[Closed] Represent NEAR at PBWS from 13.-14.04

I don’t think I support this idea.
This is more like to serve personal interest rather than serving community as general.

Why MarketingDAO funding $5k just for 1 individual to extend his own network? Is there a guarentee that this will benefit the community as a whole? And may I ask "what come out of this " - @Dacha rather than personal interest!!

I am questioning the support from @dacha as well regarding on this funding proposal.

And I repeat: I do not support this proposal.


Thanks for your support, @Dacha, I really appreciate it. :pray: :white_heart:

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Hey @chobeo, first of all, thanks for your contribution to this proposal!

I honestly don’t quite understand how you can argue that this is out of private interest. I rather feel that this is an unjustified accusation.
According to you, all people who go to such events would be acting out of purely private interests?!

As of today, I manage close to 100 projects in the Near ecosystem and it is common practice in the sales sector (in which I am working in NEAR) to send employees to such events so they can network in the sector, and build new partnerships and deepen existing ones.

PBWS is one of the best blockchain events for networking in the blockchain sector, it’s not for nothing that our CEO @marieke.flament gives a keynote speech there.
I already asked @David_NEAR if there are still discounted tickets because Near is one of the sponsors of the event, but unfortunately, all the discounted tickets are already taken, and I know that $5,800 is a lot of money, however, 78% of the cost goes to the ticket.
All other requested costs are event-related and I am not requesting any additional costs here and I don’t have my own blockchain company to represent at the event, I am only serving Near, so I would be very interested in how you come to the conclusion that I would act out of purely private interests?

And to answer your question about how much this helps the community: So when companies send their employees to such events, it is for the reason of establishing new partnerships as described above, or to deepen existing partnerships. The goal is to make contacts at the event and to introduce the NEAR ecosystem, because if more projects join the NEAR ecosystem, then the community grows as well.

And by the way, it’s not about one individual, as you say, I represent NEAR, so it’s about the whole company. You have to change your perspective.


Thanks for your contribution in the community, however this is a strong statement i would love to ask; what is the gain of sending project members for summit? This is for you to answer though.

When a country sends an ambassador to another country (for example) what is it meant for?


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Hi @IgbozeIsrael , thank you for your questions

Feel free to google it out. Have a great day!

Oh, now I understand, you are making this proposal a personal thing because I commented at @near.insider proposal that the amount being asked is too much. Are you something of a friend to @near.insider and trying to seek revenge for him? What is this, a game?

My friend, I am behaving professionally. The one who is not acting professionally and making unjustified accusations is you, and your meme is proof of that.

Hey @Community_Moderator @community-team, do we allow community members to create memes to make fun of proposals and act disrespectfully?

First of all, yes. I signed a contract that I am working for Near Foundation. Secondly, who are you who has zero reputation here on the forum and communicates anonymously with me accusing me of claiming things here that are not true?

You kidding right? Here is the Project Ops Introduction & Report thread, feel free to read through to learn more who we are and what we do. :wink:

Again, your opinion of my proposal is based on the fact that I rejected the requested amount from @near.insider. You did not try to research who the Project Ops team is, nor did you have an understanding of how important business development is for companies, so your response was not constructive criticism, but just your personal opinion based on lack of knowledge.


Those were for you to answer @chobeo. Before we comment on people’s post to back up or stand against their proposals on the forum, we ahould do well to research.

Thank you so much for your contributions in the forum…also you need to be calm and always be for the community and not for the sake of trying to get at anykne.

Hope your weekend is going good?

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Like seriously?
This shouldn’t be about this. There were lots of coments on @near.insider’s proposal and i believe that the team behind it understood why.

I am yet to grab my hands on why you would come up with this.
However, it will be great that @CommunityDAO also see to this.


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This seems like a personal or revenge to you? You are just being too sensitive, I am just making a comparison between this kind of proposal to see which one is more benefit to the community. Seems like you are just taking this as personal.

If so, this wasn’t my intention at all and you are just too sensitive.

I think we do right because I have no intention of making fun of this proposals and never want to act as disrespectful whatsoever, again, you are being too sensitive and dramatic about it. Let’s be more professional, @Kemal

And final things, @near.insider and me has absolutely no connection at all, I am just taking examples all things consider.

