[complaint] near meme daily baised competition

A meme competition was organized in the NEAR meme daily with the partnership of a @uniqueone.network and @naveen_in organized the meme comp.

So after the period, 5 memes were sorted one of them are mine and the other 3 memes are of his friends
Links:- (of his friend)( where suman is currently working for him as well as ikka[ganesh] and simit patoliya is friend of ikka.)

  1. https://twitter.com/Ganeshbana2003/status/1583822273747615744?t=NqBWm-bLNK2biZiNzGdNtw&s=19
  2. https://twitter.com/PatoliyaSmit241/status/1583681841965342722?t=K3JAOaU5Wdo5BYGMSBbh-g&s=19
  3. https://twitter.com/crypto_Suman/status/1583870027182534656?t=_9ZpH2D6Orq8UWQb6-G6_A&s=19

Link of my content:-

(Here anyone can easily see that my content is way better then those.)

So for deciding the winner Naveen started a pole in the community, where I am winning, then @naveen_in revoked that voting because his 3 friends were losing and gave the reason that there are multiple accounts but at that time the group was closed.

So Naveen created a private group

Where he added his friends and other members and started voting, 3 friends of Naveen were there and voted for themselves and my content was also selected but he didn’t add me to that private group.

Voting proof:-

[option (2)(5)(3) where friends]

Even any 4th-grade class kid can see voting is biased and they do groupism.

So when I raised my voice after some time he assured me he will give me 1st prize.

But Naveen scammed me and now not replying to my DM as well as ignoring my all mention in all groups and already gave the rewards to his friends.

@uniqueone.network your money is looted by @naveen_in and his friends and not goes to the NEAR community. And @naveen_in is running fake giveaways on the name of NEAR community and looting money from projects. And when I told @naveen_in that I will go to forums he changed the group name as well as deleted that private group.


He blatantly deceived everyone


thanks for bringing this to our attention, we will look into this matter seriously. would appreciate if you can DM me your initials on telegram, my contact : @procyonbeta

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wow my god, i hate falsehoods and dishonesty, it’s amazing and i always wonder why people do it to others, in portugal we have a saying that goes “don’t do to others what you don’t like, what you don’t like do it to you” well i don’t I know what measures could be taken in this case, but I think this person should be reported … I have no words


Look at him; he appears to be so responsible and mature yet a cheater. This is definitely not good.


Surprised that no one takes a action regarding this. How can officials ignore this. Don’t know.
@NEAR_Core any helps?
This person using name of NEAR in such things

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Hey @The_darrk ,

Did you reach out to @halyconstudio as they asked you to? Has there been a resolution to @uniqueone.network 's promised investigation? If so, please give us an update.

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No sir no action was taken @halyconstudio left my message unseen. And afterall naveen is trying to close this matter by showing fake proofs and passing manipulated statements.
I have all proofs and its not me naveen scammed many people in past also.

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Hi Ankit,

You have shared some incorrect information here. I am writing here to clarify it.

7 Memes were selected for the final polling.

Your content was good so was of the others that is why they were selected for the polling. Also I have voted for each meme to win.

The issue was new accounts who have never been a part of community have started interfering during the polling. You have also raised that concern during rhe contest that someone in the group is using 5 accounts to get the tips when you were incharge to reward the submitted memes.
And after that I have told you to stop giving tips and return the pending amount. (Approx. $40 was returned and $10 you kept which were for your efforts to tip the people during the contest)

You were provoking the members of group again to revoke the polling and make you the winner. I did assured you the amount and it was for stopping the conversation, not because you won the contest. Winners were declared 12 hours before this whole convention took place.

I don’t trust you to carry on any chat or conversation in future.

Nothing got looted. All the payment/reward details are registered on chain for the account memedaily.near

The group is not deleted. We are not interacting then how can I know what and where you are going to post?

I will handle all the report and things happened during the contest to the @uniqueone.network team.


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Is that true that you sorted 7 memes and make a private group and where you add 3 of them whose meme are selected right?

