Community Squad Weekly Update: 24 May 2021

Briefly describe your ‘key results’ from last week’s work plan and your plan for this week. @weekly-updates
@shreyas @jlwaugh @Chloe @starpause @mecsbecs @jcatnear @Grace

  • Telegram combot integration proposal
  • Community support and telgram support
  • Follow up on funding arrangement
  • Onboarding with my new buddy @jcpacion

Last Week:

This Week:

  • Assist in the enactment of the Discord Channels Retirement Plan with @jlwaugh (and feedback from the full Community Squad)

  • Work with the full MarComm team on Sprint Planning for our next DemoDay - as part of this, will be working more closely with @shreyas and @3UN1C3 this week to discuss the Guild Funding Revamp

  • Set up more 1:1 chats with the other MarComm Team members @JMaenen @yadira @jake (once the website re-brand has launched, don’t worry!) @ross

  • Work with @chloe to officially launch the new Creatives DAO & its funding structure by next Mon. 31 (visuals and branding are in progress with the help of @bianca which hopefully I will be reviewing as my bday present on Friday while sitting outside in my backyard)

  • Ongoing projects: Update Guild Contact Information & Upload to the new CRM software (following tutorials and potential team training), Guild Program Audit (assessment of Guild funding, organizing, resources & support in use and needed), and Community OS Playbook beginnings


Greetings from sunny Spain :sun_with_face: Came here in search for sun!
Last week was a week to dive deeper into our community and guilds:

  • Reviewed proposal from community members, interview proposal leads
  • Engaged in strategic sessions with @Ozymandius 4NTS and Sandbox Guilds lead
  • Reviewed evolution pathways for ComunityOS, we are working towards a ‘surprise to share this week’ :eyes:
  • Ongoing onboarding @mecsbecs @jcpacion - they are already carrying out on their own like rockstars :sunglasses:
  • Interviewed more great candidates for all open positions in Community and in Business Dev.
  • Reviewed our monthly projections and updated our budget.

The theme this week is ‘Guilds, Social and Community Channels Week’
this means action plans at execution mode:

  • @JMaenen Social Media Strategy
  • @jcpacion Telegram Groups
  • @shreyas and @Ozymandius new Guilds onboarding
  • Boosting Sandbox Guild
  • @starpause #communityOS shipping
  • Funding more #communitysquadDAO proposals
  • Meetings with hackathon participants to find out what’s next for them
    Exciting things are happening everywhere, make sure you don’t miss them…look around :star_struck:

Last Week:

This week:


Key results:

  • drafted and integrated feedback on “Streamlined Guild Rewards” forum post
  • answered questions from hackers via forum, Discord, and Telegram
  • reviewed Gov Challenge project proposals
  • presented snapshot of hackathon metrics at MarCom Demo Day
    • 1500+ registered hackers
    • 30+ new DAOs formed (current total: 80)
    • 198 new communicators on Discord (up 247.4% from previous week)
    • 138 new contributors on the forum
  • coordinated with Cypherpunk Guild re: anonymous voting project
  • participated in weekly “Future of NFTs” meetup on Twitter spaces, organized by Mintbase
  • hosted Gov Challenge workshop re: augmented bonding curves and token voting
  • shared hackathon updates with Gitcoin for their email blast
  • contributed insights to “Discord Channels Retirement Plan”
  • added skill-based roles to Discord: UI / UX, designer, artist, musician, coordinator
  • synced with Joep about @NEARdevs content strategy and other channels

Plan for this week:

  • publish “Streamlined Guild Rewards” forum post, including updated wiki and template
  • implement “Discord Channels Retirement Plan” with team
  • explore collaboration with Deep Work and learn from their Skill System
  • share feedback on the UI / UX design for v2 Sputnik DAOs
  • connect with new Grants Program Manager
  • coordinate bounty for Sputnik DAO profiles on Ceramic Network
  • support hackers!

