Continued Discussion from Thread [[Proposal] Pre-Launch Marketing Budget - Q1]]

Continuing the discussion from [Proposal] Pre-Launch Marketing Budget - Q1:

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Nobody has ever said your voice doesn’t matter?

They work directly with projects, only receive funding from NF based on their work

How can I see their detailed budget request as well as a source of their funding - community treasure .

Could you please describe how NF measures their work? Their successful work ?

Ecosystem Dev councils ignoring my questions and concerns. It’s the evidence of it.

AFAIK they are distributed x amount of funding depending on # of clients per month.

It has been constantly tracked since the inception of the Guild through public reports.

Nobody has ignored any of your concerns, I always have a two way communication channel here on the forum with yourself

What the prices ?

Means nothing. Their public reports don’t information for this.

My questions, again:

Will Flying be founded directly from NF since January 22?

2.Did Flying make decision transit into LCC, because the guild doesn’t match new tiering system requirements ? And to be able to get unlimited funding from NF?

3.If Flying works directly with NF people, how your company is going to provide equal access for Near Community members?

4.How other Gulids can apply for social media service? New web- site doesn’t have any information about it

  1. Does NF have alternative of this LLC for social media service support?

Did anybody compare Flying Rhino prices with the same OWS contributors work and marketing dao grantees?

6.Is $17 310 a month the best price on the market ?

  1. How community members can apply for councils work in Ecosystem Development DAO?

Evidences of ignoring


Bonus question- Wen NF is going to stop control everything, stop their experiments, and starting implementing members driven community idea? We are waiting for it since June 21.

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I don’t have that information atm. Will see what I can find out.

Untrue. They’ve built up a relationship with the entire community and the funding body (NF) and have proven their value countless times.

It is already directly funded by NF.

Nobody gets ‘unlimited funding’ from the NF. I can’t speak for their reasoning, but it’d benefit you if you understood what the long term goals of most Guilds are (or should be), that being the ability to become self-sufficient and transition into a company-style structure a la 4nts.

Equal access to what?

Unsure what their status is on the website atm. They have a very active Twitter -

I don’t understand this question.

We’ve spoken about this multiple times. You can’t conflate incentivised community contributions with less structure to what is essentially shaping up to be a fully fledged Web3 marketing agency.

The NF is a non-profit, we’re not trying to scrape the barrel and scrimp and save every penny, gwei, or Tgas. Guilds like this are bootstrapped before going on to, ideally, becoming a self sufficient entity.

So, NF just believes that their budget is correct ? Really?

7How community members can apply for councils work in Ecosystem Development DAO?

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Website is here:

NF, myself anyway, believes that they’ve proven themselves in this ecosystem for long enough to be awarded an appropriate amount of funding to support projects building on NEAR.

New process in the works, as you already know. See here:

Ok. Thanks. Actually, it’s a proposal only.
zanaislami.near was added in Ecosystem DAO 2 days ago

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Zana is from the Legal Team at NF.

She has been added for legal reasons and that will be explained in an upcoming post. They will abstain from voting on proposals I believe.


Keeping a close eye! :smiley:@Dacha
As David mentioned Zana is from our legal team and will be monitoring the voting and subsequently the payout process.


I’m glad you brought this up because we need to finalize how we will vet and appoint council members for the community driven DAOs.

We need to decide this in the next week or so.


Let’s start with Flying Rhino guild. Since, February. Will be first great example.

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Dave, I see how you you diligently and carefully checking marketing DAO proposals. Could you please do the same work with Flying Rhino guild?

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