(Contest Announcement) Everyone Eats Entertainment

Hey there community!

We are launching www.musicfeast.io on March 31st with a NEARWEEK AMA. We are inviting our first celebrity artist to the AMA in order to discuss his NFT project and Everyone Eats Entertainment will discuss the music feast project in general.

DJ Whoo Kid is an American DJ / Producer / Radio show host, who played an integral part in launching 50 cents career. He is a frequent collaborator with Snoop Dogg, Waka Flocka, G Unit etc. This will be an awesome opportunity to show the artist that this is a welcoming community, and in giving him that confidence, we can expect a lot more high profile NFT projects to be launched on the NEAR blockchain.

We are running a Twitter contest right now where 5 winners will be selected to receive entry level NFTs to ALL artist communities we develop from here on out, for less than a penny each.

Come to the FEAST and see what it is and how y’all can benefit from joining and participating.

Here is the contest of your interested in blowing this space up!



This is dope. I grew up listening to Dj Whoo Kid and his G Unit Mixtapes.

Dope move guys.


Appreciate it BigM! Hope to be seeing you at the AMA!


Yes, mos def, JCB. Cheers brother.