Community Slander Has Gone Too Far: Enough is Enough

Reading through all the forum posts initially made me really sad.

I was wondering how it was possible for someone to have such a flawed idea about our most valuable community member. Which you are @Ozymandius. I don’t know anyone with as much energy, belief, intrinsic motivation, and dedication to making NEAR a success as you. I would say, if you haven’t met Ozy yet, you don’t really know NEAR.

But this initial sad feeling has started to turn into some sort of anger. It seems like @Dacha is a troll who created some charts to back his “evidence” that there’s a mismanagement of funds. As if the selling of tokens that have been distributed to valuable community members, is something anyone at NEAR should have anything to say about. Locking up a certain amount of tokens for a period of time is definitely something to consider, but this can be put forward with constructive feedback.

We should have disregarded his posts a long time ago, his intention is very clear. If @Dacha would’ve been a large token holder, he wouldn’t have communicated like this. And even if he is, I don’t think anyone would mind him leaving this project and moving on to something else. The value that Ozy brings to this ecosystem will always be larger than the value of Dacha’s tokens.

I just really don’t hope that he gets his way and takes @Ozymandius with him. @Ozymandius please don’t give this one troll what he wants, you’re a huge part of NEAR and it’s way too early to say goodbye like this. 99.99% of NEAR wants you to keep doing what you’ve been doing, remember that :pray:


How does this improve content that NEAR holders pay for?

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Lol man. This story has been started when I asked @Ozymandius some reports here Funding the NEAR Army for July - #18 by KriptoRaptor . I was ignored by @Ozymandius and @grace , that it . So, I made decision do my little research. What are you talking about here guys? 42 messages, lol.

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I can’t say anything bad about Ozy personally, he’s a good guy for sure, but how can you be one of the people in charge of the distribution of funds with undisguised sympathy for the person you are allocating funds to? I see a pure COI here and you must leave the place you occupy. Not because Ozy is bad, and not because the results of his work may not suit individual members of the community, but because you are not an impartial worker, one of the main qualities for your position. As a bagholder, what can I do to speed up your leaving? It’s a DAO after all?
re DAO, who appointed you to this position, wasn’t it supposed to be an open vote? I just don’t understand how you could pass an interview without knowing basic corporate ethics.

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‘Community Governance’ is a fallacy. I’ve been very vocal about this on the Ref Community DAO calls.

‘Community Governance’ without frameworks and processes in place devolves into chaos, and worse, something coming close to it’s nasty predecessor: Communism. Opportunists who contribute nothing thinking they are entitled to hold the people doing the real work to unreasonable standards, without proper remuneration, and then take away all the upside.

Dacha is an example of how easy it is to feel empowered by a poorly defined term.

A lesser known community member asking legitimate questions (communication may not always be the best) and providing feedback (we are constantly improving) is welcomed. But an outsider coming in guns blazing to successfully disrupt everyone’s day, sow discontent and chaos, destroy people’s reputation and even successfully manage to expel one of our most valuable assets is a tragedy and must be avoided.

What constitutes a community member? To me the beauty of crypto and blockchain is that no one is forced to be here, we all opt into ecosystems where we see potential, think we can add value, etc. There are two major implications of an opt-in system:

  • When people choose to opt-in, they are agreeing to a certain set of values and principles, which ought to include appropriate ways to raise opposing views, propose feedback, etc. (I do not believing in censoring opposing views).

  • Right to Exclude. The logical next step of allowing anyone to join voluntarily is the need to be able to exclude toxic people: no one member has the right to force their bullshit on others, holding them back and dragging everyone down.

A few notes on the right to exclude:

  • There is a difference between excluding someone from a community working group and excluding them from the use technology.
  • NEAR (platform) is decentralised, Dacha could be building something amazing and neither would we know or care. No one can stop him/her from enjoying the benefits of the public infrastructure that is being built.

  • Our working groups are ‘centralised’. Centralisation is not a dirty word in this context. It simply means that someone must show up everyday to do the work. We must make sure these groups remain functional, must work on civilised ways of dealing with disagreements (it would look as the exact opposite as Dacha’s thread).

I expressed some concerns (privately) about Near moving too fast towards the community treasury model, which I predict will get ransacked by mobs of the likes of Dacha, who unironically claim to want transparency and accountability as they embark on a crusade to destroy everything on his way for personal gain.

