Community Squad Weekly Update: 28 June 2021

Hi NEARverse!

We are happy to report on key results from last week, plans for this week, and current blockers. There are so many exciting updates to share!

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Let us know any feedback :slightly_smiling_face:



  • OKRs: Transform Ourselves - Easy Onramp & Hack Awareness - Visible Guilds and Converted Leads:
  1. Brainstormed and met with Minting Music Guild leaders to discuss how a Bonnaroo collaboration will further their business model aims with MarCom, DevRel, etc. team members.
  2. Guild Leader introductions & conversations about NEAR Community Team support for these Guilds (ft. Murila of NEAR Portuguese Guild, Cyperphunk Guild, 4NTS bi-weekly sync, Mineria-Virtual Guild).
  3. Worked with @Sofia_Alum, @OrvardJam & @vrdoingthings on the Open Web Sandbox Roadmap & update which will be presented this Wednesday to the MarCom team.
  4. Met with Aaron of Vital Point AI & Sofia to discuss how Catalyst + Open Web Sandbox could work together to provide a simpler UX while providing a use case for a ‘built in NEAR’ solution.
  5. Creatives DAO meetings - ongoing onboarding and planning efforts to welcome new Guilds/DAOs or creative projects into the NEAR Ecosystem.

  • OKR: Boost Communities - Ship CommunityOS and $NEAR Distribution:
  1. Continue to ship the Creatives DAO, especially the new reporting procedure and in ongoing discussions about facilitator bounties and monthly budgets for Guilds and DAOs for July with @chloe
  2. Drafted a Community OS one-pager and installed a new ‘Community OS’ subcategory on the Forum for the posting of this public introduction to Community OS (by @Grace this week :crossed_fingers:t4:) and other forthcoming updates!
  3. Arranged Forum organization so as to elevate the Cypherpunk Guild as the stewards of the Privacy ‘DAO vertical’. This Guild was tapped to oversee the support and funding distribution for any privacy-related projects in the ecosystem, per the streamlined Guild rewards plans via the DAO verticals, but will not be installing a separate DAO since the Cypherpunk Guild DAO already operates in this manner.

Challenges & Blockers:

  • I’m feeling platform-whelmed. Inundated with platforms. Platform overwhelmed. Going to try and post on Forum more regularly outside of this weekly update to really bring Community OS to life as we continue to wrestle with and play with what it will be and look like. Hoping by focusing on getting items to the Forum without needing to create hundreds of Google Docs first will help with my platform-overwhelmment (real word).

Action Items:

  • Develop my Q3 OKRs this week with reaffirmed role areas (focusing on my ownership area of Community OS but also the support areas of Transformation, Guilds, Adoption, and Community Communications).
  • Finish work on the Guilds Onboarding Pathway document - collecting all the Guilds Management Crew process changes including the incorporation of Copper, and next steps required - and post on the Forum for wide discussion. Will also include an update on the whole Guilds Rewards & Incentives Revamp + DAO Verticals (currently accepting fun code names for this doc because this title is just too long) meant to be fully implemented by July 31st.
  • Launch the Community OS Gitbook with the Guilds Playbook v.0 (with edits) and Contributor Playbook (cc: @jlwaugh) by the end of the week!
  • Add my contributions to the new Minting Music business model and Bonnaroo plans; participate in an upcoming meeting with Mintbase, Paras, etc. still to be set to discuss next steps and partnership potential.
  • Add to @chloe’s Creatives DAO Q3 OKRs Forum post
  • Shipping Copper as @Maggie brings our first build request to life! This includes the new Guilds Program and Creatives DAO work streams + team custom field and tag requests.


Its a Creatives DAO kinda week:



  • Community Squad OKR Q2 summary
  • Q3 OKR draft
  • Astro scoping with MP
  • Sputnik reskin slim sever TDD with MP
  • Sputnik reskin bug
  • Created MVP social token and DAO
  • Updated


  • Finalize Q3 OKRs
  • Kickoff discourse <> NEAR name integration
  • Astro GTM planning
  • publish EIR rec
  • Check-in with hack projects
  • Review grants
  • CryptoArtWeekAsia panel appearance


  • Reviewed guild applications and spoke with a potential partner in Arabia
  • India accelerator- application review, shortlisting, team coordination, marketing etc. 44 shortlisted from 170+ startups.
  • Interviewed lead for Education program manager- passed over to Sherif
  • Commsor- Awaiting details on custom development plan, on-chain integration, discord/telgram support.
  • NEAR AU projects review and hand off.
  • Online community manager interviews and shortlisting
  • NEAR Arabia and Nigeria sync with Eunice and JC regarding rewards, new processes etc.
  • City node next steps and plan with Chloe

This week:

  • OKR
  • India accelerator next steps and bootcamp prep
  • NEAR Japan DAO setup with edu, community, accelerator etc.
  • Guild interviews
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This week’s theme: Closing Q2 - so many great lessons learned, can’t wait to get started on the new quarter and make this ecosystem thrive! :star_struck:


  • Review Q3 budget and end of month allocations for Community DAOs
  • First iteration of MarCom OKRs
  • MarCom team roles description and areas of focus aligned to Q3 OKRs (I will post more details on this separately on the forum)
  • Support the launch of new Ecosystem projects
  • Facilitate the funding for Wilderverse give-away allowing 5000 participants create NEAR accounts and Mint NFTs during the Festival.


  • Support each team member in the development of 30-60-90 day execution plan for Q3.
  • Onboard our new team member Norah, joining our Community Team as Ecosystem Success and Marketing Lead.
  • Complete interviews for open positions.
  • Present the MarCom OKRs and share here in the forum.
  • Support Minting Music proposal.