[COMPLETED] unboarding mari rosa

Proponent: Isa Danoninho

Near Account: isadanoninho.near

Objective: Include photographer Mari Rosa

Justification (benefits) :
The addition to Mintbase of the photographer Mari Rosa for the month of women will bring a new audience for the marketplace, a new art style, positive activism for the image of the marketplace, increase the collection of DAO.
It also brings benefits of social awareness because it is a project to break taboos.
Photographer and activist, in her photos Mari Rosa seeks to end the sexualization of the female body, bringing in a subtle way the naturalization of nipples, buttocks, the body in general.
The artist’s goal is to add to the fight against our daily machismo.



Article in TPM Magazine:

Article Hypness:

3 episodes on Canal Brasil available on GloboPlay:

Season 8 with Nicole Puzzi, Pornolandia Program - female sexuality

Catracalivre article: Interviewed by Gilberto Dismentein for the program Masters of creativity.

Link available only for subscribers.

YouTube Channel:

Project: The artist has no contact with the crypto world, so I will help her with the portfolio creation, store purchase, mint of the 40 arts, etc.

This cost is already included all necessary and transaction costs.

Store 6.5

Mint 0.00001

List 0.0044 (unit)

Timeline: Up to five days after project approval.

Budget: 150USD in NEAR/DAI for unboarding
80USD in NEAR/DAI - Isadanoninho.near


The withdrawal of the artist’s value during the project is required for the execution.


Hi Isa, thanks for the proposal

first of all I really love Maris fotos.

We can support the creation of the store, of course

We can give her like 10N, then she can create her store + mint some art!!

And for you to teach her, we could give you max 50Usd, all the other people onboarding people are receiving 10usd per onboarded person so I think it would be very unfair.

50 is okay if you really help her with everything!

how do you feel about that?


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Ok, not problem for me!
The important thing is that the costs of creating a wallet, store and mints, I do not have any costs of this.
But for me it is perfect!

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perfect, let’s do it! she can propose payout proposal.
please document everything here, post her store (when she has it), and show how you are marketing it!!


ps: always tweet tagging mintbasedao!!

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Perfect, thanks Maria

Hey, I’m just dropping by to make a first report.

Today I helped Mari Rosa to create her near wallet.
I sent her 0.5 NEAR from my wallet to borrow, which she will return to my wallet as soon as she receives the funding.

The next step will be to apply for the funds to be able to buy and set up the store.

Artist’s wallet: MARIROSA.NEAR

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She can post her payout proposal to our astrodao.


it is important that she includes the link of THIS POST to the proposal :slight_smile:

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Today we are moving forward with another part of the project.
The financing was approved in ASTRO DAO, and we bought the store :slight_smile:

Today Mari will finish sorting out the pictures for the mint.

Link to the store: marirosa.mintbase1.near - Mintbase Store

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perfect <3 anxious to see what comes next

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Good evening, stopping by to conclude my report of the onboarding of photographer Mari Rosa.

I assisted Mari with the process of creating the wallet, changing the name, receiving the 10NEAR for the astro dao, buying the store, minting and listing the works.
There were a total of 40 works minted and listed, and the values range from 1 to 10NEAR.

The project took a while to be completed because of the availability of the photographer, who is always traveling, and sometimes because of some bugs in the Mintbase site.
These bugs were reported to @marianeu who helped and gave support throughout the process.

Link to Mari’s store: https://www.mintbase.io/store/marirosa.mintbase1.near?tab=nfts&page=0

She said she is traveling and as soon as she gets back she will do it.

Today Mari divulged her store on social networks and the idea is to bring her closer to the community.
I continue to support her when questions arise and I hope she can join us in the community.

Thank you Mintabase for the opportunity to bring this amazing artist.

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Chique!! love it @Isa_Danoninho !!

Tell her she can also sell physical NFTs via mintbase and send them to the buyer if she is interested.

You can submit the payout proposal for your onboarding funds :slight_smile: awesome job. thank yoi

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What a cool novelty, I’m sure she’ll like it!
I will let she know, thanks for sharing!

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Done @marianeu

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