[CLOSED] – Writer’s Guild Marketing Funding 04/2022

[Proposal] – Writer’s Guild Marketing Funding 04/2022
DAO: Writer’s Guild
Council Members:
@beet93 (brz-93444.near)
@pinkalsky (pinkalskyy.near)
@Dedeukwu (dedeukwu.near)
@gabrielfelipejacomel (gabrielfelipejacomel.near)
@Oblakofficialss (oblakofficialss.near)
@bagadefente (bagadefente.near)
@AshleyC (ashleyc.near)

NEAR account for payment: near-writers-collective.sputnik-dao.near

After approval, it will be executed from 04/05/2022 to 04/30/2022.
Important: It is intended to evaluate the social network monthly, so that, if any demand arises, it can be satisfied, either in the division of tasks or in the development of another social network, for example.
creation of Instagram account

To continue with the activation Writer’s Guild social media, now including Instagram.
Progressively activate Writer’s Guild advertising through social media and marketing.

Share members’ profiles on social networks and work of DAO members.

1000 USD

The guild is just getting started, and first of all it is necessary to introduce it, and consolidate ideas that show the guild’s visual identity, as well as communicate the participants about its projects and objectives.




During its second month, the Writer’s Guild twitter will share information about the guild, and members who want to share their work/Proposals.

3 posts will be produced in English/3 in Portuguese per week with text.
A new layout will be created for this month and copywriting will be done, including the most important hashtags.

CAMPAIGNS (external action):
Campaigns and reminders will be made for the public to retweet and share.

Estimate: 150 followers.

Statistics: Every month end, the results of publications and actions are presented in the report.


In addition to a survey on the best hashtags, and in the case of a sponsored publication, what is our biggest audience (from the analysis made), in addition to what time, and what location (Countries) are linked to Instagram access.

Every week there will be 3 posts, 3 in Portuguese and 3 in English, according to the roadmapping above (TEXT IN ENGLISH AND PORTUGUESE).

A new background will be developed for the posts to have: art, headline and Writer’s Guild logo.

CAMPAIGNS (external action):
There will be campaigns and reminders for everyone to click on the image of the heart of the publication made in the profile of Writer’s Guild and, if possible, Repost and Share the content published.

A presentation card will be developed for the Stories of Writer’s Guild, so that every week 3 Stories will be made with the card, so that it activates more the brand of the store/DAO.
The Stories will have a call to action from the public (BOX, QUESTIONNAIRE…)

The report will be submitted between the 25th and 30th of April


Good evening :blush:

  • what is your guild focused on?
  • how many active community members the guild onboarded during first month?
  • could you please share links on Twitter and Instagram accounts?

Thank You


Could you also introduce the members on the forum please. Do they have forum usernames?


Can you elaborate on the purpose/mission of the Writers Guild? Would like to understand what your team hoping to achieve through the guild activities?

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Hello! pinkalsky has just edited the Proposal with our usernames.


Good evening, Dacha! Thanks for the reply ^^

  • what is your guild focused on?

As per our last month approved funding proposal: “Our main intention is to build a collective of writers on blockchain with capability to develop projects concerning literature and academic writing, inasmuch as creative projects concerning writing in the web3. Currently, the web3 is mainly made of art, collectibles and games, but we can expand this idea, and bring academic and literature books to the NFT world, inasmuch as inusual ways of literature art.”

  • how many active community members the guild onboarded during first month?

As March was our first month of existence, we’ve performed activities to establish our identity. The projects we supported have enabled onboarding of @Roxy and @JCB in one project, and @jsc2022.near in another.

We are pleased that our Telegram channel has shown continuous growth since last month, currently having 58 members. Many people also interacted with the Governance Forum for the first time through a Bounty created for a project we support. This month we are planning to onboard lots of people by means of other Bounties.

  • could you please share links on Twitter and Instagram accounts?

The Instagram account is yet to be created, We’ve clarified that on the Proposal!



Please, refer to the reply to Dacha, he asked a similar question! Maybe it would be nice to read our Proposal for other activities in April, as well as the Report of things we did in our first month of activity.

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Just to clarify, this all building towards the formation of the Writers Guild." Is that correct?

Yes, the guild was officially formed in the beginning of March but, as you know, it’s a work-in-progress. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished in the last month, and now we want to keep that solid work and spread our wings, as our temporary logo suggests :slight_smile:

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A couple of comments on this:

  • You posted this proposal on 4/4 for a project to start 4/5. It can sometimes take a couple of weeks to get proposals approved, so you may want to plan farther ahead in the future.

  • It looks like you received $5K from CreativesDAO for this project and $200 in funding was used for Twitter content. Why is the funding for Twitter in this proposal now increased to $500?

  • Who is creating the social media content for this project?



Hello @Dacha, @cryptocredit and @so608, sorry for the delay on answer properly you all, this is my second month on NEAR ecosystem, and I am still learning many things, and maybe I got involved in too many projects last month, such as a physical event planning for Nomade Label and mediating their proposals so we could fit more proposals for this month (where I will not be directly involved, so I can focus more on my council work and personal projects and life :slightly_smiling_face:
yesterday I asked @gabrielfelipejacomel to help me here a little here :heart:

so what is left to answer is Lorraine @so608 questions right?

we asked for many more posts from @Natashacremonese this month, on the already created twitter account and on the instagram that will be created, so it is only fair that her crew is better paid, some of Writers guild members know her from Gambiarra, Feminu and Nomade Label’s contributions on the marketing.


Sounds interesting, would be great to read articles on medium about what kind of decentralized apps are most wanted for writers. Happy to support your proposal


@pinkalsky starting a Writers Guild sounds like a good idea. Happy to support this proposal


In its current form, this is a not from me.

  • There is a trend to create DAOs and Guilds with very basic names/proposition - such as Writer’s - without any clear vision, vision, or guidelines.
  • It is not possible to approve a Writer’s Guild proposal before having seen any piece of content produced.
  • This project has already received hefty grant from Creatives DAO, which includes Twitter management.

In general, I’d like to remind everyone that we fund passion projects - where are all the passionate writers in the NEAR community creating excellent content? We’ll pay top dollar for that when we see the content. This proposal seems to be both too premature and well funded ; I’ll wait until we have more data points in the future.

Hello, satojandro! Thanks for the review. I understand your point of view, but I believe that we do have many members in our community that are properly engaged and working with passion, even though many are relatively new to the ecosystem, still learning how to use the different tools. During the formation of the guild, we sought to maintain an inclusive mindset towards the craft of writing, which resulted in a first batch of projects that ranged from academic writing to music production based on lyrical content. Great writers continue to approach our guild for support, and with experience, we’re also getting stricter with our choices, which I think is a natural process.

We also had projects that correspond to early stages of larger projects (e.g. production of audiovisual scripts that will later be filmed with the support of other DAOs). Therefore, many texts produced will only be made public in the near future, but it is already possible to see some results:


Finally, I would like to remind you that social media work is not in our April budget for Creatives DAO, as we believe that more robust job could be done with funding from Marketing DAO which, if carried out, will enormously boost the work of our guild.

Hey guys – the proposal timeline for this has passed. I see there’s been no Twitter activity since the week of 4/10.

If you want to continue to pursue funding in the future, can you resubmit a new/updated proposal with links to current content or work? Thanks!