Community Squad Weekly Update: 19 July 2021

Another week, another update!

Here you can see all weekly updates from the Community Squad.

Open Web Sandbox


Last Week:


NEAR-Based NFT Debuts at Taobao Maker Festival

Learn more via 4NTS: Alibaba's Taobao Sells NEAR NFT | NEAR Protocol

2nd Wave of NEAR Guilds Launched

This Week:

#Card4Card Event on Paras Until Wednesday, July 21

NEAR in Paris for EthCC :tokyo_tower:

Ready for some cross-chain fun? We have a full week of activities lined up:

Party ~ July 19

To start off this celebration, we’re having a party in an epic venue in the very center of Paris. Join us for an evening of drinks, dancing, & friends at Les Jardins du Pont Neuf.

Official Festivities ~ July 20-22

NEAR is co-hosting the League of Bridges Salon to meet fellow builders, hang out with friends, or find a space to chill (with coffee + high speed internet). There is an area for workshops, and plenty of spaces to relax. We’ll be open daily from 7/20-7/23 from 11am - 5pm.

Pitch Your Ideas ~ July 23

Join us to pitch a cross-chain idea or paper that you know should exist! The whole pitch event and the Cross-Chain Salon in general will be live-streamed:

Cross-chain is about more than bridging technology. It’s about acutely connecting the unique cultures of the ecosystems creating real change. The League of Bridges is a coalition that exists to drive home one point and one point only; all ecosystems need to work together — because in the world of web3, there are no winners or losers ~ just the infinite game.

Governance Update

Community Squad DAO

Active Proposals

2105 NEAR to drewmarpa.near for NEAR Philippines Guild:

1040 NEAR to mostafa.near for NEAR Arabia Guild:

Recent Proposals

APPROVED ~ 1185 NEAR for building a proof-of-concept growth marketing tool:

APPROVED ~ 150 NEAR to dyominegora.near for community moderation:

APPROVED ~ 150 NEAR to stanis.near for community moderation:

APPROVED ~ 150 NEAR to andrbenz.near for community moderation:

APPROVED ~ 150 NEAR to yunusemre.near for community moderation:

APPROVED ~ 150 NEAR to rindramalalasoa.near for community moderation:

We are so grateful to these wonderful new mods, and we will continue improving our community experience. Thanks to JC and Eunice for coordinating the immersion! Learn more:

Updates From the Squad

Our team is here to share key results from last week, plans for this week, and current blockers. Transparency is crucial for accountability and governance.

Council Members: @chloe @3UN1C3 @Grace @jcatnear @jlwaugh @JMaenen @mecsbecs @norah.near @ross @shreyas @starpause

Your feedback is much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: We hope to discuss project ideas, answer questions, learn from your experience, and collaborate!


Results from last week:

  • contributed to internal Community Fund report
  • attended “DAO NYC” event hosted by Open Law
  • connected with Audacity Fund to share info about Sputnik DAOs
  • discussed Hacker Guild with @Cameron
  • coordinated events for the Governauts initiative
  • explored potential collaborations with community spaces in NYC
  • reconnected with Deep Work to share insights from OWS project system
  • shared my perspective on the NEAR Ecosystem Wiki and Community Mapping

Plans for this week:

  • share plans for the Governauts initiative
  • coordinate with Ecosystem Success team
  • write about Hacker Guild #OpenSourcery
  • create forum topic about Altruism DAOs, inspired by @chloe
  • host weekly Q&A for Open Web Contributors in the NEAR Discord
  • develop leads for Near York City
  • meet with guild leaders

@jlwaugh Thanks for this! Can you include the following info in future updates?

  • Total $NEAR distributed through DAOs for the week and all-time
  • Number of approved DAO proposals for the week

Last week:

Guilds Network & Open Web Sandbox & Creatives DAO:

  • Following up on the Guilds Onboarding Pathway Revamp cemented and published on the Forum & pushing the current open Guilds Survey before its July 31st closing date.
  • Participated in the next installment of the OWS + Catalyst conversations
  • OWS AMA and Monthly Party planning (cc: @Sofia_Alum and @marcelo) and strategizing - we’ve now transitioned to using Airmeet!
  • Worked with Minerall-Virtual, NEAR Nft Club, Minting Music, NEAR Legal Guild leaders & Hype DAO to develop current and prospective proposals :wink:
  • Met with MintGate to talk promotion & wider community, specifically creative community, use with @norah.near and @chloe

Community OS & Transformation:

  • Had the first CommunitySquad DAO voting discussion
  • Worked with @Maggie to have the main build for the Guilds Program on Copper ready and live for when the brand refresh website goes live this week
  • Met with the Ecosystem Success team @MarcusNEAR @jbeezy and @norah.near & @jlwaugh to discuss the MarCom team plans for Copper, ways in which we could communicate and work closely together with this team who operate as the ‘switchboard of the ecosystem’ :phone:, and the idea of a ECOSYSTEM DEVELOPMENT DAO (more to come!)
  • Hosted a meeting for members of the Asia Team to discuss how we (Guilds Program & Community/Ecosystem Success) can work together on Copper (cc: @3UN1C3 @amosbestcookie @RileyTran @iotachan @robertyan Chuan & Maria) - when you’re onboarded, ready to take the conversation further!

ACTION ITEMS for this week:

  • OWS :rainbow: party planning and promotion in full swing with @Sofia_Alum @jlwaugh - thanks also to @starpause for agreeing to DJ [Airmeet invite in your email]

    • click the link to the event on July 29th @ 5pm CET on Airmeet here
    • read the event blog post on here
    • sign up to pitch your project to the community here (max. 1 min, first come, first serve).
  • Carry-over from last week: create Community Playbooks working publishing schedule as a result of the Playbooks meeting last week.

  • Design the Creatives DAO Town hall work flow and event plan with @chloe - :spiral_calendar: save the date for Sat. Aug. 7th @ 10-12pm EST

  • Arrange the Ecosystem Development DAO planning meeting

  • Work with @ALuhning to get a proposal through for funding for Catalyst

  • Help get @minting-music PITCH DECK READY! :muscle:t4:

  • Prepping Copper materials for the MarCom Team so we can work on that full Guilds Management Crew adoption to start - I’m talking Loom video (at @shreyas’ request!) and a guide, folks. If not this week then next!