"Crydo" NFT collection


Project: “Crydo” NFT collection
My name: Stanislav
Near account: crptbrthrs.near
Funding type: One-time
Period: 3 months
Target adress: SputnikDAO
Total Requested Funding Amount: 2400-2700 N
Purpose of the requested funds: payment for the work (the salary) of 4 people for 3 months (programmer, marketer, community manager and artist/designer (me))
Timeline and milestones:

Full and detalized information, roadmap and other stages:
Crydo Wiki & Roadmap & Plans & Timelines

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About project (short description):

Crydo is much more than an NFT art collection. This is a plan to create the Crydo universe (including offline), reward and develop a community, collaborate on projects, and more! Community helps manage and decide which functions we should focus on - so good welcome to participate in the future of Crydo! The collection consists of 9999 + 1 NFT. Now the technical details are being specified whether it can be done on Mintbase. According to preliminary data this is possible. This is a large collection and this could be the first such project for Mintbase if it is suitable for this. If it turns out that there are no opportunities yet then a selfowned smart contract will be written.


Crydo’s mission is to support the NEAR ecosystem, foster its growth and attract new members and liquidity, and closely interact with members not only online. Maintain and follow the NEAR principles of openness, security, scalability, simplicity and usability. Share experiences and developments with everyone. Create a user experience and show everyone that NEAR is the best place to create and implement your ideas and projects.


Crydo is a community focused and driven, independent contributor that provides better security. Crydo shares the principles of DAO and openness and is a community focused and driven project. Crydo uses Sputnik DAO whose tools allow the community to manage the project.

This is a very short description. Full and massive wiki-style description: Crydo Wiki & Roadmap & Plans & Timelines

Part of the work has already been done: There is a final version of the characters which will become the basis for the generation of the rest. He will be presented for Halloween; website design prototype created. But the biggest and most difficult is ahead. The team is being formed and will be presented later (it remains to find a programmer).

Please feel free to ask questions, I will be happy to answer and i’m ready to discuss details by Zoom call for examples.

Perhaps I didnt understand correctly and it is necessary to discuss the grant programm and not the proposal, if yes please correct me.


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Hey there,

nice idea! Not sure if you are looking for funding or simply would like to find other like minded people to get it started. Have you thought about Paras or other card/gamified options for this?

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Hello, thank you!
Looking for both a team and funding.
There were thoughts about Paras and the game (and other technology - maybe croncat, dao) but it’s very early. In general, yes, there are thoughts to create a universe around these characters


I would suggest finding the team first, maybe even creating a DAO once you have your crew and then thinking about a funding proposal with values, timeline & metrics :slight_smile:
Looking forward seeing that developed!

Maybe Hype DAO @mxjxn could be a nice point of contact too?


Yes, this is a great idea, thank you for your feedback and advice. My first step is to find a team yes, discuss everything and make a clear plan. That’s why I created a theme here

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Awesome! Hope you’ll get that team soon :slight_smile:

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Definitely! Thank you for your support :handshake:

Hey there! You should definitely hop into the HypeDAO Discord, there are some people who would likely be interested in collaborating on this! @CryptoLadyGabi and @duOCELOT had started discussing a similar project. We are hoping to fund design and development of an open-source generative project in the future!


Good morning! Thank you, went to the discord. I made a more detailed description over the weekend, I will update and add more information soon

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GitBook (full and detalized information):
Crydo Wiki & Roadmap & Plans & Timelines

Discord for communication with me (Temporary)

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Created a website prototype

hey @crptbrthrs

How come I did not see this before? Sorry! NEARCON is happening tomorrow and I am full capacity until thursday, but then I will come back to you in detail! Sounds like a really great thing though!

What are your doubts around mintbase and the tools we offer? You can ask me directly on telegram or over here :slight_smile:

PS: are you in Lisbon?

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Yes of course, thank you🤝

Okay, I have a few technical questions that will clarify. In the coming days I will compose them correctly and send them to you at the end of the week after NEARCON😊

Unfortunately noooooooo :sob:

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Hello :wave: @marianeu :grinning:
In continuation of our conversation. All this time i wasn’t sitting in one place and consulted with a programmer i know. I told him about the project, what functions it should have and the logic about, showed Mintbase and .docs, we watched a video on Mintbase’s YouTube. He said that you can customize your smart contract and that the whole process of adding your smart contract and uploading items is similar to the process in Opensea, but other metadata storages and points are used. Of course i don’t understand the details (i’m not a programmer) but in general i got answers to the questions that worried me and the task can be implemented on a Mintbase. So i don’t have any more questions yet.

PS: How do you feel after NEARCON? :blush:

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Hey @crptbrthrs , I am feeling well ! How are you?
Ok, so what are the next steps?

Actually I think that on opensea you actually cant create your own smartcontract, you mint on theirs.

@crptbrthrs I looked into it more calmly now.
I guess you are opening your own DAO?
The amount of funding is also extraordinarily high.
I think you need to either create an own dao, own guild and get a Grant or really scale down your funding needs.

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Hey! )) @marianeu Yes, the DAO (AstroDAO) will definitely open and the Guild will be formed. We have already compiled a description of the guild introduce and are planning to publish it tomorrow after the zoom call. The required amount has now changed taking into account the rate 1N = $ 10.68 (it is about 1800N, more simply $ 19200. This is $ 6400 or about 600N per month). Well, how to reduce funding because we have 4 employees who will work full-time for 3 months before launch. Maybe I misunderstand something.

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Createbase funding works like this: How to apply for funding with Createbase - Createbase

We are not paying sallaries for projects to be done. We give incentives. We help. We are not hiring you to work full time for 6000 USD a month.

maybe @tabear, @vandal or @JulianaM could help out here. This looks like you need a Grant from NEAR and to create your guild. This exceeds our createbase funding idea.

We can help you once you have your project and want to do something with it, like real life events, or online, or what ever you need :slight_smile:

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Hey @crptbrthrs I don’t see how this proposal fits with Createbase or Creatives funding. From my understanding when reading through it looks like it’s a full on development project. I recommend looking into the NEAR grants and applying directly through them.

If at a later point you need assistance connecting with artists or other creatives you can look at collaborations that can be supported by Creatives DAO. Hope that helps and good luck with you project!


Yes @vandal @marianeu, apparently we misunderstood each other and the project involves funding for the full development (although this was written from the very beginning) and I turned to the wrong branch. It’s a good experience) :grinning: what is the right thing to do in this case - do i need to delete this topic here?