[concluded] - recite: fernando pessoa and his heteronyms - gambiarra dao

Recite: Fernando Pessoa and heteronyms

Proponent: Carlos Roberto Escouto

Project timeline: 03/05/2022 - 04/05/2022

History: Fernando Pessoa, poet, playwright, philosopher, writer among other functions was perhaps the most important Portuguese literary artist of the nineteenth century. His work spans the ages and to this day is widely discussed in academia and consumed and referenced by the literary community. Fernando Pessoa also wrote through heteronyms. Authors that he created himself and signed as authors of the works to differentiate his poetic style, they are: Álvaro de Campos, Ricardo Reis and Alberto Caeiro.

TITLE: "Recita: Fernando Pessoa and heteronyms

OBJECTIVE: The proponent intends to create a channel for the interpretation of classic poetry from world literature. In this first moment, the chosen author will be Fernando Pessoa and his heteronyms. This month, the proponent will select 4 poems by the author and will do an interpretation work reciting the selected poems. Releasing a video every 7 days, the proponent intends to give accessibility to the canon literature of Fernando Pessoa reciting through interpretation 4 classic poems of the author giving a peculiar theatrical sense to the literature of the author.

Video 1: ''Straight Line Poem

Poem in a Straight Line

I have never known anyone who has been beaten up.

All my acquaintances have been champions at everything.

And me, so often cheap, so often dirty, so often vile,

I so often unaccountably parasitic,

inexcusably dirty,

I, who so often have not had the patience to take a bath,

I, who so often have been ridiculous, Absurd,

Who have publicly rolled my feet in the carpet of etiquette,

Who have been grotesque, petty, submissive, and arrogant,

That I’ve been beaten down and shut up,

That when I have not been silent, I have been even more ridiculous;

I, who have been comical to the hotel maids,

I, who have felt the wink of the freight boys,

I, who have done financial shame, borrowing without paying,

I, who, when the time of the punch came, have crouched

Out of the possibility of the punch;

I, who have suffered the anguish of ridiculous little things,

I find that I have no peer in all this world.

Everyone I know who talks to me

Never had a ridiculous act, never suffered swaddling,

Never been anything but princes - all of them princes - in life.

I wish I could hear someone’s human voice

That would confess, not a sin, but an infamy;

That tells, not a violence, but a cowardice!

No, they are all the Ideal, if I hear them and they speak to me.

Who is there in this wide world who will confess to me that he was once vile?

O princes, my brothers,

Arre, I’ve had enough of demigods!

Where are there people in the world?

So am I the only one who is vile and wicked on this earth?

The women may not have loved them,

they may have been betrayed - but ridiculous never!

And I, who have been ridiculous without having been betrayed,

How can I speak to my superiors without flinching?

I, who have been vile, literally vile,

Vile in the mean and infamous sense of vileness.

Video 2: "Autopsychography

The poet is a pretender

He pretends so completely

That he even pretends it’s pain

The pain he really feels.

And those who read what he writes

Feel the pain they read,

Not the two he had

But only the one they don’t have.

And so on the wheel’s troughs

Spins, entertaining reason,

That winding train

Which is called the heart.

Video 3: "All the Love Letters

All love letters…

All love letters are


They wouldn’t be love letters if they weren’t


I have also written love letters in my time,

like the others,


Love letters, if there is love

Have to be


But, after all,

Only creatures who have never written

Love letters

Are the ones who are


I wish in the days when I could write

Without even noticing

Love letters


The truth is that today

My memories

Of those love letters

Are that they are


(All the odd words,

Like feelings that are ludicrous

Are naturally


Video 4: ''Lisbon Revisited

No: I don’t want anything

I already said I don’t want anything.

Don’t give me any conclusions!

The only conclusion is to die.

Don’t bring me aesthetics!

Don’t talk to me about morals!

Get metaphysics out of me!

Don’t preach complete systems to me, don’t line up conquests

Of sciences (of sciences, my God, of sciences!) -

Of sciences, of arts, of modern civilization!

What harm have I done to all the gods?

If you have the truth, keep it!

I am a technician, but I have technique only within technique.

Outside of that, I’m crazy, with every right to be.

With every right to be one, you hear?

Don’t bother me, for God’s sake!

Did you want me married, futile, everyday and taxable?

Did you want me to be the opposite of this, the opposite of anything?

If I were anyone else, I would please you all.

So, as I am, have patience!

Go to hell without me,

Or let me go to the devil alone!

Why should we go together?

Don’t take my arm!

I don’t like being held. I want to be alone.

I said I’m alone!

Ah, what a nuisance to want me to be company!

Oh, blue sky - the same one as in my childhood -

Eternal truth, empty and perfect!

