¡Crypto Beer!

Thanks ! Really appreciate that you liked our idea and even more that you are helping us to improve the idea, QR code and local artists recommendations added to the post.

We will upgrade this idea further with your help, the community, Near Hispano Guild, our fans and other crypto enthusiast.

We know we can achieve the goals we set for this marketing plan that is still in construction, because we have a lot of time working with crypto.

Luis Maya was the owner and operation chief of a crypto exchange (Mango Markets)
Jose Luis is an experienced crypto miner.
I do develop with a development team and run a Multi-wallet (Bitdharma), I have being mining too and teaching about crypto to others in Venezuela.

We also know that this technology could bring financial freedom to Venezuelans, and this motivation move us forward.

So, thanks for the opportunity to help others. :muscle: :sunglasses:


@Jloc ohhh I really like the idea of unique/event or occasion-specific QR codes! And of course, having the Brew House sponsor or host art galleries, meetups, and concerts is such a good way to generate excitement and interest! Can’t wait to see how this proposal develops.


@FritzWorm it’s great to see how you and your teammates are leveraging your expertise with this project, and I think your motivation will inspire so many others. Thank you for being open to suggestions and ideas, and good luck with the project!


@FritzWorm @Jloc

I also love the project and I’m very excited about all the opportunities it represents.

I agree with Mecsbecs: let’s explore further ways in which we can align educational and on-boarding experiences into the NEAR ecosystem through specific call-to-actions.

The QR code seems like an easy to implement, high impact solution. Creating a simple user journey for your customers to be able to download the Near Wallet, create an account, and transact on the blockchain for the purchase of Beverages sounds like a great first experience to showcase the UX, cost, and speed that makes Near unique.

I would like to also propose utilising NFTs as the tickets for events held with artists (Mintbase just launched and makes it very easy to do so). Additionally, we can explore on-boarding artists themselves to the ecosystem for them to create digital art that can reach a much wider audience online. I would be thrilled to extend the opportunity to make money to as many people as possible in Venezuela.

The only thing I would suggest reconsidering is having your beer brand being the exact same as Near Protocol’s brand. This presents some clear copyright issues, and while I do no expect any legal action on either side, it may confuse users. I suggest you build your own been brand, which can then have a close relationship with Near. So the label would have your personal brand and logo front and centre, and then Near’s brand as a secondary, smaller logo, (‘Proudly supporting…’ or ‘Sponsored by…’)

Looking forward to see how the project evolves, you have my full support!


@satojandro Thanks bro,

It was a naive proof of marketing where we look to engage with people by talking about crypto (NEAR) with a drink, and it was possitive. We also demostrate that we are into this.

I also hope there is no legal action for doing so :sweat_smile: agains @cheers.factory and thanks for your support !

It is a great idea to have NEAR as sponsor.


LOVE this project and the momentum around it! I’m recommending a downvote only because your payout is for 150 NEAR and the IDEATION payout is supposed to be for 10 NEAR. Can you resubmit so we can approve? This project is awesome!


Hi @enidavis Thanks for your feedback ! and Yes! I can resubmit

Right now there is an issue, cant resubmit

Will be helpful to clarify somewhere in the guide that the payroll should be 10 NEAR, because in the guide just says that

“for this topic can earn a minimum of 100 NEAR”

  • When I see some submits have 10 or 7, now one with 20 NEAR request. I also saw submits of 0 in other topics.
  • Edit: I see now I have to submit first 10 NEAR later 20NEAR for presentation and so on.

I also thougth this payrol we choose (150 in this case) was directly related to start the project it self and not related with the hackaton incentives of 10 NEAR (Ideation)

Thanks for your help


Still cant resubmit

After several times doing it… completed =)

Opera Instantánea_2021-05-25_205656_www.sputnik.fund


Really like that idea, this is a very creative way to bring the mass to crypto world. A big like for the Beer itself :smiley:


Marketing Starting Plan

The goal is to start a community of users of NEAR and the plan to achieve that goal is to run a marketing campaign.

A simple and efficient plan is the best way to do it:

Promoting NEAR in several events where we will sell the “CRYPTO BIRRA” with the NEAR logo and a QR code to open a new wallet (birra means beer, and crypto birra sounds very cool here).

  1. Target user with a drink of NEAR scan the QR code with their smartphone
  2. QR code will open a form that the user will fill
  3. On this form there are instructions to follow NEAR social networks and NEAR/BEER Instagram, where they also have to tag 5 friends of them (Another possible users will know about us)
  4. We will receive the form from the user with all the information needed and we will fund their new wallets
  5. Community Growth will be manage through Telegram & Instagram** teaching them about NEAR protocol, posting news about NEAR, promotions, events and others.

