[Creation] Kitchen Guild

Guild name: Kitchen Guild

Guild Leader(s): [@lolson_tg @baxoff]

Guild SputnikDAO Address: none

Guild Location (if focused on specific geography): International

Guild Details: Professional community of bloggers who are ready to promote Near Protocol on their resources.

Deadline for submitting reports: 28-31 day of each month.

Bloggers - in our post, we use this concept to refer to influencers or content authors not only in the form of blogs (websites, medium and other resources) but also YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Telegram and other social networks.

At the moment, we are seeing an explosive growth cryptocurrency bloggers. Many of them are beginners (up to 50 thousand subscribers) generates first-class content, but not everyone succeeds in monetizing content. Most of these bloggers receive income from Google Ads, which does not exceed $ 1000-3000 per month.

But on the other hand, there are bloggers whose total reach does not exceed 300 thousand subscribers who request huge amounts for cooperation. 5-10 thousand dollars for one advertising video is considered normal, we do not agree with this.

Moreover, we do not agree that buying several videos directly from a blogger does not give you the effect that an advertising company needs. The blogger’s audience mostly has a negative attitude to advertising content, so the project may receive more negativity than positive from the advertising company.

We analyzed the content of many bloggers and came to the conclusion that this first-class traffic source can be used to promote Near Protocol in various social networks, ranging from YouTube to Medium.

In order not to be unfounded, I will attach our small research.

We are Baxoff and LolSon conducted a research in which we involved about 40 bloggers with a YouTube audience of 10-100k and found out that 1 advertising INTEGRATION costs from $1000 to $7000 per video!

These are very large and unreasonably high prices for 1 mention with a timekeeping of 6-10 minutes.

Therefore, we decided to take a different path and look for PARTNERS, not performers.

To each of the bloggers who fit our requirements

(Requirements: Youtube > 10k subs. Twitter >1k subs. Other media 5-10k subs.)

An offer was sent to join the Degen community with the subsequent promotion of the Near Protocol Ecosystem in its resources with a monthly payment of 300 NEAR + bonuses (about 50-200 NEAR depending on the results).

All those who agreed turned out to be ardent fans of Near technological solutions in practice and each of our bloggers gives himself 100% to the support of Near Protocol in his resources

Let’s take a mathematical example of applying our approach with partner-bloggers and performers-bloggers. (We will not disclose the names of the influencers who were interviewed, but we will take pure numbers as an example)

A blogger with a YouTube audience of 15 thousand subscribers requests an average of $ 1000 for 1 insert of any information about the Near Protocol with a length of 3-6 minutes.

Each video of such a blogger gets from 10-15 thousand views.

To somehow mention the features and prospects of Near, it will take at least 10 thousand dollars for EACH blogger to achieve an audience of 100-150k! This type of performer is not suitable for our tasks, he is only interested in obtaining personal benefits, without partnerships and the subsequent growth and prosperity of Near Protocol.

Here is the simplest formula

(approximate cost and rough coverage of the maximum audience) $

15,000 : 150000 V = 0.1$ per view

300 Near : 150000 V = 0.02$ per view

It turns out to be 5 times cheaper! plus other media are affected thereby increasing the interest and involvement of potential customers

Kitchen Guild bloggers are ready to make from 10 to 15 informative videos with analytical content of the currency exchange rate or a full-fledged analysis of any project within the Near ecosystem if additional coverage of functions and features is required to attract as many people as possible.

Also, third-party information resources such as Twitch, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook are involved. This allows you to maintain lively discussions of technological features and properly interest the audience

Real case

We will show you an example of the Kitchen Guild approach using the of one blogger who has been working with us for just over a week.

GEO: France

Number of subscribers (YT): 16.6 k

Other social networks: Telegram (8k), Twitter (6.3 k), Twitch (8k, online in stream 350)

The data is not final, since posts and videos are still gaining views. Here are our figures for one week from one blogger:

YouTube: 9746 + 11301 + 11800 + 11616 + 10700 + 8600 + 8550 = 73 313

Twitter: 15000 + 8500 + 17000 + 11 780 + 17649 (4.8k v on Near NFT video) = 69929 tweet impressions post about near per week + 4.8k views on Near NFT video

Telegram: 4550+4660 = 9210

Twitch: From September 1 to September 10, every day there are streams on twitch with an average number of viewers of 350 people and total views of 2.5-3.5k each.

Total: 159 752

As we can see, one of our bloggers generates about 160k views and interactions with his audience. If we roughly multiply this amount by 4 weeks, we will get 640k views per month.

Let’s calculate the cost of one view using the example of Blogger 1.

300NEAR / 159 752 = 0.0018 NEAR (~$0.016 for view PER WEEK)

If we look at the average cost of viewing a pre-roll on YouTube ($0.03) without specifying the GEO, we can find that our approach is not only more productive than regular advertising on YouTube, but also almost 2 times cheaper. The comparison is not quite correct, we understand this, but this is created in order to prove to you the effectiveness of our approach.

The data is provided only for one week, we would not like to talk about what else we do not have (a report for a month), but we predict that the price per view will be 3-4 times lower at the end of the month.

Considering GEO Blogger 1 (France) and the channel’s orientation (cryptocurrency) we get very high-quality and very cheap traffic.

Thus, we come to the conclusion that the Kitchen Guild approach is the most attractive and cheap compared to direct advertising by bloggers and advertising on YouTube. And this is just the beginning, imagine what reports we will show when the number of bloggers increases to 10.

You can see screenshots and metrics in this PDF file.

