The community can self-organize how they will request funding from the Grassroots DAO’s (GDAOS).

As many are aware, there is no ability in V0 governance to make formal voting decisions, as all current mechanisms are gameable. The voting mechanism is under active development.

Because there can be no vote, there can be no additional Grassroots DAOs that receive funding directly from the Community Treasury.

However, the need for regional communities and previous guilds to receive funding remains. I would recommend renaming them to “Collectives” as a general name and then establishing what criteria a collective needs to meet to receive funding. Collectives can be slipt across language, locality, or even verticals.

So if this DAO is a reasonable step to establish whether an RDAO is needed as one of the GDAOs it seems it could be a good experiment.

Ultimately, it is up to the community to decide.


@Cryptonaut i hope you took a look at this and read about the role of the possible DAO council members.

What is used by the CreativesDAO to measure success?

In the beginning, it was a great idea but just now it’s a rush? I am struggling to understand.

As it is known, this is something I have championed to present before the community for feedback. It’s not what the GWG is forcing on the community or any of the grassrootsDAOs. The MDAO has agreed to provide funding for RC-DAO if the community welcomes the idea. This means they have welcomed the idea.

I understand that CreativesDAO is doing a whole lot to fix all the past mistakes and creating different measures. Then I wonder how this can’t be one.

To round it up, I am just here to make the community understand what is been proposed and get feedback to make it better for the community.


This is meant to be the first test in making things better for regional communities. The idea is to have DAO council members work together with community leaders rather than tell them what to do.

The offline events mentioned here are not organised by the DAO council.
When regions need funding for offline events, it will be made known to the council and discussions go on as before.

This is a revamp and why we don’t have a huge amount for a cap. For most communities, it will take them a few months to get back up as they have gone quiet due to a lack of funds.


thanks great idea @IgbozeIsrael :blush:


Thanks, @IgbozeIsrael for your job and facilitation.

In regard to the KYC process for our Regional DAO, I believe that having one person from the team who has successfully passed KYC should suffice. There is no need for every member or core member to undergo the KYC process individually.

It is my opinion that it is logical for one individual to take on the responsibility of funding and grants. This individual should be the one to undergo the KYC process, write proposals, and ultimately take responsibility for the management of the funds.

Furthermore, we have already implemented a requirement for guilds to be at least one year in the community. This significantly reduces the risk of rug-pulling as we have a better understanding of who we are dealing with.

In the past, noname individuals with Twitter/Telegram accounts full of bots have been able to raise grants for 2-3k and then disappear with the funds. However, I challenge anyone to show me a case where a member of the community who has contributed significantly to our community has taken funds and failed to fulfill their obligations.

Currently, we are experiencing issues with the payment process and the KYC requirements for our community. Specifically, the payment process is taking a considerable amount of time to complete, and the KYC process is becoming increasingly demanding with each iteration, requiring more and more documents each time, which is concerning.

I would like to provide feedback on the KYC process for our community. I do not believe that it is necessary for each core member to undergo the KYC process. Implementing such a requirement would not necessarily protect us from fraudulent individuals or double grants. Instead, it would make the grant process more complicated and time-consuming.


Great work @IgbozeIsrael.

Very important to gater everyone and have a path to build regional comunities.

I have already filled out the form for our Near Brasil community - brasilnear | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree

At this time I will be happy to support more prominent members of the community who can represent Near in Latam and in the world, better than me.

Let’s go


The document above will show how we measure success inline with NEAR strategic goals and Creatives DAO’s community derived values.

The idea and the intent is still good. I’m trying to understand a few things

  1. How will success be measured and scored?
  2. For onboarding and translation activities do we need to allocate 50k monthly to communities?
  3. Do we have members from various nations who have worked on national brand expansion and partnerships that can ensure success?
  4. What kind of local, regional and national partnerships RC-DAO wants to fund?

I am sharing my feedback based on the roadblocks I see. I hope you view it as a strengthener rather than blocker.

All these are explained in the drafts if you read carefully


Read carefully.
Request you to share it so they are addressed.

Thanks you!

Hello El Roi. The metrics in your doc are outdated.

The crucial goal for 2023 -is 10 million monthly active accounts (MAAs) by the end of the year.

  • 100% of content and processes running on NEAR Discovery
  • 30% of NEAR community is using Discovery
  • 3M Twitter followers and 2x increase in SOV (share of voice)
  • NDC and 3 community DAOs set up with core contributors and legal structure
  • 50+ NPS score from community
  • $250M in external capital flowing into minimum of 100 projects
  • 5M+ MAAs added to NEAR through minimum of 3 major partnerships
  • 12+ landmark partnership agreements
  • 24+ tier-2 partnership agreements

Regional DAO with strong community leaders absolutely aligns with Near Foundation goals.

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Hello! Yes, it’s feasible for one person, and sometimes cannot work for DAO due to legal restrictions.

legal restrictions.

Actually, that is the problem in the web3

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As this draft is been reviewed, one team member might be needed for funding while the others for proof of person’s sake.

I think you are forgetting the aspect of the document that mentikned that DAO council members are responsible for breaking KPIs down to numbers and all.

This draft is respknsinle for letting the community know what value is to RC-DAO and the NDC.

You might be pushing for this draft to deel dive into what the council members will be using as their better means of measuring success.

If the DeveloperDAO and MarketingDAO shows their method of measuring success, thstof CreativesDAO might be subordinate…

Also, did you read the draft that specifies what duties the ckuncil members will be doing?

This is a step by step work…we could follow the process rather…

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Sorry, didn’t get you.

I meant one person verifying KYC is necessary for funding, while the others is for proof of iddentity. However, what the community votes is what will be used.

Chdck this post to vote please.


Makes sense, weldone

Just this 2 poll ? @IgbozeIsrael

Check the latest feedback post Sir.

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Hey pal thanks for the heads up.
Keep up your good work, as I’ve casted my vote as part of my responsibilities as a community member, wish RCD all success