Community Team: Week of Dec 06, 2021

What a great day to start the week! :sun_with_face:

We are in an ‘ALL HANDS WEEK!’ this is an important week for us to complete our Community team objectives for Q4 and close the year with great satisfaction:

Owned Priorities

  • Review the year’s OKRs/Start working on 2022 Strategy :white_check_mark:
  • Prepare and participate in the Team lead’s offsite :white_check_mark:
  • Communicate and gather feedback to a proposed Community DAOs structure. :white_check_mark:


  • Review Community onboarding progress to better estimate the efforts to complete ‘outstanding deliverables’ - work with @Jessica @shreyas :white_check_mark:
  • Review NEAR wiki transition with @David_NEAR :no_entry:
  • Clarify questions for Guilds/Payout where necessary :white_check_mark:
  • Identifying any blockers for the team that may challenge the completion of our Q4 OKRs


  • Offsite will limit the time spent on all above


  • Publish data from user research interviews

  • Integrate auto-translation in the Forum

Update: Pushed back due to the need for developer resources

  • Publish in-depth action points for Governance Forum Revamp Plan

Update: Done:

  • Publish plans for the acquisition of forum moderators

Done: Introducing: The NEAR Forum Sherpas - #19 by David_NEAR

  • Clarify future of the Wiki

Update: Agreed w/ @jwaugh that the current focus is on content before moving forward with migration. Exploring the idea of hiring a third party to maintain the Wiki.


  • Wiki Development Plan
  • Support Jess with Guild Wiki contributions
  • NEAR Governance Forum Revamp - Action point publication(s)


  • Synch with MarketingDAO re: getting more members onboard

Update: Encouraging a community member to onboard to the DAO with a forum post


OKR Priorities/Owned:

  • Supporting Guild Funding Simplified is a massive priority this week as our internal discussions regarding new payout process & legal compliance come to a head - now the focus is on:
    • confirmations on backend process with the FLO team and ownership areas across the new admin structure for Community payouts - was delayed
    • gaining Creatives DAO feedback and support on the proposed DAO vertical direction - done
    • Forum post communications to the Community with the new process, new proposed direction for DAO verticals & announcing the new Guilds Grant Program all by next Monday latest and done in collaboration with @grace @jlwaugh and other Community Team members as needed - has to be delayed

Roadmap Initiatives:


  • Completing CCA award distribution with the announcement of the winners today on Twitter - can then hand off to Frederik (Swagger DAO) for the group category winner prizes while @jlwaugh handling the sending of the individual category prizes (NEAR Misfits - links already in our possession) - DONE!
  • Assisting FLO team (Zana primarily) with retroactive data gathering for all Community payouts - done and will continue
  • Copper clean-up continued so there is consistent data entry for each Community contact (if time allows) - push to next week
  • Airmeet ‘how-to’ & Guilds Dashboard walk-through Loom videos (if time allows) - push to next week

I will be travelling back to :canada: at the end of the week so will be slow to respond between Wednesday to Friday. PM on Slack if the matter is time sensitive!



  • Reviewing and onboarding new guilds that have filled in the application form

Update: Progressing

  • Guilds platform work with NEAR hispano devs + Sync with Astro team on reusability of components.

Update: Work in progress. Github repo: guilds-platform/ at main · NEAR-Hispano/guilds-platform · GitHub

  • Guild storyteller sourcing and guild ops intros to Jess.

Update: Storyteller and content people have been briefed and shared with Jess.

  • NEAR Venezuela guild- wallet, roadmap and product discussion.

Update: Venezuela team are in the process of drafting a proposal for a grant.


  • NEAR India monthly call - Pratik, Pranshu, Harshit, Jiten and team on NEAR India day.

Update: Broader call on NEAR India community happened. No updates on NEAR India day as the plan is to do it online and globally.


  • Support Jess and JC on pending initiatives.
  • Onramp plan for guilds to the platform- Jess, Rebecca and JC


  • Setup subteam syncs with moderators
  • Follow up with David on forum moderation guidelines
  • 2 Interviews on the Guild Onboarding Survey respondents
  • Work with mods to:
    • Start crafting Community Channel Best practices to share with ES, wiki, and new Dapps
    • have an onboarding guide for “Getting Started with DeFi at NEAR” + “Getting Started with NFTs at NEAR”
    • start round-robin calendly for onboarding
    • Craft more channel growth strategies + new features and tools
    • explore Telegram weekly calls
    • list out available services guilds can provide
    • setting up middleware funnels
    • Invite projects to run AMAs on the main channels
    • Improving daily check-in reports on the forum
  • send in Guilds Categorization


  • Send paid marketing report for Consensys launch
  • brainstorm bi-weekly guildoption team reports on the forum

Other General duties:

  • Sync with Olga for Trello, Swarming, etc
  • Support Jess for Guild Operations (Marketing, Data, Dec 17 office hours)
  • Review and approve marketing DAO proposals (esp local guilds)
  • Continue scheduling Guild support syncs with Guild Leaders
  • Disseminating marketing announcements to the community



  • Outline the process :white_check_mark:

  • Receive feedback from @jcatnear - in progress

  • Incorporate ES team feedback :white_check_mark:

Marketing requests

  • Identify the distribution strategy (community, social channels, marketing support) :white_check_mark:

  • Receive feedback from @JMaenen :white_check_mark: & the content team in progress

  • Incorporate ES team feedback :white_check_mark:


Continue shortlisting the Guilds services for the ecosystem support. :white_check_mark:
Align on Tiers between Marketing and ES teams (Project tier vs Announcement tier). :white_check_mark:


@Jessica Please post your weekly work plan.


  • User interviews x 20 with to understand painpoints of guilds onboarding.
  • UX audit of community pages (structure and content ) including plans for guilds wizard, guilds stories, human chat, explainers videos etc.


  • Guild ops team finalising with JC- Content writer + data entrance persons.
  • Copper final requests to maggie
  • Mailchimp configurations/ mailing list for guilds comms/regular newsletter.


  • Continue finalising docs for wiki with david
  • Touch base with Simon Re data collected so far for guilds database

Apologies for this delayed update!

Owned / Priorities

  • NEAR Meetups:
    • blog post copywriting done, thanks to DJ + Olga
    • coordinated global meetup webinar 2021-12-19T05:00:00Z
    • added Manila, Goa, Bogota, Sao Paulo, Moscow, and Tulum
  • created proposal to experiment with Research DAOs
  • distributed prizes of Community Choices Awards :tada:
  • organizing NEAR presence at ETHDenver
  • highlight: Governauts DAO Rewards Systems Assemblage!


  • contributed to DragoNEAR experiment for gamified onboarding
  • developing Messari lead (excited to share Astro DAO stats API docs)