In our ongoing pursuit to define functional frameworks for Community Governance, I would like to propose two fundamental pillars:

  1. Open pathways to leadership. Let anyone show up, present ideas, be eligible for funding, encourage experimentation and accept failure is an inevitable part of the innovation and learning cycles.

  2. Strong leadership. As people show up and step up to the challenge of steering this ecosystem to the next level, WE MUST EMPOWER THEM. Once a budget has been approved, give them the freedom to execute the best way they can. Petty fights like this one for a few Near that has been well established were approved are unnecessary.

This is in stark contrast with making community leaders subject to Struggle Sessions where anonymous ‘community members’ take turns on making insane claims. We won’t have any community members left within weeks if this is allowed to run wild.

A brilliant lesson from the first CTO for Estonia that I had the pleasure to meet: ‘after politicians have decided to build the bridge, they get out of the way and let the engineers build it. Politicians do not have a say on the structural design, etc. Engineers assume the full scope and responsibility of delivering what has already been decided. You must trust their expertise’.

If community members want to be more actively involved with Community Spending: show up to the myriad AMAs, Ecosystem hangouts, governance forum posts, town halls, etc. and provide feedback at the relevant and appropriate time. Get involved with the Guilds you think are underperforming and help them improve, etc. Help us build and evolve rather than set everything on fire.

I applaud the leadership of @erik.near @grace @ross for bringing some common sense into this thread and expressing support for community members.


Definitely, Near is not ready to be driven by community . I spent one day off for my own little research and got tons of negative comments. You can do whatever you want in your cozy ozy’s club. Everyone, who have their own thoughts will be banned here .

Can we open a new topic in which it will be possible to discuss the criteria and decentralized methods for selecting a council members and the possibility of their decentralized re-election?

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@grace if you call Dacha a subversive troll why did you invite him to become a council member? How are you guided by offering such an important position to unfamiliar people? Or did you just try to buy Dacha, but when you failed, you decided to destroy Dacha?

As some who has been a degen for almost 3 months now it is sad to see these outlandish attacks on @Ozymandius and all he is done. Since the beginning the NEAR community has been so kind and welcoming so seeing people try to destroy this kind of family that has been built is sad. Since my work started with the degens almost 3 months ago I have seen so much growth. These projects are still very much in their early stages, so there is still lots of failure and learning happening but with that being said it is obvious how much of an impact the degens and various other guilds have had on the community. Since I started 3 months ago the growth I have seen is incredible and this is largely due to ozy. It’s sad to see such important parts of the NEAR community undergoing such slander but obviously some people just can’t understand that growth doesn’t happen over night and building community is more important for the long term goal than cheap, annoying shilling. What ozy is building is a strong community that sticks together through the good and the bad to show the world how amazing NEAR truly is and honestly this whole situation is a great example of that. It’s sad to see things like this happen and ozy is the last person in the world that deserves this slander but at the end of the day ozy has the support of me and it seems like 99% of the community.

Hey @Ozymandius FWIW, I’m really sorry this happened. Negativity in communities and generally in startup environments is not cool. We all know how legit you are, one of the first guilds, trailblazer of the program and you’ve always shown the best intentions. You have undoubtedly made a huge contribution to this community, no one can take that away from you. It’s a shame some can’t see the forest for the trees. Please don’t let it diminish your work or drain your energy. These actions are simple and base in nature. It’s easy to reduce a single person with a meme or some trash talking. It’s 10x-100x harder to do what you do, the actual work. I wish more people were like you in our community.

Please keep on in the NEAR ecosystem. We’ll gladly support you as we transition to more Satori work.

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs:


🤦🤦🤦 Dude, I just asked @Ozymandius 2 simple questions about degen’s work. That it

(post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged)

Thanks for clarifying that the attacks are not personal.

Although that doesn’t really address my bewilderment as to why you or anyone in the foundation should care about such small amounts of Near that are clearly not moving the market?

To further entertain your proposal, must reach some base consensus:

  • Anyone, Near Core employee or random community contributor has the freedom to do whatever they want with the money they have earned.
  • Very small amounts of Near being sold in open exchanges, by many different, uncoordinated parties, do not make a dent on the price of Near.
  • Performance, output, commitment can all be subject to review, feedback and improvement independent of the above.

