Complaint against Marketing DAO council Dacha for breach of community guidelines

I would also like to point out that all screenshots in the original post are authentic and not doctored. The fact they are being insinuated as being anything less than real should be a huge red flag and indicator to the gaslighting and outright lies being enabled.


Doing a good job doesn’t mean you can mistreat people. Let’s not mix things.

List of approved by me Creative DAO proposals @Cryptonaut

Category Name Proposal
Creativities Near Social DAO [Approved]Near Social (NS) DAO for November 2021 social media promotion,blog budget for Near Social guide
Creativities KalakendraDAO [Closed] Marketing activities for KalakendraDAO December 2021
Creativities VR DAO [Approved] VR-DAO December - January Marketing Budget Request - #4 by Dacha
Creativities IncubadoraDEc-Jan [Approved] Incubadora DAO December - January 2022 Marketing Budget Request - #16 by Dacha
Creativities Cudo DAO [Approved] CUDO DAO JANUARY Social Media, communication and marketing
Creativities Kin DAO [Approved] Kin DAO January 2022 Marketing
Creativities Muti DAO [Approved] muti DAO January Social Media / Marketing Support
Creativities Near Mix Tape [Approved] Social promotional machinery for near mixtape
Creativities Kalakendra DAO January [Approved] January 2022 Social Media Marketing Budget for KalakendraDAO - #2 by Dacha
Creativities The clan ssm [Approved] Social Medias Management and Marketing Projects The Clan January
Creativities Mint base [Approved] NEAR x Mintbase x Judas party on Feb 10th
Creativities Gambiarra [Approved] - Gambiarra-dao - GAMBIARRA MARKETING 02/2022
Creativities Incubadora February [Approved] February 2022 Social Media Management + Marketing & Communication budget for Incubadora DAO
Creativities Art Near World [Closed] February TRAVEL - #2 by Dacha
Creativities Cudo Dao February (3x) [Approved] CUDO DAO FEBRUARY Social Media, communication and marketing
Creativities Kin DAO [Approved] Kin DAO - February Marketing 2022
Creativities Muti DAO [Approved] Marketing mutiDAO February
Creativities VR DAO FEb 3x [Approved] VR-DAO February Social Media and Marketing
Creativities Kalakendra [Approved]February 2022 Social Media Marketing Budget for KalakendraDAO
Creativities Kin dao March 3x [Approved] Kin DAO March Marketing 2022
Creativities Gambi March [Approved] Gambiarra-DAO - GAMBIARRA MARKETING 03/2022
Creativities Metaverse DAO [Approved] and [Report] Metaverse DAO - MARKETING 03/2022
Creativities Muti DAO [Approved] muti DAO March Marketing & web3 website integration support
Creativities Incubatora March [Approved] March 2022 Social Media Management + Marketing & Communication budget for Incubadora DAO
Creativities Demonstra DAO [Approved] March 2022 - Social Media Production & Maintenance Budget for Demonstra DAO
Creativities Near health [Approved] Social Media and Marketing activities for NEAR Health Guild 03-04/2022
Creativities Nomadebel [Approved] Nomadelabel-DAO - Socialmedia/MARKETING 03/2022
Creativities Fra DAO [Approved] March 2022 Social Media + Marketing budget for fraDAO
Creativities Save the clan [Approved] Marketing & Communication for "Save The Clan" (one time payout)
Creativities Mintbase Drop 1700N [Approved] Merch for NFConference in April 2022 in Lisbon
Creativities Incubadora April [APPROVED] April 2022 Social Media Management + Marketing & Communication budget for Incubadora DAO
Creativities FEMINU DAO April [Approved] FEMINU DAO - Monthly Financing / April 22
Creativities Fra do Socia media branding [Approved] APRIL 2022 Social Media + Marketing + Branding
Creativities Muti DAO April [Approved] muti DAO Marketing April
Creativities Demonstra DAO [APPROVED] April 2022 - Social Media Production & Maintenance Budget for Demonstra DAO
Creativities The clan dao QualDAO [APPROVED] May 2022 - Budget for blockchain/events interactions V2 - QualDAO - TheClanGuild
Creativities Ina DAO [Approved] Marketing INA DAO May
Creativities Nomadelabel April new [Approved] Nomadelabel Marketing April Plan - Upgraded
Creativities Marma J [Approved] Marketing Initiatives for Marma J Foundation - April 2022
Creativities Kalakendra [Approved] Participation of Kalakendra DAO in Namastey NFT Metaverse Summit - #2 by Dacha
Creativities Capital guild website [Approved] Capital Guild website creation/May social media management funding request
Creativities Cudo DAO may [APPROVED] CUDO DAO MAY Social Media, communication and marketing
Creativities Clan DAO may [Approved] Marketing Activities The Clan May
Creativities Octope May [Approved] Marketing OCTÓPODE DAO- MAY
Creativities Womxn [Approved] Education + Onboarding Workshop for Creative Womxn Entrepreneurs & Marketers
Creativities Feminu DAO [Approved] FEMINU DAO Monthly Financing / May 22
Creativities Near health may [APPROVED] MAY webinars and educational contents- NEAR Health Guild
Creativities Incubadora [Approved] MAY-JUNE-JULY 2022 Social Media Management + Marketing & Communication budget for Incubadora DAO
Creativities Gambiarra DAO [Approved]Gambiarra DAO - Proposal Marketing - MAY/2022
Creativities Liberation wellness [Approved] Liberation Wellness DAO Content / Social Media Management
Creativities Lens DAO
Creativities Muti 3 months
Creativities Blockathon DAO
Creativities Nomade
Creativities Arroz
Creativities Hype DAO
Creativities Capital guild
Creativities Auction June
Creativities Demonstra DAO
Creativities Octope DAO
Creativities LEAFES DAO
Creativities FEMINU DAO
Creativities Raindrops DAO
Creativities Ina DAO
Creativities Kalakendra DAO
Creativities Capital guild
Creativities Octope DAO
Creativities Black stereo (from Creatives)
Creativities Fra DAO
Creativities Gambiarra DAO
Creativities Near Health guild
Creativities Ina dao
Creativities OCTÓPODE DAO
Creativities Incubadora DAO
Creativities VN artists DAO
Creativities Near hub
Creativities Near hub 2
Creativities De3Verse
Creativities ViaNFT
Creativities NearBook
Creativities Metaverse Near Fashion
Creativities Capital guiid
Creativities Octope
Creativities INA DAO
Creativities Batik
Creativities Feminu

