Complaint against Marketing DAO council Dacha for breach of community guidelines

Gone through the whole post and being an older member than you my friend @Cryptonaut I can say this is nothing but another attack on @Dacha just because he has been straightforward about the proposals. He had approved proposals which create value in the ecosystem development rather than the proposals for Partying and stuffs. People get offended when they hear the truth from him and have nothing to reply. They play the victim card and nothing else. This is one of them. Nothing new!

I have seen Dacha’s activity, comments closely since long and he is the one who spoke for the community when no one was :saluting_face:. He was/is there to raise the community’s voice on the forum without any fear. (You might’ve not known that because you joined the forum late)

About the proposals, he is free to express his comment being a council. There are other councils also in Marketing DAO who have their own decisions. Being a Cdao council you already know, only Dacha doesn’t decide the approval or rejection :eyes:

You talk about him being active in NDC and Aurora and call it conflict of interest. Seriously? Isn’t Aurora and NDC part of NEAR Ecosystem? He has been managing all his roles since months and never compromised in any of that due to other so how can it be conflict of interest.

I can’t believe you seriously written a doubt on Dacha’s experience about Marketing or a degree, lol!!! I don’t have words for it. His work speaks, spare some time to check that since start and you will know your answer.

No personal grudges for you Sahil. Just wanted to make some points clear after seeing your complaint post.

People who can’t digest rejection brings up with hate to Dacha for the truth. Good bye!


Hola, I have been active in the ecosystem for over a year, but I have never seen anything like what you are speculating on @Dacha.

Dacha has so far made many efforts to support the ecosystem, From the beginning…

Is it necessary to get permission to know the information happening in the NDC or NEAR ecosystem?

Yes, As far as I know Dacha has been doing active work for community support since years… And even in the forum we have not seen any such incident so far…

I have also seen how creative mods together and attacked on the one person, Just because the popcorn proposal was rejected?

Thanks, have a great day!


What exactly do you expect the outcome of this post to be?

I would like to remind everyone that:

  • Ongoing personal attacks on DAO leadership, specially the selected few who dedicate A LOT of time to try to understand what is happening with community funding, are what is keeping the best talent far away from governance. That is why NDC is run by a handful of people, quite often the attackers.
  • This post makes the entire ecosystem looks like a circus. Any outsider looking at this would walk away from NEAR without giving it two thoughts. This is the guy meant to be running one of the Grassroots DAOs, attacking another guy running a Grassroots DAO - in public, even thought we have so many shared groups with so many people who can help mediate this?
  • This is clearly a personal attack. I worry that the only possible answer that I see to my opening question (what is the point of all this drama) is to remove the last bastion of transparency and accountability we have in the ecosystem.
  • Dacha’s work is unparalleled - both in the time he has been serving, the amount of work that he does, and his undisputed commitment to transparency and fairness.
  • We are all humans. We all make mistakes. Even if there is conduct that needs attention - this entire thread is completely unnecessary and a disgrace to the NEAR ecosystem.

I invite forum moderators to take prompt action and for all related parties to behave like adults and sort out any real grievances privately. Do not pollute the forum with hurt feelings and childish behaviour that is destroying way more than it seeks to protect.


Hello everyone,

While working with @Dacha through NEAR project ops, NEAR VN, we received tremendous support, clear KPI, and direction to head on, which is a lighthouse in this turbulent time of crypto market.

One thing I can say based on my experience is that if we contribute to NEAR Mass Adoption through organic recruiting activities with achievable KPIs like Monthly Active Users, Unique wallets…we got the fully support from him.

So in this case, the Creative projects must also commit to a KPI fulfilling the Mass Adoption purpose, which is missing in the proposal, rather than a personal attack.


Forum moderators have been part of the issue. This post needing to be made is a disgrace to near. The dedication to transparency falls on deaf ears and is disingenuous with documented evidence of falsities perpetuated by individuals on this forum. Plenty of things are grey but That is not. People denying screenshots because a moderator deleted and removed their posts and or edited them to distort the narrative is not up for debate.

I understand the desire and impulse to defend vigorously the people we work most closely with. Howver, denying the outright fabrication and lies is only hurting to ecosystem you aim to protect.

Lets think about language, language has a different inference under certain scenarios.

Many times the questions we ask to understand the process and reasons behind the decisions made can be perceived as harassment. It’s essential to be respectful to others while communicating on NEAR Forum and all social platforms.

And we do make mistakes, but important to learn from those mistakes. And grow to make better decisions next time.

We cannot deny the massive support Dacha has provided to development of many communities from Creatives Vertical and Marketing Verticals as well as Regional Communities. And his work has certainly been invaluable & I do respect his devotion to grow NEAR over the past 2 years.

I respect that, there’ve been different scenarios where words have been used when there was no need, but it can be resolved in a way better way than attacking someone on forum by a leader of one of the Grassroots DAOs that’s representing NEAR Community.

I would like to remind that

That been said we need a protocol to ask questions and curate irrelevant ones so to seek the transparency that could be helpful in the growth of ecosystem. NDC is inviting all community members to help shape the mechanism for transparency commission. Join here: NDC Transparency Workgroup


Hey hey,

I think the discussion on this topic is very unhealthy and endless, don’t understand what the purpose of this forum is

I have personally know and observed @Dacha before becoming an MDAO council and now he is bringing rapid growth to the Aurora ecosystem from day one.

Of course, sometimes I have a different opinion with him but we always find a solution together. I have to admit that because of his style and method, a lot of changes and improvements have occurred.

When talking about KPIs, goals, targets and transparency all will look like disturbing/disgusting/demanding/hurting, you name it… BUT with clear explanations and good communication, I’m sure it becomes a healthy discussion


I think this is one of the most unnecesary post to made NEAR a cool place to growth.

  • IMO, trying to know what is happening with all the NEAR initiatives is hard, as NCD, WG, Grassroots DAOs, NF, etc. And when you try to catch up on gov forum what you find are this long and senseless discussions that are too far away of supporting the community growth.
  • To be able to growth we need to put the efforts outside. Inviting people outside the ecosystem to join, collaborate and make cool sh*t with the NEAR technology.
  • @Dacha has been an active member of NEAR forum since first days, but AFAIK is not a gatekeeper for any funds on NEAR. Anyone interested, and with a good enough proposal, can jump directly to the source of fundings. Event the grassroots DAOs have a wide variety of councils that can take a different choice to what @Dacha say.

I think the better is to pass this episode the fastest as possible, solve the problem as adults and keep making community building. I hope that all the time and effort put on this post has been used to do so.


Thanks @Dacha for promptly addressing this.

By stating that the evidence (screenshots) have been tampered and edited; I presume that you wish to dismiss these allegations as false. Please confirm :pray:

@Cryptonaut please also note that if you are found defaming a DAO Council Member with forged proofs it can constitute as a serious offense as per existing community guidelines and will not be taken lightly.

I am aware of the situation concerning thecreator, JohnX and others. This will be dealt by an internal review in due course.


Let’s refrain from making sarcastic remarks :pray:


This is concerning. Thanks for flagging. @creativesdao-council mods should weigh in on the reasoning behind this decision on a separate topic. Let’s however limit the scope of discussion in this thread to the points raised by the OP :pray:


I appreciate your comments but would encourage you to address other members on the forum in a more friendly manner. Your tone can be perceived as arrogant and is not something that should be supported. Please take this in mind from now :pray:

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i believe this is action happen outside Near community.

Some Forum operators, some councils on marketing DAO , or even creative DAO , also have personal stories, personal to shape the way they operate community.

a decision suspense someone on the forum, can not be called “Defamation, manipulation of narrative and abuse of power”.

I personally appreciate how dacha responded to Rhyme, as his personal story led to his decision.

In some other large communities, I have witnessed members of the community showing signs of bad morals and lifestyle, and being permanently banned for no reason, no comeback

In addition, the way dacha response from a personal perspective shows that a reconciliation with people has an incomplete moral element in using drugs(in this case), so that they should change, or at least not affect them to the community.

he has his governance criteria, and Rhyme should express how he has a personal lifestyle completely not letting it affect the community, in rhyme’s position, when faced with the opportunity to listen Dacha’s reason, he should be more Progressive, rather than talking about various professional elements.

To think about the second time this happen I believe Dacha would have had a another way to contribute and react with the case like Ryhme - not hard to learn about this special case , but to say this is a reason to call “Defamation, manipulation of narrative and abuse of power”, it is incomplete, a bit capricious

Dacha is a rare case that I’ve personally worked with, I didn’t know him before, but look at what he’s shown, he’s created a marketing structure that has connections between media, project a great economic structure on near, he is also the one who often raises different issues of a project, of a community team to challenge development, transparent to the community .