So they voted themselves and make each other right?
( as you can see in above voting screen shot )

You have any answer why you don’t add me in that private group, I will tell you because you want to your friends win.

And if you think voting is legit then why you offer me 120$ 1st and now not giving.

Because you also know the voting is not legit dude.

You are telling multiple accounts voting in community group.

Sir you closed the community group before voting you are just passing false statements to manipulate the case again. I have proof that you done a biased voting. You don’t have any proofs of multiple accounts.

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You just split the money between your friends And yours

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I am not provoking anyone, members like my memes so they are just surprised why I don’t won. Community want me to win not your friends.
You don’t have any proofs just false statements nothing else

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You promised me to give 120$ 1st then delete that group and now saying this

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Ok then post a ss here of our conversation of that meme daily private group if you don’t delete that group and show the community you promised me to give 120$.

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Hi folks,

Frankly, the discussion here is starting stray from what I would call a civil conversation.
@The_darrk I understand that you are angry, but even if your complaints are justified, you really need to pay attention to your tone.

does not shed a good light on you. Even if it was a completely fair contest with a disgruntled participant lashing out, you definitely did not handle the situation in accordance with NEAR’s ethos.

Ultimately, it’s up to @uniqueone.network to evaluate whether they’re satisfied with the conduct of their partner or not.

I’m going to leave this up for now, but please keep the Community Guidelines in mind when posting. I’ll be keeping an eye out for this.


Sir i apologise for my tone but @naveen_in is trying again and again to manipulate the statements, as far he don’t have any proper evidence and I have a proper evidence against him.

For your knowledge @uniqueone.network your registration where not organic and if you got (example) 100 registeration believe me 70 are naveen friends id using fake credentials. I don’t have proper evidence but i know how naveen make things work.
That 3 who won the competition is working for him nearly from 1 year.
So i think you can make a decision by concerning this.

Rest upto you.

I apologise for my aggressive tone.

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we are currently investigating the incident from both end, though this is their internal matter, shall revert soon.


Its a kinda internal matter but we have to stop this type of practises in NEAR ecosystem.
So that people can built a trust in our ecosystem.
If this kinda people get continues funds they will eat the trust that NEAR want to build among community, they just money they don’t want to work for the community sir.

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Hi there,

Firstly before addressing all this; the purpose of organising these meme contests was to promote engagement through humour and fun. Positive vibes that help spread the word of what our team, Unique.One intends to achieve, promote creativity and sharing the overall joy of humour.

The entire thread here runs counter to our initial objective. This is a real downer, super negative.

@The_darrk, though I appreciate you bringing this up and highlighting your concerns on groupism. I find that the proof you put forth lacking in terms of context.

Naveen and his team has been recommended by 3 other projects in this community. The previous projects have vouched for him and that was how we started. Unless of course, you’re trying to say that 3 other projects and their communities are colluding with this person.

We at the team have already spoken to him and he has provided us the texts of your (@The_darrk) communication and him in the main group and the private group. From what I gather after reading everything. This is indeed an internal issue and does not warrant us at Unique.One or the larger community to be involved.

I suggest that you resolve this amongst yourselves.

If you continue to pursue this, I will release all the information Naveen shared here and WE WILL NOT CONTINUE to engage you, your group or Naveen’s group in the future. We will also be sure to share our experience with future projects and appchains.

Honestly, we in the community need to stick together during this tough times and embrace positivity. Not dig up petty arguments and air them all out in public for all to see. It is immature and reflects badly on our entire community as a whole.

Thank you.


But at the end, from the above voting screen shots anyone can clearly see that they do groupism and split the money.

And after that naveen offer me 120$ later he told that it was just to calm me down.

And if @uniqueone.network say that this was right way, to do groupism and make the voting biased don’t let the deserving candidate win and if someone raise voice, make some false promises and then delete the chat.

I will recommend this otherwise thanks for answering my query and sorry for wasting your time sir.

My bad :face_with_head_bandage:.

You should take this as context how NF respond to this towards naveen.

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