Cypherpunk Guild - 100K $NEAR seed funding for 18 months [Approved]

Thanks everyone for participating in this. My original questions were mostly intended to help drive a discussion here because this is the first time we’ve tried doing this sort of funding so there are always interesting and important edges to explore. The first one is always rougher because of this so thank you for engaging the discussion, even if it’s an uncomfortably public discussion about privacy :upside_down_face: . I think we’ve surfaced most of what I was hoping to understand along the way and provided a better template for what future proposals of similar scope might need to address.

For this particular one, it’s a great example of a cause that fits well with our overall mission and a really strong group of people who have been working behind it and put a lot of thought into the initiative. I voted in the affirmative and I’m excited to see what you all can do! Or maybe I won’t if it’s private?


Thanks for everyone’s participation. :slight_smile: We have 5 YES votes for this proposal. Next step will be formal approval by NFC (which Erik/Illia will handle). Then we can move forward and start processing the payments.

Congrats to the whole CPG crew! @yulian @Arto @evgenykuzyakov @frankbraun:rocket: