[Closed] Tractioned Social token community launching membership NFTs on NEAR

TLDR: Seed Club, cohort 2 social token community, $Afrofuture, is launching membership NFTs and wants to do it big on NEAR.

We want to sell 540 NFTs that represent membership in our social token community with benefits that include a private archive of never before seen African history behind a Mintgate link, access to a private club in Decentraland Decentraland), and token-permissioned Discord.

Currently want to use Mintbase and eventually expand to using a custom built NFT Marketplace (GitHub - near-examples/nft-market: NFT & Marketplace Contracts with royalties and fungible token support. Sample React app included.) like the uhhmnft project.

Budget of 400 NEAR will provide a budget to do a proper Proof of Concept using Mintbase that could then lead to building a custom marketplace the nft-market repo.