[COMPLETED] Music on the near + Bounty

Music on the near + Bounty

Proponent :

Francine Stringuini - @fstrings https://twitter.com/ffstrings

Fred -@ruidelafont https://twitter.com/FontRui

Project timeline: 07/20/2022 to 07/27/2022

20 to 23 nft selection, 24 result of those selected and editing, 25 exhibition and 26 - 27 final report

The arts are portraits of the historical periods where they were created, so it is essential to assist artists in their constructions to continue telling our story through the ages and beyond. So we invite everyone to build a collective and sound space with nfts of music for a beautiful exhibition.

Have minted in mintbase your art + music & comment in this thread the link and NEAR wallet<

to formalize your entry by July 23rd.

10 nfts will be selected who will receive 0.5 Near and participate in an exhibition at cryptovoxels on 25-07 as the final part of the “Research in Near” project conducted through Octopode Dao.

To intensify this exchange, we invite you to a conversation circle about nfts music production in Brazil within Near on 25/7 at 8pm GMT-3 the link will be made available in the comments of this tutorial.


Our project comes with the goal of valuing the artist, disseminating possibilities, and thus helping musicians to connect with unlimited communities in an open and decentralized way.


There are many ways of making music that can benefit from Web3 technology. In the music market like many other industries, there are intermediaries that stand between a creator and their audience capturing most of the value although this has helped musicians take advantage of new technology and reach new audiences over time. Therefore this project is justified as a new gateway for music artists into the Web3 world.


SOCIAL: Go beyond the virtual community. With the objective of bringing NEAR’s work to the public and to the field, Octopode dao intends to externalize its work to communities, peripheries, schools, community centers, NGOs, associations, collectives and other forms of social associations so that the public outside NEAR may have access to the making and artistic enjoyment, allowing them access to the arts developed by Octopode as well as knowledge of this virtual community. 10% of the value of all funds received from this date on will be destined to a social portfolio, which every quarter will be withdrawn and will benefit families, NGOs, people in vulnerable situations, or social projects focused on art.

wallet Project: realizar.near


Parabéns @fstrings e @ruidelafont trabalho incrível! aguardamos :heart:


Muito bom!! Arrasaram!! :grinning: :heart:


@fstrings @ruidelafont parabéns pela proposta! Na torcida aqui por vocês! :boom: :tada:


Buenos dias compadre

Here is couple NFTs on mintbase.io :

My first minted recording which happened in the far January 2022 in the middle of the night on a small road in Arambole

And one beautiful song by songwriter healer Shira Sunshine :sunny: :heart:

And I wouldn’t mind to share one minted work on tamastream.io

Namaste everyone :pray:
@johanga @macieira @NxM @Paul

P.S. nothing wrong in hear, just was want to flag to remind this post


obrigada por participar deste momento!

p.s.: viciei em i choose the freedom :green_heart:


Oii! gostaria de lembrar que hoje é a inauguração do espaço da pesquisa da @octopodedao onde tem os projetos de @artistnaju @marianasacrini e @fstrings e @fredcaca

Venha conhecer!


Oi gente, fui pelo celular e apareceu tudo assim ó

Fiquei um tempo pra esperar carregar e tal mas nada mudou. Pode ser só eu, quis avisar. As obras estão aparecendo de boas. Parabéns pelo espaço.


Oi! obrigada por ter reportado estamos averiguando o que pode ter ocorrido mas até então você foi a única pessoa que relatou este problema, estamos atentos :upside_down_face:

e obrigada por ter dado um pulo por lá!


Passar lá de novo ver se carrega tudo pra mim. Mesmo assim, tá muito legal. :fist_right::heart::fist_left:

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[COMPLETED] music on the near + bounty

[REPORT] : Music on the Near
OCTOPODE DAO Proposal - Music on the Near
PROPONENTS: @ruidelafont and @fstrings
PROJECT TIMELINE: 07/20 to 07/27

Music on the near is a part of the work done by Octopode Dao fellows Francine Stringuini @fstrings and Frederico Campos @ruidelafont in the research on the Near project.

It consisted of:

-offering rewards to artists who had their musical works registered in mintbase and made their works available for an exhibition

-exhibit the nfts cataloged through the forum at cryptovoxels at a big party held at the Near Cultural Festival

the works were minted:


We discussed our proposal since day 12 structuring possibilities, studying the issues and aligning with our tutors through video calls, text conversations and audios

We posted the proposal on the forum on the 20th offering the artists the reward and notifying the community about the conversation circle.

On the 23rd we closed the offer of rewards and cataloged the works made available

Working together with @naju and @marisacrini we forwarded the works to participate in the Near Cultural Festival on the 24th

Day 25 dissemination of the event and recording of the conversation circle.

Day 27 final report, editing the video of the conversation circle and making it available on DAO’s youtube channel.

Meeting Dates / Timeline :
1- July 12, 2022: Beginning;
2- July 18, 2022: Proposal Structuring;
3- July 19, 2022: Proposal Finalization;
4- July 20, 2022: Call for Participating Artists
5- July 23, 2022: Final Bounty
7- July 25, 2022: Party Day + Recording Conversation Circle - Music on the Near
8- July 27, 2022: Upload on youtube

Calling the artists


[Login • Instagram

participating artists:


Artists’ rewards will be delivered until August 1st

and 10% of the amount needs to be destined to Octopode’s social fund: realizar.near