This is more of an insult and unprofessionalism from you.
If you can’t contribute without insulting someone, you shouldn’t be here in the first place.

You are just putting your hate in here and it makes zero sense.

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I am glad I am not the only one seeing so much hate in his comments. :pray:

I don’t generally jump on discussions between two but What I see from all comments here is that @chobeo is bit rude even when @Kemal explained many points from his side. He represents Project ops from @ConciergeTeam and has a great marketing experience. Companies/Brands usually have their ambassadors for events and that doesn’t mean that they are there for personal gains. They represent the company just like @Kemal made a proposal to represent NEAR.

My friend, If you have any complaints or you wish to represent NEAR at the event, what about creating a proposal rather than arguing or hurting someone?

Everyone is welcome to submit their proposals! :hugs:

Have a great day, Thanks!


This isn’t a bad idea atall, I’ve had the opportunity of working with two huge media firms here in west Africa and on various occasions, I was sent on such trips but as a filmmaker on behalf of the company.
Near is a global body and the community has to start seeing beyond the regular proposals they come across. It’s not a bad idea to network and make new acquaintances that would definitely in the future yield promising alliances. However, if there aren’t any other alternatives like attending the conference online, then I feel this is a good one. The regular proposals I see here sometimes is beginning to get really boring. Lol. @Kemal i wish you all the best on this and I hope @marketingdao-council becomes a little openminded. We are a growing community, new initiatives should be welcomed. Thanks :blush:


Hey @chobeo, I can back @Kemal proposal, he’s one of the most hardworking people in the Concierge team, what he is asking for is literally his job, he develops relationship with various projects and people to onboard on our ecosystem.

I think it’s a great idea to have one of the Project Ops members to represent NEAR at a such a big event, It will help spread the word about our ecosystem and develop future partnerships.

As a European myself, I can confirm that the mentioned costs are within average (travel expenses) if you think they are not, well, feel free to back it up with screenshots and proper explanation.

Last thing, I love hearing different points of views and ideas, but let’s not take it personally and please, let’s not go on “passive-aggressive” road.

This type of discussion are not appreciated, since they are not constructive and beneficial, I view them simply as “toxic”.


Been working and knowing Kemo since long. He has proven work in the community as anyone can see in the report he shared above. I definitely believe that sometimes we need to explore new things and see the good impact of relationships. I support Kemo here as he has been doing great job for the community.


wow. looks interesting @Kemal I think you will be representing us there?
may I also learn will you be given chance to present us there on a stage? do you have a plan for that? what will be the approx audience on that occasion?


Hi @Kemal thank you for you proposal. Before I can give an answer could you please expand on what you mean by signing a contract. Are you a NF employee?

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Wasn’t expected to make things turned into a wrong way - a very much hostile and personal kind of way.

As I stated above, this WAS NOT my intention in the beginning. From just a personal opinion like this

Then somehow some members from Community DAO Members rushing in and singled-out me as spreading hatres and personal attack. That is very sad kind of behaviours as a Community DAO member.

All my points was just trying to analyse the pros and cons of this proposal by put it into a comparison of the recent controversial proposal of @near.insider . Rather we investing $6,000 to one person (without a guarantee that this will benefit the community) or with the same fund can operate the whole team that brings so much value to the community. That’s all

I am very sad because this seems like the environment we are giving out to the Community member when they speak up and share their thoughts and idea.

Please reconsider your words and your actions @zubairansari07 @stanisnear @Kemal, because I know you are contribute something to this community.

Again and again, no words for @IgbozeIsrael , very irrelevant and un-helpful in this post.
Please contribute a better constructive thoughts and words.

Hey brother, Everyone is welcome to share their thoughts but some of your words looked harsh to not only me but others as well, though it might be not your intention.

Also, not every community DAO member came here and rush on you. People commented here their own view as a NEARian, No one asked them to comment forcefully or shared the proposal link to comment.

Edited ! Sorry for saying the whole Community DAO member, it should be just some members.
This bring me to questioning out the quality of @CommunityDAO ?

But again, this isn’t relevant in this post so will leave that question out