Community Squad Weekly Update: 23 August 2021

August 16 - 23


Our main objective is to spread the word about the MetaBUIDL Hackathon! Thus far, we have nearly 1K registered hackers, 9 activated “Hack Nodes” in various places around the world, and 32 live challenges involving ecosystem partners.

Community Updates

^ image courtesy of @NEAR_daily

Governance Update

Community Squad DAO

Last Week: 19,705 NEAR Distributed

9 Approved Proposals

Overall: 179,437 NEAR Distributed

81 Approved Proposals / 106 Total

New Squad Members

Welcome @Matt_Hussey, @JPALHUMAIDAN, and @jake to the Community Squad DAO! Also, the MarCom Team is excited to have Rosanna Iannantunono join as an Events Coordinator :sparkles:

Key Results

Social Metrics (via @NEAR_Daily)


Discord Metrics

courtesy of @Benz_Near

Update on Paid Moderators

New Guide for Open Web Contributors

Gathering Feedback About NEAR Data Center

Detailed Creatives DAO Budget for August

Astro DAO Platform Update

Marketing DAO Guides Published

NEAR Games Guild Launched

OP Games Joins NEAR Ecosystem

Guilds Management Crew Analyzed Q2 Survey Results

Challenges & Blockers

Our team is growing! That means we have a greater need for coordination and communication. Also, it has become difficult for us to manage the Community Fund as a single DAO. That’s why NEAR Funding Platform is evolving to support any DAOs that meet criteria.

Decentralized Quality Control

Action Items




Evangelize Meta Pool

Support Octopus Network

Create Hackathon DAO

Develop NEARverse Portal → Wiki

Review Proposals on the Forum


@weekly-updates: [August 23-27 ]

Brief Summary
Our priority is the Global Hackathon Series this week. All hands are directed to ensure Hack Nodes and Hack participants have an awesome NEAR experience during the hackathon 27 Aug - Sep 12, 2021.

On a different front, The MarCom team is on a roll, Q3 OKRs mid-term review indicated that some of our OKRs are on track while others are at risk. There are now 4 teams in MarCom working in concert to drive initiatives for Q4. We are thrilled to have new team members joining the Marketing-Community team, is it therefore our collective effort that will make the new team members ready to hit the ground running!

:partying_face: :clap: Shout out to @David_NEAR for tidying up our forum, for being a fantastic host, and for encouraging productive and collaborative conversations.
:partying_face: :clap: Shout out to @norah.near for taking on a big challenge and stepping up to help coordinate the Hackathon (after being in our team for less than a month! :raised_hands:
:partying_face: :clap: Shout out to @yadira and @rosanna1 for ramping up the coordination of NEARCon and gathering awesome surprises that will make this a very special event…coming soon Oct 26 :point_right: NEARCon, Lisbon: save your spot

-Total Power Rating of the Guild Community is at 73% progress and on track - thanks to the Guild Crew led by @shreyas
-Total Power Rating of our Social Community Engagement is at 86% progress and on track - Thanks to @JMaenen
-Our Community Channel growth is at 10% and our goal is to reach 30% across all channels, a work in progress :sweat_smile:

Challenges and Blockers

  • Challenge: Our Marketing and Community teams are growing fast, getting everyone on a proper onboarding path is a challenge with everything that is going on.

  • Challenge: Team members to post their @weekly-updates here (it has been a challenge to get everyone to post! :nerd_face: - let’s see how do we do this week.

  • Challenge: Encouraging more valued community members to join our DAO verticals as Council Members. We are looking at options to facilitate and incentivize more members to join our verticals.

  • Challenge: We need a kick-ass team that will drive the next hackathon series, we ask members of the community to come forward and be part of a ‘Coordinating Committee’… is anyone interested??

Finally, this week we are looking forward to a successful Town Hall (Aug 26), a Hackathon Kick-off, and OWSandbox Party :star_struck:! Don’t miss it!!


Missed last week, but here goes!

As of Now/Ongoing:

  • Open Web Sandbox / Guilds Program / data and governance platform projects & OKRs:

    • have been working with @shreyas and some outside data analyst help in order to convert the Guilds Q2 Survey Results into actionable next steps for the Guilds Management Crew to undertake for the remainder of Q3 and into Q4 [see video link James shared above for more context]
    • stay tuned for the new Guilds Dashboard which will be helping us track Guild growth by number of Guilds created and my individual membership – still trying to figure out where its home will be and this will need a conversation with the new NEAR Data Center Guild soon (cc: @tiffanygyj @jlwaugh)
    • working with @ALuhning @Davantzis (Vital Point AI Guild) on the upcoming mainnet launch of CATALYST and the debut of the OWS use case - we’re looking at September 1 :eyes:
    • building out the GTM plan for Astro :star2: with @starpause @David_NEAR @ross so stay tuned for more announcements of an upcoming Astro AMA on Sept. 20 in addition to the upcoming one-pager, guide, and socials campaign (post-Hackathon opening weekend will be setting up those marketing conversations @JMaenen @jcatnear)
    • OWS :sun_with_face: HOT DAO SUMMER :sunglasses: party planning (see link above!), end-of-month rewards claim extravaganza, KYC playbook times, mentorship programme considerin’, next 8-month period road map thinkin’, weekly AMA co-hosting and planning [this Wednesday, we’re talking the upcoming Meta BUIDL Hackathon (cc: @norah.near) so come ask your questions at 3pm CET!]
    • And of course:

      #ABO - Always Be Onboarding

      those new Guild leaders with a twinkle in their eye!

