Community Squad Weekly Update: 26 July 2021

Another week, another update!

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Thanks for all your help :sparkling_heart:

Check out this great summary of last week from @NEAR_daily:


OWS Party This Week!



Dashboards :control_knobs:


$REF Auction

Learn more: Ref.Finance is Having It’s ONLY Public Token Sale on Skyward: | by 4NTS Guild | NEAR Protocol | Jul, 2021 | Medium

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Governance Update

Ecosystem Metrics | Sputnik DAO Stats

Community Squad DAO

Last Week: 14,560 NEAR

5 Approved Proposals

Total Distributed: 101,941 NEAR

52 Approved Proposals

Active Proposals

6600 NEAR to vitalpointai.sputnikdao.near for a Contract Community Integrations Engineer to customize Catalyst for Open Web Sandbox.

325 NEAR to fritzwagner.near to develop a very basic course (3 modules) in blockchain technology to welcome people to the NEAR community (20-50 Course videos):

Recent Proposals

APPROVED ~ 1250 NEAR to tuxcan.near for building a proof-of-concept growth marketing tool:

APPROVED ~ 10000 NEAR to vietnam_covid19_charity.sputnikdao.near to support Vietnam community’s Covid 19 aid request. Read more: People of NEAR Unite!. A Call to Action for Covid Relief in… | by 4NTS Guild | NEAR Protocol | Jul, 2021 | Medium

APPROVED ~ 165 NEAR to portuguese.sputnikdao.near for June:

Updates from the Squad

Our team is here to share key results from last week, plans for this week, and current blockers. Transparency is crucial for accountability and governance.

Council Members: @chloe @3UN1C3 @grace @jcatnear @jlwaugh @JMaenen @mecsbecs @norah.near @ross @shreyas @starpause

Also submitted a proposal to add @David_NEAR to the Community Squad DAO council:


Sputnik DAO is hiring!

Open Web Sandbox AMA


Getting Ready To Party on Thursday!

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Learn about Open Web Sandbox:

Rewards & Opps

Join Sandcastle :tada:


Yesss, thank you for all of those OWS links @jlwaugh because we CANNOT WAIT for the party on Thursday! :partying_face: :rainbow:

Naturally, this has been a focus of mine this past week, and will continue to be for the week to come, so let’s just assume I’ve told you all about it and on to the other areas I’m working away at!

Last Week:

Guilds Network / Open Web Sandbox / Creatives DAO / Community Communication:

Community OS / Transformation:

  • Created (at last) the Community OS Playbooks Publishing Schedule - check out the Trello board and please provide feedback @jcatnear @starpause @ross @jlwaugh @JMaenen
  • COPPER! MORE COMING! The Loom video is coming @shreyas I promise
  • updates to the internal Notion in progress - to be shared on Slack

ACTION ITEMS for this week:

  • Welcoming @David_NEAR to the team and helping him to get situated in his role and also as the new Marketing DAO Council member (joining @jcatnear on the council for this to-be-launched DAO Vertical)!
  • Solidify our community calendar plans (cc: @starpause) and Guild Community Outreach plans for the Hackathon (cc: @shreyas @3UN1C3 @jcatnear @norah.near)
  • Ideate on strategic marketing campaigns for ambitious Guilds with @norah.near
  • Engage in the flurry of end-of-month rewards for the OWS with fellow council
  • Chatting CommunitySquad SputnikDAO proposals, NEAR x Africa, Education DAO Vertical set-up, setting up Ecosystem Development DAO planning meeting & creatives @ the upcoming Hackathons
  • Wrap up those Q3 OKRs with the MarCom team!!

Over the past few weeks, much of my focus has been on Creatives DAO activities.

Here is the most recent budget for the month of July: [Budget] Creatives DAO Budget - July 2021

This week the focus is specifically on the upcoming Creatives Forum: [PROPOSAL] Creatives Community Forum event (not this forum, another one...)

As well as getting the creative guild leaders thinking about v2 SputnikDAO upgrades and the upcoming hackathon



Fun stuff:


Last week:

  • Hackathon guild setup
  • Guild onboarding
  • Guild NPS
  • 4NTS bi weekly and action items
  • Asia Innovation Summit Panel and hiring booth
  • India accelerator startup 1-1

This week:

  • Guilds onboarding
  • India accelerator intro call with 15 startups
  • Guild coordinator hiring
  • Edu program manager sync
  • Japan DAO proposal review
  • Ukraine guild sync
  • Hackathon
  • WUI podcast

This Community Squad Weekly is ON FIRE!!! :fire: :fire: :fire:

Last week was a good week to download plans and initiatives that will be aligning our efforts for the rest of Q3. On the hiring side, we continue our search for more members to join the team, we had some awesome interviews for ‘a killer’ Project Manager with Marketing experience. To close the week, I was invited to meet with the Ministry of Economy in Luxembourg, it was an insightful and enlightening meeting as Luxembourg is positioning to become the leader in Web3 applications adoption. Lots of great possibilities.

This week, we had a NEAR Foundation ALL HANDS, and today we will continue the ALL HANDS at a team level to go over our workload and 30-60-90 days plans.

The Hackathon series is coming along, we should be able to share all the details of the tracks and prizes this week. I am excited about including our Guilds in the organization of Hack-Nodes. I would be so happy if we could get all our community members to submit an application to activate a Hack-Node NEAR YOU! :boom:

Lastly, I am soooo looking forward to the Open Web Sandbox Party! Its about time!! :partying_face: