[CLOSED] Web 3.0 North African Community: 6 Meetups Across 4 Tunisian Regions

This is a solid proposal for North African community


Hello everyone! I see great support from our
excellent contributors from Africa.

@Bakaka @IgbozeIsrael, what do you think?


As for me, everything is very good, but it will be difficult, I’ll see how you do it)

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North Africa is not a single country, and one of the key problems in our African ecosystem regionalisation is that when a hub or dao is established in a particular region, the host country is the only one who benefits the most from such initiatives.

North African countries consists of Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia and Western Sahara , how are they going to include all the other countries in thier expansions? What strategies are they going to use or using currently, if the team members, councils or organisers are all from one country it’s gonna be difficult to include the others.

There vision is very clear and looks promising, let us see who are their teams and their experience, if we are to help them with feedbacks and expansions strategies we are open for discussions always.


As an active member in the Tunisian startup ecosystem I believe that this kind of initiative will help in spreading the knowledge about the web3 in Tunisia. The country has a huge potential to be explored. I fully support this initiative and believe that the team is able to execute it.


Working in the IT industry in Tunisia for the last years i see that this project could help promote the web3 potential in Tunisia. This capacity building activity can inspire the next generation of developers to get involved in this field and build succeful ventures.


I am glad that we have this springing up from North Africa.

They need to sync ASAP with RCWG so we align on goals and her started :fire::fire:


Can you please join the telegram group as we sync with the Regional Community Working group on your proposal?

It’s important as this is what the Regional community is set for.

Also, I requested access to all the drives you shared. Grant viewing access, please.

Thanks, thanks


Thank you for your valuable comment. We appreciate your insights and recognize the importance of inclusivity when targeting the entire North African region.

Our initiative acknowledges these concerns and has taken them into consideration while planning our approach. We have councils from Tunisia and Libya, and we are actively collaborating with corporations in Morocco and Algeria. Our primary goal is to build a diverse and inclusive community that represents the entire North African region.

As you pointed out, our strategy involves piloting the program in Tunisia, given its strong position in fostering innovation and embracing the latest technological advancements. With the support of our local connections and understanding of the startup ecosystem, we plan to scale our efforts in other countries across the region.

We believe that by working closely with local partners and communities, we can adapt our initiatives to suit the specific needs and contexts of each country. This will enable us to create a more inclusive and effective ecosystem that benefits the entire North African region.

Once again, thank you for your comments and suggestions. We appreciate your openness to discussion and will continue to strive for inclusivity and collaboration as we work towards realizing our vision for the North African Web 3.0 community.


Furthermore, can we have introductions to the core team members or councils of the aforementioned countries, as well as your ecosystem experience? If you’ve just joined, try navigating to the RCDAO docs, and I’m sure you had a good conversation with the group champion @IgbozeIsrael.

Best of luck.


Creating a web3 community for North Africa will be a great initiative as it help bring together people from the region who are interested in blockchain technology and decentralized applications. Very excited for the future of this technology in our beloved region!!


Can’t wait !!
Very interesting!


looks interesting! :fire: :fire:


I can’t wait to see this project growing !


Thanks for your proposal,

In its current form, I am unable to support it. Thoughts and reasoning:

  • I am confused between the relationship between ‘North Africa Blockchain/Hub’ and ‘NEAR North Africa’. As I understand it, North Africa Blockchain is an ecosystem agnostic group working to grow web3 in the region. Which leads to my next quesiton;
  • What is the team’s current involvement with the NEAR ecosystem? What makes the team the best qualified to represent NEAR in front of an audience? We take great care to ensure when fund people to represent us in front of a crowd of newbies they are deeply knowledgeable out our tech, current trends, et al. in a way that can inspire others, provide clear Calls to Action, etc.
  • Following on the above, I would hold off from any funding until the team has joined the Regional DAO working group. This will help both build a working relationship with the team (can be hard over a forum post) and get access to resources to help organise these events.
  • The proposal is too broad. I am worried the team is spreading itself too thing by targeting ONE off events across many cities and countries. My particular concern here is about fostering community and creating pathways for follow ups, etc. I do not think that a fly-in team could achieve that. A healthy metric to work towards is for each city to have a couple of champions (one to organise community, one technical to mentor and support others).
  • The price point is extremely high. A meetup is something that can be run cheaply by committed community members on a recurring basis. $1200 per Meetup is expensive even for much more expensive regions such as Australia (I’ve organised Meetups for half the price in Sydney). I would strongly encourage the team to start with much smaller experiments and grow an organic community first. Even if somehow we agreed to that price point, I would not consider more than one city at a time.
  • There are questions about the distribution channel to pull off such a large events when the current socials are quite limited (Twitter 19 followers, Telegram 29 members)
  • I am going to be honest and add that the flurry of brand new accounts leaving simple one-liner messages of support is also a red flag. If these were fake activity from the organiser to pretend to have support for the proposal I would be concerned.

Looking forward to working with the team on ways we can grow the NEAR ecosystem presence in North Africa. Hoping to see you on Regional DAO Work Group soon, my DMs are also open if you would like to schedule a call.


Hi @Talelbg thank you for your proposal. I note that this is the first time posting on the forum to request funding. I would echo the comments made by @satojandro as regards the cost of organising your meet ups and would suggest to take another look. Unable to support in current form.

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lets sync up, have people on the ground in Maroc

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Hi @Talelbg thanks for the proposal – I think this could possibly be funded in the future, but I can’t support it at this time. Here is my reasoning and what I see as the best way forward:

  • This is your first time posting on the Forum, and we are unlikely to fund proposal from first-time posters without a lot of additional context and information from the team.
  • I don’t have clear insight yet into who is part of the team and what their expertise is yet. That is really important b/c we need to ensure that people representing NEAR are knowledgeable about it, have a track record, etc.
  • I see that both @IgbozeIsrael and @Bakaka have provided feedback, as well as a recommendation to get involved with the RegionalDAO efforts to refine this proposal. I recommend you work with them and incorporate their feedback.

Again, I encourage you to keep participating in the ecosystem, stay involved, collaborate with the RegionalDAO team.


Since you have received a lack of support on this proposal in its current form from three MarketingDAO council members, I am closing it for now.


Hello and thank you for your feedback,

We have been working diligently since receiving feedback from @IgbozeIsrael, @Bakaka, @satojandro and all the members who participated in the discussion. During the last few days, we have been preparing a detailed introduction to the community, outlining our plan and the channels we support. We have also prepared a comprehensive overview of our team and who we are exactly, which can be found here: Introduction: The Web 3.0 North African Alliance.

We are confident in our skills and expertise to launch the initiatives we have proposed and ensure their success. We understand that as first-time posters, we need to provide additional context and information about our team, and we hope that our introduction will provide the necessary information.

We appreciate your feedback and comments and look forward to working with the community to further develop our initiatives.