[Closed] Starting Web3 Club on NEAR

A community of web3 developers to gain connections with other developers in the space to share ideas and make their dream come true in building a successful good projects on Near protocol chain.

An avenue for web2 projects looking for a way to transition into web3 so they can easily build on near. This is going to bring more great projects like sweat coin to come build on near.

The main purpose and vision for starting this movement is to make web3 known by everyone and bring it closer to them through the near protocol and have a community where builders and utilizers can meet and share ideas to bring up something that will bring value to web3 through Near ecosystem nd thereby take part in increasing adoption of Near blockchain.
My twitter link : https://twitter.com/Usman26027481?t=r-CPWuftGxkM7bHwo-t34w&s=09

Project Name : Near Web3 Club

Finance plan: Monthly

Resources to be used :




  • Have 100 active twitter followers and telegram members within first month.

  • Become a source of information for developers looking for a way to build their projects on Near.

  • Build a community of builders in the space where they can easily share ideas and make good connections to build something great and provide solutions in the near ecosystem.

  • Writing quality contents about projects building on Near to promote them and bring in new users into Near.

  • Another key goal is to refer projects who are actively operating in web2 already and bring them to come build on near and show them why its better to build on Near.

Here I will be talking about the process and activities we’ll be taking to make sure we achieve the above mentioned objectives:

  • Writing quality contents about Near and why its better to build on Near, success stories of projects built already on near, new projects coming to build on near and the solution they are planning to solve in Near web3 space.

  • weekly twitter space / AMA with new and already developed projects.

  • Weekly workshop on telegram to explore web3 protocols and apps on Near with the newbies and teach them how things are been done and get them familiar with near and web3.

  • Reaching out to other web3 communities for collaborations to promote us to their members and thereby gain more members.

Funding Requests :

  • Content Writing: $500
    A bounty reward for web3 content writers to write at least 10 quality contents about projects building on Near to give information about the problem it has come to solve and how it’ll be of useful to everyone in web3 to come and utilize. Writers will receive $50 on each quality contents written.

  • Council work: $200

  • Graphics designing: $100
    Reward for a professional graphics designer to design logo and all fliers that’ll be needed throughout the month.

Total requested fund: $800
Wallet address: nearweb3club.near


Hello! Thank you for your proposal. Please, take a look at the post.

Okay thanks @Dacha
I wasn’t aware of this earlier.
Am I expected to submit this again by ending October or just be expecting moderators response on this by then

Thank you and have a great day!


Hello, ould you please split the total budget for each category?

For example

Content → Writing → guide → $400 / KPIs, goals, metrics
Social media → Twitter → $400 / KPIs, goals, metrics/

And exclude not supported categories.

Thank you!

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Thanks for the proposal – I would recommend reading through the new guidelines since we resumed operations and revising the proposal so that it include a clear outline of metrics/KPIs that align specifically with the NEAR Foundation goals we are aiming to align with for future funding requests.



Following what @Dacha said, and In order to make the proposal align with the new funding process as @so608 said, projects that doesn’t go in support of the new funding process has been suspended and we’ve edited the proposal to align with the new funding process and to support the near foundation mission. Funds requested has been reduced also since we’ve reduced the activities we’ll be carrying out.


Thanks for your proposal,

Find the latest Guidelines for funding here. As part of these guidelines, you will also be require to fill out this form.

I personally really like the idea of a Web3 Club on NEAR - Bear Markets are for Builders! However, it seems to me like it may be too early to be eligible for funding.

Please also note that under the new guidelines, we do not longer cover social media management.

Let us know what you think once you’ve had a chance to review latest guidelines.


Okay, thanks for your comment…
I thought in the last updated guidelines that I checked, social media was included…

I’ll read through the new guide and put everything in order…

This is a project which I have a very huge plans for and make it have a long term effect on Near ecosystem in general.

As it’s a new project, we’ll need some funds at least to start the project so I didn’t include much funds but the one that will be needed most important to kick start.

As I have written, there’ll be bounties for web3 content writers which is part of the plan to promote the community.


Hey @bgem to clarify about the social media – we do fund the production of social media content, but we are no longer supporting management fees for posting to social media, managing a Discord, etc.

I look forward to seeing your application via the form!


Okay, I’ve edited it and removed the social media management.

I’m filling the application form already and I’ll submit it today. Thanks for your guides.

Hello! Looking forward to see the form


Thanks @Dacha the form has been submitted now​:heart:


Hi @bgem – thanks for your patience as we work through the backlog of proposals after relaunch, your form submission and edits to the proposal based on feedback.

I note your enthusiasm and presence in the community. That said, I can’t support this proposal at this time.

Under our new guidelines for assessing proposals, we are prioritizing the funding of projects that can meet and, hopefully, exceed the following sample criteria for writing initiatives:

  • Who is the target audience?
  • How are you going to reach that audience?
  • Previous Work - quality writing, established audience.
  • Depth of understanding and insight on the topic.
  • Uniqueness of work (differentiated)
    • Is the creator providing adding to public discourse;
    • Independent insights, analysis, explanations
  • Is the writing being done in collaboration with other projects?
    • We are more likely to fund work produced as a direct response to ecosystem needs. i.e. you are in contact with other ecosystem players and creating high quality content for them.

Others on the council may think differently, but in my view your channels and work look to be very early stage. I would like to see more traction, engagement and differentiation for funding writing content as there is so much out there in the ecosystem – we need a strong justification for why more content is needed, how it is different, what is unique about it, etc. I also do not see the direct plan or strategy for meeting the criteria around audience acquisition.

That said, I encourage you to continue building and come back to the Marketing DAO in the future.

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Thanks for submitting the additional information on the form,

Following the recent review period, Marketing DAO now has a narrower scope for funding and requested for funding have also greatly exceeded the allocated budget. As such, we are only able to fund projects once they have gained some traction and they have been able to better demonstrate they meet some of the metrics Lorraine has shared.

I encourage you to continue working on this initiative and come back with a new proposal at a later time.

Thanks for your comment… I include all this you talked about in the proposal and the form submitted… I’m very much interested in pushing this project with my full effort, but that won’t be easy without funds.
Talking about collaboration with projects to write threads about their projects, having an AMA with them which we’ll need funds as bounty bonus to invite listeners and push engagements.
Graphics designers will need funds to continue working, bounty for professional content writers to bring them into the community and promote us with their influence in the space…
A lot of stuffs will need funds to kick start and achieve the proposed goals.

Thanks… It’s a new project as you said, most of the proposed activities can’t be started without a first fund…
I started some of it with my fund already and hoping we’ll continue others when we receive the first fund. Near web3 club project still have a bigger future.

Hi @bgem i have reviewed your proposal and your replies to comments from council.

I recognise your enthusiasm but unfortunately i am unable to support at this time - in the current market conditions we have had to make some hard choices on which projects to allocate funding.

Please continue working and feel freel to submit a proposal in the future. Moving to Closed.

:disappointed: Alright,I’ll continue the work and I’ll get back marketing DAO in the future when needed.

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