Kitchen Guild Tasks

– Popularization of the Near Protocol

– Hiring influencers

– Conducting AMA, conferences, interviews

– Creating special content

– Coordination of bloggers

– Hiring website owners

– Helping bloggers create content

– Preparation of reports and plans for the month

What we have done at the moment

At the moment, we have 2 active bloggers with a European audience. At the moment, we are negotiating with 5 influencers that fit our conditions. We intend to hire another one by the end of September, so our staff will increase to 3 people.

We have created our own reporting system that includes all the content created by bloggers, metrics, links and feedback. We also analyze comments and audience behavior to improve our content.

We have tested all possible resources, starting with YouTube, ending with Twitch and received important indicators on the basis of which we will make strategic development plans.

Our plans until the end of 2021:

  • Hiring 10 bloggers to join the Kitchen Guild

  • Generate monthly content with a coverage of 1 million views per month (minimum figures)

  • Coordinating and conducting several interviews with the Near Protocol team


Kitchen Guild is part of the Degens Army, our bloggers receive 300 NEAR as the main participants of the degens community.

We would like to request an additional 1000 NEAR, which will provide bonuses (50-200 NEAR) to the best bloggers, for conducting interviews and testing other ways of interacting with bloggers (for example, mention in relevant content, native advertising of NEAR ecosystem projects)


At the moment, Kitchen Guild is in test mode, our metrics are only approximate, but we can already judge from them that our approach is very cheap and as effective as possible.

In the future, we see huge opportunities for the Kitchen Guild, we will be able to generate a huge amount of high-quality content. We see a strategic goal in strengthening the influence of NEAR on the gaming community and NFT, this we will be able to achieve by regularly collaborating with bloggers whose focus is digital art and gaming.

Official resources:


Telegram: @lolson_tg, @baxoffBeats.

Thanks for attention. We are glad to hear any suggestion for improvement and criticism.

Proposal: [Proposal] Kitchen Guild


Wow Great Idea to have Bloggers Onboard those will surely help in Marketing & generating new leads with Crypto Community.


Sounds reasonable.

But please don’t use that font type which you have used in the pdf and on the site :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


why?) we really like this font:)

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The font is not important, the main thing is that people read it :slight_smile:

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very difficult to read :pensive:


Ok, we’ll fix it soon!

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Cool idea! I think this is a great way to raise more attention to NEAR.


What a virtuoso idea, this scheme will help reimburse @Near protocol and it’s ecosystem


how can we provide marketing strats and services?


Hey @kc_sollano. What do you mean?

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Hey @Perre. Thank you! We hope that our example made an impression on you.

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I like the approach of working with mid size youtubers who actually are interested in NEAR. The timing is also right since a lot of new users are opening their eyes to NEAR as well.

I think more than anything, the numbers will speak for themselves and I am happy to see your initiative.

I’m not sure if you already do this, but it would be good also to add links to near.org in the description of these videos. This way, NEAR core can also track the traffic incoming from these videos and see how effective these approaches are.


Yes, that’s a good idea. We will discuss this with our bloggers.

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This is a sweet idea! The more content the better :tada: :man_cook:

You mention bloggers but rely on YouTube subscribers to determine eligibility, among other things. Is this guild focused entirely on written content or videos, too? I think it’s the latter and this could do with clarification.

What is ‘special content’?

It’d be awesome to see this in action, particularly when it comes to the flexibility of the Guild. By this I’m referring to the ability for Kitchen Guild to pivot their goals to suit the needs not of the NEAR Foundation itself, but the NEAR Ecosystem as a whole.

An awesome project launches on NEAR? Kitchen Guild are there to support and swarm


@David_NEAR thank you for your wonderful answer.
Special content - we mean topics that affect unique projects in the NEAR ecosystem, their review, testing and presentation. We have already created several pieces of content about Mintbase and in general about NFT in the NEAR ecosystem.
We have further plans for the development of this kind of content, we discuss further topics with bloggers every day, this is a long-term goal.
At the moment, it is important for us to focus on reducing the cost of view and improving the quality of content.
We are sure that by the end of September, the cost of view will be 3-4 times lower than at the moment.


Love the name! chef’s kiss

My quick suggestion would be to break this down into 2:

  1. Guild intro post
  2. Budget request to the respective DAO vertical

This seems in line with something our new Head of Content - @Matt_Hussey, might be interested in :slight_smile:

Are we talking about Youtubers or vloggers?

Can you also add a link to a public group that interested or potential guild members can join, or, if you’re making this invite only, a process on how people can apply to be a part of this guild and what’s the selection criteria. Thanks!


Thank you for your answer @Shreyas, your advice means a lot to us.

Our guild is currently focused on bloggers who have several resources to distribute content about Near Protocol. Usually this is YouTube, Twitter, Telegram. Now we are focused on such guys who have several options for placing content. At the moment, we are manually selecting bloggers, but in the future we want to create several topics on Reddit, BTT and other resources for applying for participation in our guild.

There is an application form on our website: Kitchen Guild

At this stage, we are ready to consider any bloggers, in the future we will develop clear requirements. We will be based on indicators. We are for cheap and high-quality traffic in the first place. We really want to become one of the most effective direction in content.


Hey, just a quick one,

Generally, at least for me, when people use the term ‘bloggers’ I instantly jump to written content (blogs). If the net you’re casting is wider than this I think it’d bode well to make sure you’re letting readers know that it’s not just restricted to written content in the form of blogs, but it includes videos, Reddit threads, BTT threads, Telegram growth, Twitter etc etc :raised_hands:


Yes, I agree. I will supplement our post.