Marketing Strategy

With a great community and strong technology in the background, we will address a broad audience.

To continue growing even more, we will begin to carry out social campaigns to help entrepreneurs use new technologies such as the NEAR protocol.

The following activities will be carried out:

  • Keep Instagram audience active with information of value and growing the followers with key partnerships with influencers.
  • Strategic alliances with other projects that seek the growth of NEAR in Venezuela like “NODO58” (proposal under construction that will be presented in the future)
  • Interviews with entrepreneurs in the blockchain area in Venezuela to talk about NEAR/BEAR, finances, blockchain, and other related topics. (This will be posted on Instagram TV)
  • Go advertising with hoarding, radio, tv and others.

Even when is difficult to attract people’s attention on an unfamiliar subject, we will get them involved with NEAR protocol by having a connection with BEER in a funny and functional way, opening the door for other interactions in addition to a payment gateway.

It is a about of how to reach the public, and this will be made with a marketing strategy that is very clear now, and that will evolve as marketing actions are carried out and the results are evaluated.


Yes, I understand this is a bit different than most hackathons, as there are bounties along the way. The first bounty is for ideation, and earns 10, the second for presentation, 20 NEAR, and so on. You need to have done the first 3 in order to also do the final. More details on the Hackathon overview page as well: Hackathon - Createbase

As far as your presentation, it is lacking a lot of the information you included in your first ideation.

If you want a basic outline of slides, this is a pretty tried & true format: The Only 10 Slides You Need in Your Pitch - Guy Kawasaki

You don’t have to use that, but it may help frame your plan.

My question for your next steps are:

  • Is your project primarily being used to connect people in the beer community, while introducing them to NEAR/Web3?
  • Is your project primarily to educate about NEAR/Web3 using beer to draw them in?
  • Is your project primarily focused on a local economy (Venezuela’s breweries) to use NEAR/Web3 to address their very real challenges?

I think any of these is extremely worthwhile and admirable, and would be good to get clarity on what/why/how.

We are going to wait on approving the payout for this stage until you can flesh out your slides a bit more.

Please be in touch with any questions!


Thanks for your guidance @enidavis

The intention of this project is to attract people in Venezuela to the Near community. Using social events as the perfect time to introduce customers to the Near protocol, giving them the pros of using the wallet to pay for drinks and as a saving account for their money, a gateway for financial services and more.

A plus, BEER token is on the internet so it could attract more people world wide. And the marketing could be execute in a very similar way in Argentina for example. (There is need for financial services also at the same time there are resources and people with many capacities)

BEER HACKATON V2_compressed.pdf (2.0 MB)

This is an idea that is being developed right now in this hackathon, any guide, criticism, or other ideas are welcome. :v: :sunglasses:


Hello meerkat fellas !

I just want to update you all on what we have been working on.

It has been an awesome week in our local business making beers and wines, people are loving our products and we want to take advantage of that to create interest and bring more people to the near community.

We are currently in the NCD program and we have learned so much that we have many ideas for projects we can implement very soon.

For example, the NCD program will allow us to create a stable coin, the “BEER token” which will be fixed to a USDT, BUSD, or USDC and people will use it to pay for beers in local bars and pubs.

We will create a METRICS section on this post so we can keep track of the impact we are having in the NEAR Hispanic community. For example, we can expect 10% of people who attend our events and meeting to stick with us as new members of the community but also we can use the BEER token to keep track of product sales.

We are just complementing our marketing project with new ideas that can be easily implemented and we are very excited to see how this develops.

thank you all and well keep in touch! :beers: :champagne:


Hi @enidavis ! Could you help me with this. Thanks in advance.

What we have to do if the proposal status is expired ?


Hi FritzWorm, I’ve created a new proposal for a 20N payout to you

I also created a proposal to lengthen our vote period to avoid this in the future :grin:


Hello everyone here is our video presentation for the crypto-beer:



=) V2.


Hi @starpause hope everything is going great.

Please check the video payout also expired like the last time hehe the vote period again wasnt enough :sweat_smile: :grin:

Could you help us one more time with it ? Thanks in advance!

crypto beer 3


@FritzWorm Sorry about that! Got the payout approved. Can’t wait for more updates about all the exciting initiatives :grin:


I am all in :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

you can count on me