Content make for Near Protocol

Hey! I am the creator of the telegram channel AX MO. On my channel, I talk about popular cryptocurrencies and NFTs. I have almost 3000 subscribers and I have a leadership opinion.

I have been popularizing the Near and Near NFT blockchain for a long time. My subscribers are actively following this and participating in all the Near events that I talk about. I have already attracted a lot of people to the Near ecosystem.

My main goal is to supplant Solana. I believe that Near can take second place in the NFT community among blockchains.

I have a plan to promote the Near and Near NFT ecosystem among the telegram community:

  1. Publications of new and promising NFT projects on Near
  2. Educational articles on interaction with the Near ecosystem (how to create a wallet, where to buy a Near token. What is REF Finance, how to mint NFT, etc.)
  3. giveaways (distribution of WLs, contests for the Near token, contests for nft)
  4. Near-topic podcasts with other telegram channels
  5. Investment advice (why you should buy Near, USN; why Near will overtake solana; prospects for Near NFT)

I have already made more than 70 posts about the Near ecosystem and have collected more than 55000 views, more than 1500 comments, more than 500 reposts, made 8 giveaways
I’m going to increase these numbers many times over. I am also going to occupy the telegram community and flood it with the Near blockchain and increase sales volumes on the Paras secondary market with my influence and raise the Near token to the top of Coinmarketcap

I’m one of the first in the telegram community who showed that Near is cool
My subscribers are hungry investors who are ready to buy assets in order to earn money.

my channel: Telegram: Contact @axuennomoney
my telegram: @lehnh
my wallet: lehnh.near

I will be waiting for your response and your suggestions. Ready to cooperate on an ongoing basis. I am a big fan of Near



This seems like it’s more apt for a funding request from the MarketingDAO, I’d recommend following this guide:

in marketingdao they told me to go here and closed the topic

This isn’t something the Community Team would typically be able to support, for similar reasons to the MarketingDAO and the fact that we avoid content related to things like:

so who do I contact to discuss this proposal and improve it?

Seems to me a marketing proposal, maybe you can put proposal following guidelines in the Marketing DAO

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You should avoid topics like investment advices, after that Marketing DAO would review your proposal and give you feedback on that.

As detailed & accurate your proposal will be, there will be high chances of approval, Thanks!

As I mentioned, it’s not something we’d typically support. The best bet is the MarketingDAO with a restructured proposal.