Creatives DAO July 2022 Report

hi, i’m so happy to see the report. I will read it.

I prefer here in the forum to mantain all things together (and here is our home).

I have 1 question, how many proposal were made?

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oh, and Metaverse DAO was @thephilosopher that post it.

Last thing: maybe can put in alphabetic order?


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Brilliant, this is a good step and I also think it’s okay to be here on the forum

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Thank you, @beetlejuice. This month I posted Metaverse DAO funding proposal and KYC, @adrianseneca. Thank you so much for the report. This is a nice development.

@adrianseneca revise my name wiswizindo and my email

this forum is our home

Thank you so much for the report



thanks for your work!!

kindly ask to make correction for D-LAYER budget sum @adrianseneca

i can understand it’s a lot of numbers so no worries at all :slight_smile:

also it’s interesting if someone have an idea to analyze expectations about metrics?
like according to all the proposals what results we’ll be able to accept as relevant to the efforts and funding? )
or how to measure the success? :slight_smile:


Wow. Great job, thank you


I Love that this is happening​:purple_heart: Weldone for all the massive efforts. Thank you


Hey Creatives, nice one. I would love the reports here too. It makes it easier to look at.


Is okay with the update remaining here cause here is our home, and also I would love to ask for some questions:-

  1. If a DAO Proposal is closed without DAO Management funds how would they keep their social media active?

  2. ReggaeDAO Monthly Proposal has been closed for two months now and we are lack of funds to keep the DAO Activities alive what should we do next so we can be updated with our social medias?

  3. Can we write a separate Proposal for the DAO Management and a different Proposal for the overall monthly Funding Proposal?

Thank you for putting this together! Reading through all these proposals and reports led to a better understanding of the good work that our peers are doing on this ecosystem.


Thank you for putting this together. I am from MotionDAO and I would like to ask if you have any idea on what is happening with the July funding process…
I filled up the new form one week ago about the July 2022 funding and I have not received the contract or any hints that they received anything from us. I have the same KYC information. So:
1.- Is this happening to other DAOs. Any idea of what os going on?
2.-Who can we contact in NF? I have an email of Ania Islami but it is bouncing.
Thank you for your information help,

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Thank you for putting this together :slight_smile:
Just on a side note, I am the representative for muti, for Marma J @chloe will be the one :slight_smile:

  • @Roxy reports are included in the chart above.
  • @Jahzonemusician ultimately how DAOs manage themselves is up to each individual DAO and so for social media that would be an internal decision of the council. What I would highly recommend is revise the feedback given on previous proposals from moderators before writing a new proposal and try use this as a basis for creating the new proposal, and also allow time for reviewing.
  • yes, completely agree and this is the starting point for a more central and focussed way to gather metrics for the Creatives DAO.
  • @marlonbarriossolano this is currently an issue for all DAOs, so have already received, some are still waiting. Linking a quick update from the mods here and also tagging @David_NEAR as a NEAR Foundation contact point.

Yes Fam, I read it all. I was just concurring that we having the report here on the Forum is a dope idea

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Ah ok, understood! yep, I agree. :slight_smile:


Hello!! thanks a lot for this!! It’s really important for us to see all reports together. we are finishing our monthly report also, and soon will add here!
Just to point here that @filmesdeinfiltracao was the representative of Nomade Label’s proposal for the month of July
Thank you

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@ted.iv thank you for the response!!

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Hey @Hitman2565 I am always interested in finding ways to improve our community, governance systems and overall ecosystem. I agree that there is much work to do to better decentralize our community in a productive, harmonious and humane way. The last few months we have been doing our best to make improvements, find solutions to how we can create more fluid and fair decentralization and how we can be transparent through better reporting. Please take a look at these Creatives Evolution Posts that show our community discussions since June of this year.

I would like to address a few of the comments you left here:

The moderators all vote on each proposal - usually only one moderator communicates directly. No one moderator has the authority to approve a proposal alone.

The definition of a DAO is highly subjective at this moment. The only thing everyone can agree upon is that it is a Decentralized, Autonomous Organization. There is no authority that can state that a DAO can or cannot be 3-4 people vs hundreds or thousands of people. There is no one formation that a DAO should take as this would take away from the innovative possibilities of coordination.

In fact, the DAOs with the most funding on AstroDAO all have less than 15 members (with the exception of with 27 members), 6 of which have 3-4 members only, and none of them have anything to do with Creatives DAO. Even if Creatives DAO paid out 264k each month for an entire year it would only make up .5% of the funds held by the top funded DAOs on AstroDAO. The comparison here is that over 600 Million USD is managed by 87 Individuals vs 3 Million USD managed by 200+ individuals from Creatives DAO.

Today AstroDAO has 193 Active DAOs. If Creatives is supporting a range of 30-75 DAOs, that suggests that Creatives DAO contributes a range of 15-38% of Astro DAO activity.

From these numbers I would say Creatives DAO is not going to be the source of bankruptcy for NF. We we do want to align ourselves with the goals of NF which are to:

  • Raise awareness on NEAR
  • Support projects on NEAR
  • Provide safe & clear path to decentralization

Being on NEAR, many of us are building beyond the hype, meaning many of us move slowly and intentionally. We move at the speed of trust. This means prioritizing building a few real relationships to begin with rather than carelessly pulling in numbers that easily plummet when times get rough. May I also remind you that decentralization is a process that not even NF themselves know how to tackle. There are going to be plenty of challenges. Learning how to work together cooperatively is a transformative act of facing the societal challenges we deal with today and choosing to work them out together. Artists are historically misunderstood but also consistently first responders and culture setters. We are no better or less than the amazing developers and technologists bringing value to NEAR, but we do speak a different language. NEAR is never going to get to mass adoption on development alone for the masses do not speak the language of the developer - they are pulled in by the languages of creativity.

That being said, I am not familiar with yourself or your work in the ecosystem and I would like to get to know who you are and transform this interaction from one of hostility to one of collaboration. This video is not appropriate. We are all welcome to speak our truths and bring our concerns to one another, but let’s do it responsibly and respectfully. Intending to cut other communities down in this way does not build a healthy ecosystem that can collaboratively or productively move forward together.

Whether you like it or not, artists are integral in this societal transition into Web3. We welcome respectful guidance and support to improve ourselves and channel our efforts to make even more impact. Would you like to work together to uplift NEAR as a whole?

I welcome the community to continue to propose solutions to any issues they see.

Collaboration > Competition



Adrian has always been transparent and clear in all her informations.

You are helpful in this community :trophy: