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Hi I am (@Konon32)Viktor Kononov Telegram

this is my channel
I can make a video about your project and put it on my channel
this will greatly help to increase your audience and the cost of the project
I will take 700 dollars for my work
50% immediately and 50% when the video is ready
Creating a video will take no more than 48 hours
Before publishing, I will give you a link to watch and if everything goes well, I will publish on the channel
Average video length 4-7 minutes

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Good evening. Could you please use this form for proposal?



Are you active in the wider NEAR ecosystem?

Since this is your first post, and itโ€™s a direct link to your personal YT channel, it seems like it might be a โ€˜coldโ€™ proposal.


Hi @Viktor โ€“ If you revise this proposal according to the guidelines shared by @Dacha, please provide more information about:

  • You audience (who is it, numbers, why are they a good fit for Near?)
  • What will your video be about?
  • What will the call-to-action (CTA) be for your video content?

Also, note that we do not typically (Council can correct me here if there has been a past case) fund in the way you suggested. There is information at the top of the forum here about the funding process.


Too thin on the proposal. Itโ€™s a no from my side.

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