Oh soft ancient and mute Tagus

O small truth where the sky is reflected!

O sorrow revisited, Lisbon of yesteryear and today!

You give me nothing, you take away nothing, you are nothing that I feel.

Leave me alone! I won’t be late, I’ll never be late…

And while the Abyss and the Silence are late, I want to be alone!



The project will take place from March 1st to March 31st. The production will have some stages until the publication of the videos, they are: 1 - memorization of the texts. 2 - rehearsal of the texts. 3 - recording. 4 - video editing. 5 - Divulgation. 6 - publishing the videos. The stage of disclosure will occur at all times until before the disclosure showing the backstage of the construction of the videos and rehearsals of the actor. The stages of memorization and rehearsals will take place between March 1st and March 14th. The recording is scheduled to take place on the 15th. The videos will be edited until 03/21 and published on 03/23, 03/25, 03/27 and 03/29.


This project is intended to be continued, that is, every month will be proposed the work of theatrical interpretation reciting poetry of specific authors of world and Brazilian literature. It is also intended to bring the general public closer to literature through the interpretation of poetry. Through interpretation, we create a specific non-conventional language to work with literature and generate literary access to the general public. It is also important to highlight that the interpretations will be available for free on the youtube channel Gambiarra Near, making this channel also a future reference for the consumption of literary arts on youtube. In addition to youtube, the dissemination and sharing of these works will be given by platforms; facebook, instagram and twitter Gambiarra, the proponent and partners of DAO Gambiarra.


Access to the art of literature except through the Internet is less and less stimulated by the school network, for example. In Brazil, the discipline of arts is gradually reducing its number of hours in school. Apart from this, spreading the arts through different channels achieves the goal of stimulating artistic accessibility by people. By mixing Literature and Theater, the project contemplates this objective and guarantees permanent and free access to any public of the artistic segment of literature. Furthermore, the proposal aims to be continuous; poems interpreted theatrically will be worked on monthly, providing continuous accessibility to the literary art.


The dissemination will be all online through the sites; discord.com /gambiarra, member group telegram channel ‘‘Gambiarra’’, facebook, instagram and twitter of invited members of DAO Gambiarra and the proponent. Not only the artistic videos will be disclosed, but the entire disclosure of the rehearsal process, construction and completion of the videos.

budget: USD 500 in NEAR (maximum amount)

500 USD - Carlos Roberto Escouto for the tasks: beginning, middle, and end of the whole project

payment portfolio: escouto.near

payment USD 500 NEAR

Carlos Escouto (@ciclanocarlos) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram

Theater teacher graduated from the Federal University of Pelotas.
Cultural Producer since 2018.
President of the municipal council of culture of Santa Cruz do Sul.


Interesting, I like this format.
I would like to suggest that in the construction of this process, perhaps there is an opportunity to interact with new anonymous artists, thus promoting art and the inclusion of these people.
Because you are already a teacher, it would be beautiful to see the expansion of this process with other people who have not yet found themselves in the world of art, so that they can be inserted in this path.


Good Job! Wonderful project!!


Dear @Carlos

I’m curious to know how is going the development of your project.
Could you share with us? :slight_smile:


It was great to be back on the scene. I had very positive feedbacks from people in the area about the interpretations. I am finalizing the final report now. Check it out on instagram ; Login • Instagram or on facebook ; Redirecting... or on @gambiarranear’s youtube channel ; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvS19URdDuvGDpFCRE6-lTA


thank you very much and thank you for everything!
without you nothing would happen

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as an experiment I will edit the second continuity proposal, proposing a vernissage artistic soiree stimulating the recitation of poetry in a face-to-face manner

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[Concluded] Recite: Fernando Pessoa and heteronyms - Gambiarra DAO

Project Status: COMPLETED

Project accounting:

Carry out an audiovisual production of four interpretations of poetry by Fernando Pessoa and heteronyms and distribute them on the proposer’s instagram and facebook channels in addition to @gambiarranear’s instagram and youtube channel.

**Budget: 500 USD in NEAR

500 USD - Carlos Escouto - escouto.near

Timeline of the project updated:

First week: This week I dedicated myself to researching possible scenarios and places to do the interpretations and rehearsals and also the search for costumes for the four poems. I was able to organize this during the week, but when I went to rehearsal in the space I had the news that the price I was given was mistakenly not the rental price, and the rental price was much higher than the agreed price. So in the second week, parallel to the memorization of the text, I had to look for another place to rehearse. The first week was dedicated to these external organizations of space, hiring the audiovisual production company and costume adjustment. After the second week (3/13) the rehearsals started to occur normally, first with the memorization of the texts and then the construction of the aesthetics and characters for each poem. During the process I was making stories and left highlighted on instagram talking about the process of construction of this work and can be checked on instagram Login • Instagram in the highlight ‘‘Fernando Pessoa’’. During the process I still faced two problems. The first was that the space where I was rehearsing was forbidden by a city hall agency because of the regularization of the work permit. I did not rehearse in the space for 5 days until it became available for use again. The other problem was that on the day of the handover by the production company they had not brought some equipment which caused the recording sessions to be delayed one day. For this reason and for the days that I could not rehearse due to the interruption of space, the release of the videos was delayed 1 day from the initially planned, leaving the releases for the days 24, 25, 27 and 29/03. The videos had the following reach on the instagram @ciclanocarlos of the proponent:

Post announcing the interpretations instagram - Login • Instagram - 76 likes, 6 comments.

1 - Lisbon revisited, 3/24 - Login • Instagram - 234 views, 31 comments, 51 likes.

2 - Poem in a straight line - Login • Instagram - 163 views, 14 comments, 24 likes.

3 - All Love Letters - Login • Instagram - 71 views, 3 comments, 18 likes.

4 - Autopsychography - Login • Instagram - 99 views, 4 comments, 21 likes.

In this highlight you can see part of the process - Instagram - There were 21 stories with a reach of 1,506 views.

Facebook Posts

Post announcing the facebook interpretations - https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=505903187704849&set=pcb.505907021037799 - 109 reactions, 43 comments, 2 shares.

1 - Lisbon revisited - https://www.facebook.com/carlos.escouto.376/videos/1242221102851422 - 38 reactions, 8 comments, 7 shares.
2 - Poem in a straight line - https://www.facebook.com/carlos.escouto.376/videos/283213730641203 - 34 reactions, 8 comments, 6 shares.
3 - Autopsychography - https://www.facebook.com/carlos.escouto.376/videos/3197082930574830 - 9 reactions, 2 comments.
4 - All Love Letters - https://www.facebook.com/carlos.escouto.376/videos/394223358814728 - 5 reactions. 3 comments

youtube gambiarra channel

1 - Lisbon revisited, 3/24 - PROJECT RECITE 1/4 - Fernando Pessoa e Heteronyms - By Carlos Escouto - YouTube

2 - Poem in a straight line - PROJECT RECITE 2/4 - Fernando Pessoa e Heteronyms - By Carlos Escouto - YouTube

3 - All Love Letters - PROJECT RECITE 3/4 - Fernando Pessoa e Heteronyms - By Carlos Escouto - YouTube

4 - Autopsychography - PROJECT RECITE 4/4 - Fernando Pessoa e Heteronyms - By Carlos Escouto - YouTube

Highlights and reviews:

The highlight was the outreach and feedback had by people close to me and even people not known about the interpretation work and the relevance of the author. The space where I made the recordings, the Regina Simonis art house, also praised the work and even requested that I think about similar artistic interventions in the space where they would be available. The criticism is in three aspects: the first is the marketing in having made more art during the process and posted in cards on social media until the official release of the videos. As I centralize the processes in myself I felt that I should have one person only to do this. The other, perhaps more significant, was to have made video reels of the process and especially of the poems to reach a larger audience. The videos were posted on instagram and facebook, in full. If I had made reels, I could have had a greater reach, where in the caption of the video there could be a link to the full video on the youtube channel of Gambiarra Near. However, it is all learning and part of the process. I plan to review these issues in future work. The last aspect is the interpretation of the poetry. As an actor, teacher, and theater director, I recognize that technical body elements such as body expression and body sign could be better constructed in the interpretations, as well as the counter scene with the audiovisual production and the perspectives of angles to be captured by the cameras. However, in the sum total, lessons remain to be used in the next artistic processes.


The learning was the coexistence for the knowledge of how the gambiarra near works inside the blockchain. I have recently entered this new ‘‘universe’’ and day by day I am getting better acquainted with how it all works. Even though I still have a lot to know and how it works, being able to experience this month the work of fellow artists inside the gambiarra was a learning experience with artistic fruition. The acting with cameras and only cameras is very specific and differs a lot from theater. It differs so much that in the next works I will hire a specific scene director who already works with audiovisuals to improve the technical quality of the interpretations and the videos.

*Next Steps:

I want to perfect the interpretation technically of the poems by investing in scene direction with a theater director and an audiovisual direction, both with the same person already chosen. I intend to interpret the poem ‘‘Tabacaria’’ next month and it will have this addition if approved. As a goal I also intend to think possibilities of connections with gambiarra artists’ works where I can put in the same art my interpretation, along with video art, photography, painting and/or other artistic forms that appear as propositive in the creation of these interpretations.


Carlos Escouto (@ciclanocarlos) - Photos and videos on Instagram