Are you still thinking that this is not your personal attack against me?


I am John X and i have been in the ecosystem since 2021. I was susended on some issues bothering in conduct

I would love to say this to all the allegations against @Dacha

I have no affiliation with dacha except that he/she used to give encouraging comments on my proposals and projects back in the day, i have no affiliation or personal knowledge but i would love to say this… dacha is the most dedicated and emotionally balanced individual i knew within te NEAR ecosystem and even now with my being inactive after the creatives didnt allow me back after apologizing i still see dacha and he/she is still consistent, woowww…they really believe in NEAR

Regardless of the support and encouragement dacha gave me in my good days, he/she didnt take sides with me when i was accused and going through scrutiny with my issues. That is a strong indicator of non bias… Dacha has supported many genuine projects and uplifted many notable names in NEAR… so the facts speak for itself


For those unaware to the gravity and depth of this situation, which it appears is a few that have come to blindly defend in the wrongful context. It is appreciated and best for the greater good of the ecosystem to be less defensive and more open to the new knowledge and information being provided that it is clear by the comments some are not privy to.


I gave you a chance @Cryptonaut and supported your first steps in the Ecosystem. How can you attack me?


You just pulled words out of context that only fit you for your attack against me.


My friend, i remember you from way back in NxM… there is no need to throw subs whatsoever. If you have a belligerence with a person i can understand, i read through the comments … i dont appreciate the unnecessary scrutiny on you but it can be like that sometimes for the sake if transparency… and would you say you are traumatized? How would you feel if after two years of an incident you were involved in and your ame is still smeared negatively because of a past event that you have outgrown, learnt your lessons and moved on…how would you feel?

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Hello.Are you seriously? Show how many complaints your tips sent to my posts? My any message was immediately accompanied by complaints of threats, spam. Although the forum moderators did not see violations on my part. You have not provided transparent reporting on the work of the CDAO. While providing unsubstantiated accusations to another person. For what?:thinking:


I appreciate your concerns about the situation and thank you for sharing your thoughts. However, I would like to respectfully disagree with your opinion on Dacha’s role in the community. In my experience, Dacha has been instrumental in helping various working groups with finding funding problems and corruption problems and has played a significant role in building a thriving ecosystem through his big role in MDAO. As a result, he has earned a great deal of respect and support from the community.

He is the reason why the community is thriving and has been able to build a marketing and communication ecosystem even in terms of absence funding. His unwavering dedication towards Near and his efforts to create a better ecosystem have garnered him great support and authority within the community

While I understand that there may be differing perspectives on this matter, I believe that it’s important to acknowledge and appreciate the positive impact that Dacha has had on the Near ecosystem.


My comments have nothing to do with you and your comments have nothing to do with me.

Unfortunately this comment lacks significant knowledge of the situation and though you can disagree, the facts of the matter do not.

We are here to know the situation better, right? This is the only reason why this post is public, to show the community the whole situation, because right now it doesn’t look solid arguments.

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Then you should ask more questions instead of blindly defending. It is clear you are unaware to the depth of the matter.

One love bro you have got some dope tracks though

An interesting topic for discussion lol, apart from complaints and accusations for breaking the rules, do you know anything?
As soon as the discussion on the creative DAO begins, complaints about users who are not your friends pour in. Your discussion topics are open only to your users, as soon as someone starts writing the truth and asking questions, you immediately close the topic. I wouldn’t be surprised if this happens now. You accused another person, your friends - associates wrote comments and again the post will be closed for discussion.
If this question is open for discussion, it is necessary to bring this matter to the end. about 1MLN NFT, I also do not agree. These NFTs do not carry value and there is no sense from them.
I’m not defending anyone right now. Among the moderators of the marketing DAO, there are also people who do not like me and send complaints for my questions. Among them there are those who have not yet submitted reports for the received grants at the forum.

Why closed the topic for discussion on your corruption cases? You choose the “best defense is offense” method. If you do your job well and everything is fine with you, then you have nothing to fear and ask for help from others.
Thx :blush:


Appreciate that. I am unaware of your situation so I can’t speak on it. :pray:

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Looks like no constructive dialogue.

I can retort: ​​you do not know the whole situation, what makes Dacha be accused of being active as a member of the community?

I mean literally, everybody asks the question: why do these projects get funded, again, again and again, Dacha escalated one project you offense him - sounds like it was a pain point.

So let us know the whole situation and we will do a constructive dialogue.


You’re enabling and your dialogue is not constructive. I’m sorry this situation is beyond your scope. We will update you further. Lies have been proven and to act otherwise is disingenuous and harmful to the ecosystem.

This is my guess.
Don’t you think that this topic is made to divert attention from the corruption cases of the CDAO consuls?
I think getting rid of Dacha is very beneficial for them.