I would also like to introduce a couple of relevant notions. The value of receiving liquid Near now, or locked Near sometime in the future is different. Any talks of delaying unlocks must necessarily make the risk and wait proportional (I’d say that 300 Near now would be about the same as 600 Near locked). Given the unwillingness to remunerate people for their contributions to the community, I struggle to see how proponents of a Locked Rewards Scheme would agree to also adjusting the rewards amount.

Most importantly to me, this creates an exclusionary mechanism. It assumes that the community is wealthy and able to work for MONTHS without receiving compensation. It bring to Near the elitism of of Ethereum. It is no secret that Near has been home to hustlers who have been priced out of other blockchains and are grinding hard to go from $0 to the moon.

We all started there, I keep referring back to my first two points - you don’t have a business in people’s private finances AND even if they choose to sell (I’ll defend their right to do so) that doesn’t have an impact on the markets.

As someone who is deep in the community, I can tell you and your mates what ACTUALLY moves the market - attacking the core community who are actively defending and amplifying NEAR’s message. Once you demoralise them, making them feel worthless and fighting over such a pity amount of money (300 NEAR?!), specially coming from someone on (hundreds of thousands?) while working on his own side projects (we are shilling your casino token sale)… That’s exactly how you kill it.


This too shall pass.

Having worked with @Ozymandius, @evgenykuzyakov and @zavodil directly over the last year, I know for a fact that each one of them has the talent and discipline to change the world to their liking

This thread reminds me that we are spending too much time online, behind screens and keyboards and words written without the benefit of facial expressions, warmth and empathy.

This too shall pass

I’m thinking of a time in the not too distant future, maybe days or weeks or months from now, it will not take long, when misunderstandings are resolved and new, ambitious plans are laid with a fierce determination among us

Our community will outgrow these fragile moments. We must.

Towards that end let us commit ourselves to understanding the human beings behind the usernames

@Ozymandius please stay and help us grow. You’re good at this and we need you engaged without hesitation.

@evgenykuzyakov and @zavodil please keep the pressure on because you’re both key among those setting the pace of this overwhelming work. It’s hard to keep up with your activity, let alone match it.

@Dacha I’m sure you have good intentions and hope you are able to communicate these intentions widely with time. Please don’t stop trying.

This too shall pass, that’s my guess.


This was probably happened due to the suboptimal gov forum configuration, even 1 flag hides the reply. The same happened with the first reply in Initial investigation post but in opposite direction (Army warrior accidentally blocked a Dacha’s supporting comment).

I have been in this community for over 10 months
Ozymandius, is one of the few who have poured in their all to get NEAR this far.
I hereby insist that ANYONE who has nothing other than trolling to contribute to the ecosystem should please exit.

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So my concern here is: Are we for real? All of this damage for the Near Eco comes from @Dacha not getting his 2 question answered ? Are we this fragile of a structure because of 1 un-solved theory then we lost a talented/passionate member that dedicate his full-time to grow Near?

I think this has show what we are lacking as a sustainable system to develop in a both positive and negative environment. Please don’t attack both @Ozymandius and @Dacha since they are all contributed to the Near community as a whole.

In my opinion: There needs to be an investigation to @dacha 's theories/questionaires and to move further on is an open independent investigation third party that will oversee our quality on such job and budget. This maybe less cost-effective but it will ensure the community grow healthy, sustainability and ensure the transparent of all things. After all, are we all here to see Near able to be success?

And for @Dacha, before taking any action, don’t take the meme game too far since this is not funny anymore. Again, your attitude showed nothing but a child - your investigation did raise some question but it will be solved by time. Not only you have a big bag of Near in this community so your action will affect all of us.

P/s: looking forward of system in Near could prevent this kind of situation so in the future so we won’t have to lose such talent like @Ozymandius.


Hi everyone, I think we’ve seen the full range of thoughts and opinions here and the thread is no longer constructive so, in the absence of formal moderation procedures, I’m locking it (EDIT: apparently I have to “close” it, just did) so we can move on. Let’s move discussion of how to proceed to implementing community guidelines and community etiquette and I hope the community will source a clear moderation playbook for resolving these kinds of things in the future.

These are normal growing pains for communities since the beginning of the Internet and the playbooks for handling them are well-established.

Let’s work together to stick to our values and build.

And remember Internet 101: keep a cool head and don’t feed the trolls.


Hi guys, I came here to find out who your Mr. Ozy is. You praise him so much, but I do not know what kind of merit he has? What exactly did he do for the community, maybe he has some previous work experience?

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