[Closedl] Social Media & Marketing Budget for CHARITY IMPACT

PROPOSAL: Social Media & Marketing Budget for CHARITY IMPACT

Charity Impact provides a multichain platform for individuals and companies to donate to nonprofit organizations (NPO) globally in both cryptocurrencies and fiat. Once vetted by our team, each NPO will be onboarded onto our platform and their crypto wallets will be generated by our back-end system. Our goal with this platform is to empower the worldwide charity network through the decentralized banking system. To date, we have successfully integrated strategies within our platform to allow for donations in fiat and NEAR Protocol. We now aim to integrate several other blockchains into our platform to empower the charity network within the crypto ecosystem.
Simply put: We provide a platform for charity organisations to receive fiat or crypto currency donations, so that the charities can continue their vital work**

Milestones & Roadmap
Jul 22 - Sept 22 → Project-Development, compile Businessplan
Sept 22 - Nov 22 → Grant Application Process with NEAR Protocol
Nov 22 → company Charity Impact officially founded
Nov 22 - July 23 → Developing/Coding the platform with NEAR integration
Aug 23 → GO LIVE
Aug 23 - Dec 23 → Onboarding Charities
Oct 23 - Dec 23 → Onboarding Investors
Jan 24 → officially running the platform after beta-phase

NEAR Grant
We were supported by NEAR Foundation through the NEAR Grants Program.
The grant covered the developer/coding expenses (Marketing, Sales, etc. not included)

Budget proposal for 4 months
700 USD per month = 2800 USD in total (paid in unlocked NEAR tokens)

Social Media

  • set-up Twitter and schedule tweets:
  • set-up Facebook and schedule posts:
  • set-up Instagram and schedule posts:
  • set-up LinkedIn and schedule posts:
  • set-up Medium and schedule posts:
  • content writing for social media posts
  • graphic designs for social media posts


  • Blog-Posts on the website: 4 per month
  • Sales-Outreach to hundreds of charities to join the platform

Impact for NEAR ecosystem

  • Brand Awareness Increase: Supporting charityimpact allows NeAR Protocol to gain more visibility and recognition, reaching a broader audience interested in charitable causes and sustainability.
  • Green Blockchain: NeAR’s commitment to being a CO2-neutral blockchain enhances its reputation as an environmentally friendly solution, attracting environmentally conscious users.
  • Community Spirit Enhancement: Collaborating with NGOs and exploring sustainability initiatives fosters a sense of community and shared purpose among NeAR users, creating a positive and engaging environment.
  • Empowering the NEAR Ecosystem: Collaborations with other communities and projects through charityimpact strengthen the NeAR ecosystem, encouraging growth, innovation, and the development of new use cases.
  • Educating Beginners: Supporting charityimpact. motivates newcomers to join the NeAR ecosystem and learn about blockchain technology, offering an opportunity for education and engagement.
  • Global Charitable Support: By supporting charities through charityimpact, NeAR Protocol demonstrates its commitment to making a global impact and communicates its dedication to philanthropic initiatives.

Our contacts/socials

NEAR wallet

Founder & CEO - Steven Malca
Director & CMO - Claudia Peter
Business Development - Lea Chisholm
Brand Designer - Norberto Filotto
Graphic Designer - Elijah Ajayi

Company Information
Charity Impact LLC
STE 410

Hello! The website is not working.

Dear @Dacha

We are truly sorry. We had a slight delay in the GO-live. You know how it goes when developing something :wink:

Anyhow, the plan is to go live in the next few days.
In the meantime I will send you the link to the dev-site in a private message.

Hi @charityimpact i have reviewed your proposal and noted that the website is not yet live.
I would suggest that you continue building and then submit your proposal again when everything is up and running. Unable to support at this time.

Hi Dacha & Cryptocredit

how are you guys doing?

We are happy to announce that our charityimpact-website is live and that we are testing now all the features with certain charity-organisations that are very close to us to fix all the bugs. And then in August we start onboarding as many charities as possible.

Would you really prefer to have another gov-forum-proposal. Or should we continue here?

have a lovely evening


Thank you for the updates.

I suggest to write another proposal and also include some achievements during the last 30 days…

Dear @charityimpact ! Due to transitions into NDC, unfortunately, we need to close your proposal. Feel free to apply later