[Concluded] Curating proposal for FEMINU DAO art events in July 22

Proponent : Ghini
NEAR account for payment: ghini.near

Project Timeline: July 1 th – July 31th 2022

Objective :

The goal of this proposal is to continue the curatorial advisory for all exhibitions and cultural events to be developed by FEMINU DAO and publications on social networks, in the month of July, as detailed below.


Exhibitions are the primary way of disseminating art. When it comes to NFTs, we need to keep in mind that they will soon represent one of the most important vehicles for art trading.

It is estimated that in a few years every person on the planet will own at least one work of art in NFTs, representing an extremely significant trading volume within blockchains.

Therefore, NFTs art is a market that is only likely to grow.

Justification and metrics:

FEMINU DAO will inaugurate in July its Gallery building in Voxels, for free rent, which has an area of approximately 1000 m2, consisting of a first floor, a second floor called FEMINU Aquarium, and two more floors in a construction made in a voxel archive. This will make many exhibits possible. Especially now in July we are expecting exhibits totaling a minimum of 60 Near NFTs , in at least 4 exhibitions, mostly with nfts especially minted for the events.

On the 10th, at the opening of the FEMINU DAO Gallery, the result of a bounty that is being a success on the forum will be revealed (300USD total prize) and all the artworks will be exposed in the BRAZILIAN COLORS Exhibition.
([CONCLUDED] Bounty: inauguration of the new FEMINU Gallery building)

Other 3 exhibitions will take place on the same date.

The importance of having a curator in these artistic events is that the curator’s sharp eye establishes different clippings, create interesting design exhibitions, and unusual encounters between artists, which together form a language of their own to instigate visitors.

I guess it is interesting to read my June report ([Concluded] Curatorial and metaarchitectural work for FEMINU DAO June 22 - #2 by Ghini) to figure out everything that was done in the last month, but for sure, with all the space we have now, and all the exhibitions that are planned, it will provide a great movement on the ecosystem with many onboardings and mints.


In order to fulfill the objective, I intend:

- planning and general organization based on the approval proposals and others that are voluntary

- get in touch with every proponent to discuss the needs of each proposal and make the necessary choices and decisions to organize and realize the exhibition;

- make all the design and assembly of all the exhibitions in the Gallery

- continue to do the meta architectural work in the building, as needed.

Budget (May): 500 USD will be required, paid to ghini.near

TOTAL: 500 USD in near

Artistic name: Ghini

Traditional, digital and NFT Artist, curator and poet.

Gambiarra DAO council, FEMINU DAO council.

Teacher of curation class in the Near Certified Creative (about to begin in august)

FEMINU curator, Brazucas NFT curator, both historical exhibitions in the Museu.xyz in Cryptovoxels metaverse.

NFT’s exhibitions in New York (NFT.NYC 22), Art Basel Miami Week 22 and several exhibitions at Cryptovoxels Metaverse.

Physical artworks exhibited in Museums in Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Korea and Lithuania.

This year I will publish my first book of poems.

Links: @ghini_ar | Linktree

My skils:

I have an artistic career that includes several international exhibitions and is about to complete 20 years. Since the beginning of my experience with NFTs, I became interested in curating exhibitions in the metaverse, having been one of the curators of BrazucasNFT, the largest exhibition of NFTs by Brazilians until then, I held several solo shows at cryptovoxels, and recently, I idealized, organized and curated FEMINU, which included 60 artists among cis women, trans women, non-binary women and transvestites. Both Brazucas and FEMINU had the expography carefully planned and especially praised in terms of its originality. At Voxels, in 10 months, I have curated exhibitions that exceed 200 NFTs, from NEAR’s blockchain (they are all documented here in this forum within my proposals and reports).

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Project Report: Curating proposal for FEMINU DAO art events in July 22

Project Status: Concluded but not approved


The main objective of this month of July was the inauguration of the FEMINU DAO Gallery whose building was designed and built by me, with 3 exhibitions, in the metaverse Voxels, of which I have done works of curation, design exhibition and/or assembly, with the purpose of increasing the visibility and providing new minted NFTs on the Near network and encouraging engagement and sales on the blockchain.


Brazilian Colors

A very successful bounty of great engagement on the forum with 1.2k views, almost 700 likes and over 150 replies resulted in 35 new NFTs displayed in this exhibition that took place on the FEMINU Aquarium floor with a very bold exhibition design in which cubes were placed using the works in the exhibition.

Essences and Origins

This exhibition, organized by @naju and @mayramendes, was displayed next to the FEMINU event square showing incredible works of black artists including 3 nearcomers and 20 new Near NFTs, providing great visibility to the exhibited works, many of which were sold.

Festa Junina - Brazilian Culture

I did the assembly of this beautiful photograph NFT collection exhibition (16 new Near NFTs in total) that shows a typical event of our winter culture, organized by @biancavictal e @mayramendes.

Success metrics achieved and highlights:

New Near mints exhibited in the 3 exhibitions - 71 Near NFTs

Visibility to the Near blockchain - 311 people at the opening of the Inauguration event

Meta architectural work: The construction of the FEMINU Gallery building of more than 1000m2 had some modifications in order to assemble the 3 exhibitions.

The opening of our Gallery on July 10 was a success of public leading to Voxels 311 people on the first day, as shown in our general report, exhibiting a total of 71 NFTs many of them were minted especially for the three exhibitions, demonstrating that a well-planned art event can engage people from inside and outside the near blockchain. This will encourage the movement of artists within the ecosystem, with an increase in the number of submissions and minting in order to participate in the events and also the onboarding of artists who will have in our exhibitions a great opportunity to have their work promoted in a well known metaverse such as Voxels.

Art NFTs represent a large up-and-coming market, so art exhibitions that bring this much interaction to the Near blockchain should be encouraged by NF.

Summary of the work done in July:

  • organization of the inauguration of the FEMINU DAO Gallery
  • curations
  • design of 3 exhibitions
  • assembly of 3 exhibitions in total, displaying a total of 71 new NFTs
  • meta architectural work to adapt the building to the needs of each exhibition.

Next steps:

  • to continue the research of new Near artists, showing them in the gallery
  • improve the building in order to make it more and more attractive and functional
  • to do more 3XR exhibitions concurrently with the Voxels Exhibitions