executed. In this opportunity, we want to include the correct specialist in the correct milestone, that is, each one has their space and time to execute the activity that corresponds to them.


Hello @larkim & @Developer, thanks a lot for the information added. I’m happy to support!


Thank you for your support @williamx


Thank you for your support @williamx


Hey guys, DAOrecords doesn’t have anything to do with this project. It concerns me that the DAOrecords logo is being used in the visuals and I would request that you remove our logo from your project ASAP.

As much as we support everyone in the ecosystem doing work in the music space I don’t approve of the use of DAOrecords logo or affiliation.

Kind regards and all the best :pray:


Dear all,
I have many concerns regarding this project!

First of all, we don’t have any planned partnerships/connections with such dapp!

DAOrecords would like to know why @Developer and @larkim are using DAOrecords’ logotype and its themed colors. We haven’t agreed on that and we are not in the collaboration, also I find this as brand stealing!

This is not true, @larkim you haven’t made any significant connection with the DAOrecords! Please don’t use DAOrecords brand in your project.

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Sorry, removing the logo Asap


Hi @vandal and @Paul , we are sorry this was a total mistake from our part, the developers made the figma to show a graphical representation of the W3 music. This figma is a sketch and not our official logo. We apologize for the misunderstanding.
We would never try to think of stealing Dao records logo for a different brand name (W3 music). Apologies once again. It was a mistake from our part.


My reply was in relation to the similarities we have with Dao records as a Music marketplace not meaning that we have a connection or collaboration yet. We scincerly apologize once again for our mistakes . The logo has now been removed and updated by the developers.

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Please remove your proposal images with DAORecords logo in it, because its definitely fraudulent misrepresentation as DAORecords has nothing to do with this project.

there is always the ‘Edit’ function in submitting your post, so please remove image now, till you and your team have sorted this out. thank you.


Hi @_Tech1, @Paul and @vandal .the image has now been taken down from the original post. and all other mistakes has been corrected by our team. We scincerly apologize to the Dao records team for any inconveniences this must have cost you
Just for more clarity we can never think of using a different logo name for W3 music, the post was a figma sketch and not in the main works.
We scincerly apologize for the mistake made and posting, we apologize for the inconveniences.
I hope we have been able to clarify this
All neccesary information has now been updated by our team. :pray:


It’s an interesting project, it’s similar to a project I want to develop but I don’t have the right technical team yet, I’ve been looking but I think I need to get certified in Near