  • NEARCON & Creatives DAO:

    • working out the strategy and means for both Guilds engagement as in-person speakers and virtual players for online activities, and specifically creative Guilds involvement for physical and virtual activations
    • since this is a sizable undertaking, have recruited @tabear to assist, officially starting September 1, with the logistical and creative partner organization components to make NEARCON a visually stunning experience with all the NEAR creativity we can harness
    • always onboarding new Creative Guilds and DAOs with @chloe and looking to the next moves [looking to do one budget ask for all of Q4, get on SputnikDAO v2, among other plans]
    • supporting the Lisboa Hack Node for the Meta BUIDL Hackathon

Action Items (not in order of urgency):

  • meet with @satojandro of Silicon Craftsmen to talk product/platform demos for Astro & Catalyst (@starpause to let me know about estimated timing for access for AVB to do so)
  • update the MarCom team Copper section of our Notion page with the ES hand-off notes from a meeting last week - waiting until after the weekly Copper sync to see if all the info is still accurate!
  • share the Guilds Dashboard & secure the individual who will be responsible for keeping the membership # data up to date on a weekly basis
  • NEARCON strategy for Guilds and creative activation & otherwise space animators to be more solid and updated in @yadira’s great Google Sheet & set meeting with her, Tabea, and the Production Agency ASAP
    • get feedback from Guilds Management Crew on working plan by Thursday
    • got my eyes on that September 16 deadline
  • set the Creatives DAO + “creative groups sponsored by @starpause” meeting for beginning of September

I feel like I’m missing things but there it is!


Currently working on:


  • CuraDAO (DAO to support creative coding / generative art) needs more council members/support! We have been trying to get this community started for a while. (potential for Berlin city node/hack node here as well for subsequent hacks)

Action Items:

  1. Decentralize the Creatives DAO
  2. Support Creative DAO’s as they upgrade to either Astro or Sputnikv2

Currently working on:

  • India accelerator
  • Guilds- onboarding, directory, dashboard, NPS, gamified interface
  • Hack nodes + Hackathon guild
  • NEAR Storytelling project


  • 13 projects on track to submit pitches to NEAR India accelerator Internal demo day in the first week of September
  • Guild growth target has been achieved.

Challenges & Blockers:

  • A project from the India accelerator had their dev drop out. Currently working to see if we can pair with NCD w/ @shashi
    • Ask: If there’s a dev familiar with building on NEAR, interested in joining a team full time, or consult with them to build out a POC, please connect w/ Shreyas.

Action Items:

  • Guilds dashboard with @mecsbecs
  • Single source of truth for guilds(back end of the guilds dashboard mentioned above)
  • Hack nodes support and hackathon guild activation w @Grace
  • Guild onboarding with guilds crew
  • NEAR India accelerator interviews and 1-1 feedback
  • Guild and individual profiles interface with @jlwaugh

Brief Summary:

  • I joined August 16th and working closely with @yadira
  • Kickoff calls for NEARCON & WebSummit.


  • Met with providers to kickoff NEARCON & Web Summit
  •   Trello boards' set up
  • Set up website to collect registrations

Challenges & Blockers:

  • Onboarded into the NEAR ecosystem and navigating through it to meet new team members and community members

Action Items:

  • Assigned a buddy to facilitate onboarding
  • Share Trello Boards to start distributing cards

Currently working on:

  • Tidying up our wonderful forum (this is an ongoing process and improvements will be constantly made
  • Refining processes for the Marketing DAO
  • Continuing to refine the Community Guidelines alongside making them available on the Wiki (and anywhere else relevant)
  • Writing up a ‘cheat-sheet’ for moderating the forum
  • Working with Cameron from NEAR BD to get involved with the Bounty page (one for next month I imagine!)
  • Creating a Sputnik DAO/Astro Playbook (this one is :fire: and highest priority)
  • Developing a process for activating Guilds as and when required (See: @Guild-Leaders)


  • Wiki updated with the current guidelines
  • Redundant categories in the forum have been removed
  • Subcategories and other miscellaneous factors have been amended in the forum

Challenges & Blockers:

  • Limited availability of information around Astro (since it’s not released yet, but I’m hyper for when it is). Shout out to @starpause for providing me with some behind the scenes insights to create the playbook
  • Hunting down (in a friendly way!) all the Guild Leaders

Action Items:

  • Complete the first draft of the playbook by EoW
  • Continue refining Marketing DAO processes
  • Complete the forum moderation cheat-sheet