His way of doing things, if all of you here do not feel them, he is not a dictator, or unreasonable guy, always giving the opportunity for all different sides to improve, and I believe this criterion of his makes more micro- cosystem promote back ecosystem.

I don’t believe the above reasons are enough to disqualify a person that have:

  • clear response system to toxic elements
  • know how to raise different issues for some common goal before listening to them individually express challenges in terms of development, correcting governance, and improving what’s gone wrong from community or projects
  • Dacha is a data-driven, statistically authentic operator, look at his reports and decisions, very data oriented, how he understands the nature of a Some entity on the forum is also very special
  • dacha shows a friendly adtitude and is ready to support the only 24/7 communities on the whole forum, and he is quick to get to the point, no frills, special, and on principle his own reaction, do not reject or ignore any of your messages on telegram
  • there is data about reading posts on the forum very well, I believe this data does not lie, as evidenced that he always has different ways to understand any given challenge, and challenge community become more right in a strong way, and true to the essence of the matter
  • he used to use his personal money to transfer to projects directly and quickly, if the project did not get 3/5 of the votes of the DAO, but met the criteria of value from a personal perspective of Dacha, the project wasn’t lucky enough to get enough votes, but personally, he’s the only one did it in forum.

if you think you didn’t have enough information before this article, then i can provide more, but if you think this post is just because your feelings don’t fit well, then somewhere you have lost a perspective and a very special and different partner. Dcha is a builder that not many other foundation or foundation blockchain have

there will be more people here who will agree with me, not because they are supported or not by Dacha, because of how dacha builds different values, and how dacha challenge them to make them more growth

I’m just wondering if he should be promoted to the position of near foundation and have more assistants right now than see a post like this


This is completely unrelated to the topic that is being discussed here. I understand you want to be heard but there is a time and place for everything :pray:

May I ask which comments were arrogant? I was standing up against the gaslighting and misinformation. IMO that required a greater assertiveness or it would be too easily to disregard as has been the case in the past. Which could be misconstrued for an arrogant tone. Those are not my intentions, but to have my intelligence insulted to the degree it has during this debacle is not something I appreciate at all. And the casualness is which people have lied is discouraging.

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The decision to suspend is not the defamation in question. Unfortunately the entire thread cannot be read in accuracy because somebody with moderating privileges abused them by deleting their comments and editing others in order to control the narrative.

Please be mindful with using words such as ‘lies’ and ‘defamation’. These are just allegations for now, albeit serious ones.

I also advice not to dismiss comments from other community members with remarks like

if they do not align with your POV. They can be perceived as disrespectful :pray:

With all respect and sincerity, I do not use the words”lie” or “defamation” lightly and stand by them 100%. And I think it is important not to waver from that or it allows the seeds of doubt to be sowed, which is what people that lie and gaslight want.

I also believe that people that spoke of information they did not have, or dismissed information they were not privy are outside of the scope to comment accurately on this situation because the lack of information or receptiveness to new information. I also believe that full context of the comment that included “outside your scope” is important and to leave that out also does not represent my comments in the most accurate light. It’s not at all about my POV. It’s truly about stopping the lies in their tracks

Hola :wave: I have been part of this ecosystem since a decent time.
@Dacha has been an active part of the community and he is frankly the most honest guy in the ecosystem I have been supporting him since he was handling all the proposals and replying with all possible feedbacks be it sweet or bitter atleast he was totally transparent.

Now coming to the allegations and remarks on him, I think that’s not true , I have been in touch with him since a long time and have seen ecosystem grow too because of him (and others too)many projects are on board and been running smoothly.
@Dacha have created a ground rule and a decorum for the onboarding projects/ new proposals.

Now coming to defamation and use of power, that’s absolutely not true, you ping him in the middle of the night he would be the first guy to reply along with a solution. If has been using his power , he would have never pinged Rhyme in the first place.

Summed up : Imo this is a personal attack against him and the allegations are not true.


You can see which comment I’m referring to by clicking the top right corner of my reply :+1:

Will help to better follow the thread and topics on the forum in the future

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