Last week:

  • Kerala Blockchain Academy guild setup: Set up near wallets and sent onboarding email, discussed focus on edu+research to start with.
  • India accelerator event: First event went great!
    ● Total Registrations: 146
    ● Attendees: 85
  • Proposal reviews
  • Guild onboarding
  • Demo Day
  • NCD Edu sync w/ Peter and Sherif
  • Discourse meeting with Jay and team
  • NEAR Hispano guild meeting with Claudio
  • NEAR PH guild meeting
  • Commsor meeting
  • Social media strategy workshop
  • Online community manager hiring+assignment w/ Grace+Arpi

This week:

  • India accelerator
  • Guild onboarding
  • Edu community meeting with Sherif+Chloe+JC
  • Japan community meetup plan with FV
  • 1-1
  • Community task miro with Grace, JC and Rebecca
  • Sandbox meeting
  • Focus sesh on Guilds with Rebecca+Eunice
  • BI contract+Next steps
  • Nodes+next steps with Grace/Chloe
  • Online community manager hiring

Last week:

  • Mostly onboarding syncs with the Community Squad members, checking in with their priorities and if I can be of any assistance.

  • Discord Channels Retirement Plan with the gang! :older_woman: @jlwaugh @chloe @mecsbecs

  • Social Media Strategy with @JMaenen @Grace and @shreyas :brain: :zap:

    • Worked on a potential 30-day timeline for Social Media
  • Onboarded by my buddy @3UN1C3 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

    • Drafted potential improvements for handling various NEAR Telegram channels
  • Big intro to the guilds from @shreyas :raised_hands:

This week:
Turn all those conversations into action items!

My Top Priorities include:

  • Next Steps for Telegram, make sure everything is clear and as efficient as possible, have it ready to scale!

  • Contribute to Discord and help clearly identify growth metrics and how to avoid channels from being retired in the future. Aim for engagement!

  • Work with PH Guild to polish their next steps, help them achieve their 200 member growth goal!

    • help @orvardjam onboard Jen
    • end the week with a timeline for the month of June
  • Create a content database for past and upcoming Guild/Community content

    • amplify the content that the guilds are producing
    • identify potential content creators from the guilds
    • review Copy / Text Materials we can re-market and re-purpose
  • Get access to Typeform and Draft the Community Comms Survey: “How and where do users want to be communicated to?” “Is there anything they want to see on social media/community channels?

  • Other Upcoming Syncs:

    • Meet with @Grace for the 1st week Sync
    • Sit in on the Fracton <> NEAR India Accelerator Partnership
    • Community / Edu sync with @shreyas @chloe @amgando. Let’s get him some help and provide operational support! :man_teacher:
    • Meet the Growth team!
    • 4NTS Bi-weekly sync
    • Sprint-Planning

Last Week:

  • #CreatorsandCommunities Hackathon
  • Community OS
    • Discord reorg review/feedback
  • SputnikDAO
    • Analytics tags in place
    • Proposal links are optional and non links are displayed
    • Improved Search
    • Show which counsel members have voted on a proposal
    • Visual Enhancement
      • Added loading indicator
      • Icon/button to copy account name
      • Hide carousel view on All DAO landing
      • Add “Recepient NEAR address” help text
      • New DAO page layout surfacing more information
    • Astro UX Interview prep and clickable prototype.

This Week:

  • Community OS
    • 1sheet collateral
    • Working session with mecsbecs to identify features and functionality to use for judging knowledge base platforms/solutions
  • #CreatorsandCommunities Hackathon
    • Schedule social media campaign for remaining NFT drops
    • Review proposals on the forum
    • Consensus VR Social Space presentation
  • SputnikDAO
    • 404 page
    • OpenGraph metadata for link previews
    • v2 smart contract discovery
    • Astro conducting UX Interviews, wireframes, and landing page content

Hi James - just thought you might like to know that this item: Sputnik DAO profiles on Ceramic Network - is already something I have working in Catalyst (as well as proposal details and commenting/discussion). Can probably be improved, but happy to collaborate on this and assist/share my implementation at some point. Will be demonstrating it as part of our hackathon project.