Community Squad Weekly Update: 7 June 2021

Hi NEARverse!

We are happy to report on key results from last week, plans for this week, and current blockers. There are so many exciting updates to share!

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Let us know any feedback :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, lots going on indeed! #weekly-updates

The hackathon closing took place this past weekend, we had the great opportunity to talk one on one with participants that reached out and shared their story and post hackathon vision. Lots of great ideas are being concretise and move forward towards tangible products. More news to come!

We have secured the funds for the ‘Community Fund’ that is available to support our community, new Guilds have formed making the Ecosystem better prepared to assist creators and entrepreneurs in their product launch efforts. A big shoutout to @Ozymandius and team for the amazing leadership in empowering 7 new Guilds in our Ecosystem, check out the New GUILDS!

I am also very excited about the Re-Launch of the #sandbox Guild @Sofia_Alum and @mecsbecs will be working very closely together to make this Guild the HOME where all contributors and guild leaders come together and explore the options available within the NEAR Ecosystem. Stay tune for the #sandbox Re-Launch Party :partying_face: you are all invited!!

A Community organised Townhall meeting will take place this week on Thursday, awesome news around the Guilds and Contributors Programs, @Ozymandius can share more details.

From the CommunityOS front, I am aiming to post an update this week and seek for feedback from community members. :star_struck:

Also Kudos to @shreyas for his awesome post on his experience as a community builder and as part of the CommunitySquad Team, check this out!

The MarCom teams are having an ‘All hands planning week’ which should lead to the first draft of our Q3 Objectives and Key Results :railway_track:


Last week:

This Week:

  • Continue to support the About the Creatives category
    • Starting an announcements subcategory
    • Meeting with @vandal to see how we can more efficiently support NxM Guild (Near x Music) - NEAR Forum
    • Continue working with @zavodil to have all guilds with sputnikDAOs and TG channels to have the ability to get new proposal notifications as messages in their channels
    • Overview of BountyDAO balances/spending and outcomes over the next few weeks.
  • Further support the #sandbox initiative and re-launch as it pertains to the onboarding flow and the overall adoption of the NEAR community as a viable place to earn/grow/learn/explore/have fun!

Last week:

  • India accelerator
  • Guild onboarding + Process Revamp
  • Japan community meetup plan with FV
  • 1-1
  • Onboarding contributors from recruitment pipeline
  • Guilds Playbook
  • Edu content creator Rust dev onboarding
  • Hiring, interviews and review applications
  • French NEAR Community setup meeting
  • Sandbox
  • Blog
  • Special projects

This week:

  • Guild onboarding
  • India accelerator workshops and meetups series
  • Japan community meetup on 10th June
  • Playbook
  • Edu+ community sync w/ JC, Chloe and Sherif
  • Guild sprint w/ Rebecca
  • Hiring
  • Sandbox relaunch
  • NEAR India monthly call
  • Contributor onboarding calls

Last week:

  • finalized updated Community Fund wiki and forum proposal template
  • experimented with new roles (Coordinators and Collaborators) in the OWS Discord
  • developed initial version of a general Contributor Playbook
  • concluded Open Web Governance Challenge with final presentations
  • explored GitBook as a potential component of Community OS

^ from skill system docs by Deep Work

This week:

  • publish updated Community Fund wiki + proposal template
  • report hackathon metrics and share insights / learnings with everyone
  • conduct survey involving hackathon participants, including Sputnik DAO council members
  • integrate feedback on general Contributor Playbook and project coordination system
  • support OWS community as we organize an event with NFT drops next Friday :eyes:
  • find creators to make art representing “proof of partycipation”
  • coordinate next steps for this charitable Sputnik DAO

Last week:

  • wrote and compiled the v.0 version of the Guilds Playbook (part 1 of many making up our Community OS plans - more to come!)
  • participated in the Creatives DAO Launch event with @chloe and @starpause - was nervous as hell but it was a lot of fun!
  • worked with Creative Guild Leaders to get their proposals through the Creatives Sputnik DAO
  • edited Creatives DAO Forum materials and wrote yet another post: [Guide] How to submit monthly reports to the Creatives DAO

This week:

  • contribute to Hackathon feedback for metrics, insights, and learning sharing
  • everything is coming up Sandbox: Sandbox Party prep (with @jlwaugh @jcatnear @JMaenen), Sandbox Roadmap discussions, and working with @Sofia_Alum to figure out how I will be joining her as the new co-lead of this playground
  • 4NTS sync
  • intro meetings to some of the Guild leaders with @jcatnear
  • processing edits for the Guilds Playbook to get it to v.1 (goal is to have it, and the Contributor Playbook, publicly available on GitBook by the end of the month)
  • CRM transition / ‘the way of Copper’ continues this week
  • hopefully meeting with a new Creatives DAO/NEAR partner to arrange a dynamic NFT collaboration

Last Week

  • #CreatorsandCommunities Hackathon
    • DAO panel with Illya, Chloe, MP, denysk
    • NFT drops
    • Form/Sputnik proposal review
    • June 6th closing ceremonies
    • Attendee interviews
  • SputnikDAO
    • Fixes and features to improve UX
    • Testing barebones UI for v2 contract
    • Review consolidated learnings from UX sprint
    • Linked to medium blog from landing page
  • Community Squad
    • OKR <> Metrics mapping sheet
    • COS 1sheet paragraphs
    • COS token brainstorm with Seed Club
  • Bitcoin Miami
    • Pixelord NFT Drop twitter campaign

This Week

  • #CreatorsandCommunities Hackathon
    • Metrics wrap up
    • Establish weekly office hours
  • SputnikDAO
    • v2 smart contract mainnet testing
    • Technical Design Doc for slim server
  • CommunityOS
    • Gitbook content
    • #card4card event
    • OKR <> Metrics mapping sheet + dashboard prototype

So sorry I’m late! Lots of exciting things happening in the all-star squad :star_struck: :woman_technologist:

Last Week:

  • Finalized some of the specifics Activation Button with Joep
  • Start identifying potential content for the community channel and work on requests
  • Finishing up the content database so Joep can start adding them to the calendar
  • Meet with @jlwaugh again for community mods to be incorporated in the Individual Contributors Funnel
  • Worked with Grace and Eunice to add more moderators through the Individual Contributors Program
  • Synced with Rebecca on all things Guilds and Community OS, we were able to craft an entire busy month for June

This week:

  • Help identify key hires for Education Team
  • Meet with Sofia, James and Rebecca for Sandbox Development Plan + Relaunch Party
  • Meeting and sending emails to potential Community moderators
  • Meet with Guild leaders (with Rebecca) to further understand how the Community Squad can better support their efforts
  • Drafting personal roadmaps for tasks related to the Guilds and SM + Community Channels