[Community Discussion] Achievements & Problems & Further Plan

One thing I will say and ask is this; we know that we can’t limit how far one person can add to the community but isn’t it too much that one person is a core member of many DAOs under the creative DAO and seeks funding for different projects in same month?

How can such a person deliver in the success metrics?

This is one major thing I have observed that happens within the creatives DAO and is of the problems of half success given so far


According to the rules,
A member is allowed to be a Council Member of at most, two DAOs

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…but is this always the case?
@creativesdao-council should look into this by going over all proposals to see and fish out such people and restrict their rate of confusion

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Hey, lemme know about this fact, at this present moment of Creatives DAO, can you fish out those people in multiple DAO Council specifically more than 2 DAOs . Kindly share, I’m curious. @IgbozeIsrael

Read what I wrote clearly mate. I am not here on the forum to have exchange of words or argue about facts with you. Thanks

You should be able to provide ‘for example’ evidences tho, to backup your observations. That would be more solid IMO.

This is so wrong. Moderators should not be councils. Imho :v:

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hey Paul,

would be cool to know exactly if council members of DAOs that ask for funding will be eligible for the upcoming mods open call. This issue should be discussed with NF imho.

Im guessing that if we are supposed to self-manage its just better to continue with mods also being council, just because its super hard to guarantee responsibility from 3rd parties, but if NF is willing to agree on it becoming a ‘job’ then they should help us set that up.


All points will be discussed with NF.

Also, on behalf of the Community Mods, we’d like to thank you all for your approach, observations, and feedback. We are gathering all that data to properly fine-tune the proposal. As more than 100 comments are a lot of work to do, Community Mods would like to ask for your patience.

We’ll keep you informed!


Just wanted to add my voice to those that have asked for individual non-affiliated creatives to please be considered as part of the Creatives DAO V2 thinking/program.
thnx :+1:


Wow, honestly I’m just getting to actually read this… It looks beautiful, IMHO I feel so many solutions to Creative DAO has been made mention all here. I support :orange_heart:

Nice sound innit :vulcan_salute:t6:


Hello all! Back again with some thoughts… hope they can contribute

Thinking about how Creatives DAO should operate as a real moderator between community and Near Foundation. Building Bridges…By reading here, I can see some clues.

  1. Understand who we are as a community - our specifications, what we know together, what we do not know together. I believe that the efforts of @creativesdao-council in gathering informations from DAOs were a first step to get this map.
    Present a great report of this, with graphics, links, documents the community has provided during the process. Mods could ask people from the community to help organize this report.

  2. Understand our problems, and start working on learnings - this topic has connection to the following questions: what are the parameters form NF that are important to follow? how to support community to achieve them? What are the questions NF are asking to us? What are the questions we are asking to them?
    This data collected here should help with inputs in this document:

  1. DAOs review - by evaluating ourselves. Self-evaluation is also necessary. Each DAO in their diversity are probably in different places in this map. Generate a map of daos

  2. Elaborate a roadmap for Creatives DAO being aware of all data collected on items above, taking in mind that Creatives DAO may be this bridge between NF and DAOs in ecosystem…

just some thoughts …
hope it can contribute


Hi Everyone,

Another iteration has been created which is designed to provide a solution to problems highlighted by NF and members like @bailey12 @frnvpr @sarahkornfeld in this post and many other members of the community.

I would request you to have a look at another draft which focuses on

  • Maintaining, growing, educating and marketing the existing Creatives DAO ecosystem
  • Bringing in Tier 1 and tier 2 artists to NEAR for more visibility of NEAR and Creatives DAO
  • Funding creatives ecosystem projects that help creatives around the world get more sustainable.

Your inputs and thoughts will be very valuable.

More valuable will be your votes for what kind of elements you want in the new model and what you don’t want, so we can decide this as a community.

Here the link


OMG! But why divide the initiatives? Is convergence of ideas so difficult? How many fronts of change are needed to really make a change? Every day a new direction ends up taking us to nowere. I’m confused and I just want things to be sorted out soon since there’s clearly no point in saying anything. We’re wasting time! Chop, chop… Please, thank you, imho. :v::jack_o_lantern:


Lovely assertion there :clap:t5:


wow I’m just getting to understand that part very clearly now …. Interesting !

Exactly considering the past experience, professional background and talent will definitely make the whole process easier and more professional because these set of people already have experience in their various fields and are good at it , these kind of people will definitely be willing to sacrifice anything to make the community progress massively. This is smart work

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hmmm this is a lot , requires deep thinking ! Well done nice contribution

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To change your name, you need to become an influencer. To ask for transparency, to be useful not only for yourself, but also for the ecosystem. Then you will have a lot of “fans” who will ask the moderators to pay attention to the name in the forum every time.
Thx :relaxed:

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Hi Everyone,

Please find a link to the Miro board that helps integrate Pawel’s proposal and gives a long term solution for

  • Existing DAO ecosystem
  • Growing our community
  • Using Creatives DAO as a public good to fund NFTs of associated DAOs and new onboarded artists.

Your feedback to make the idea concrete is very important.