[Closed] Plan to make NEAR crypto lesson GOA in Arambol

@Neh you’re the best informer i’ve ever met :slight_smile:


Hello! Im Arsenii
Near be happy)


Also we have Alina and @denni_wild in our team

Thank you so much. The team is brilliant I must say.


Next step can be NFT live game to collect NFT in bars or cafe in places where accept near, we can create this places in Goa

And they can change this NFT for food or drinks

Also we plan NEAR music festival, in our team are musicians i had expirience with making concerts before.

Making 2 concerts during the month
Making NFT markets where people can change NFT to goods or services ( not for sale, i said about change market)

So many ideas can grow and become more perfect to marketing it , just we need your support


Our plan in guild but we can use same plan for bouny for monlthy work our team 6 people
@denni_wild @Argentin @Dacha

what we have for the moment about Guild Goals and Purposes :

To inform how to use the NEAR Protocol blockchain (practical and applicable benefits for the common user)
To give an experience of how to use NEAR in everyday life to so many people as possible
Use NFT and creative arts for this
to connect the maximum number of places in Goa where NEAR is accepted for payment (cafes, restaurants, beauty salons, massages,) by making games/quests there
development of social networks through which to communicate with subscribers and to inform them of news and upcoming events (telegram-channel – to create! and instagram page)
Login • Instagram
regular creation of media content about NEAR by the team and by participants of our actions, about practicality, applicability, usefulness, and opportunities of NEAR (videos, music, photos, illustrations, memes, etc.)
regular recruitment of new users to the NEAR Ecosystem and informants to our team.
holding weekly games/quests with the use of NEAR NFTs and the places connected to the payment with NEAR
holding a regular (quarterly?) NEAR Festival with music, market, show, and the final part of the game with raffling prizes
Expanding the geography of the games by including Travel , first from Goa all over India, holding games in different states (will be enough for a long time)), and then further to other countries
So, our focus is on:

educational games (knowledge + adventures)
open lessons/FAQs
visual content and NFT
give practical experience of using NEAR
travelling with NEAR

@cryptocredit what you think?
Which ideas can be grow?
My idea is try all ways and create more ideas

(when u realise some ideas it create some more ideas)

and after one month analyse which way is more effective

Sometimes happen way is dont expected is more effective 🤷🙈

This Sunday 7:30 pm
“What is NEAR and how is it near?”

All details later

Thank you guys​:clap::hugs:

В это воскресенье мы проведём первую встречу с рабочим названием «разговоры о крипте». Расскажем всё о создании NFT на основе вашего творчества и размещении его на продажу, о регистрации кошелька в экосистеме NEAR Protocol, и о том, что будет вам интересно о нас, о крипте и о NEAR
21 ноября в 19.30
Magic Tree (Арамболь)

Hi guys
We have NEAR open workshop this Sunday. Join us if you want to know how to make NFT from your art, how to sale it on marketplace, and many other questions about us, about crypto and about NEAR Protocol
21th November. 7.30 p.m.
Magic Tree (Arambol)

Also our small project in Instagram

This NFT u can buy support our lesson
Thank u

20% discount for FOOD and DRINK in restaurant with this NFT :shamrock:

Just new group

Almost 600 views in Instagram , but its not all
Cause we have more distubuted It post in facebook groups telegram small groups

Thank u

For help to spread information and collaboration




We are started


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Video report

8-10 new wallets created

2 hours meet up lesson NFT, discussion about NEAR , blockchain technologies

Goa, Arambol, cafe “Magic tree”

Around 25 people

It was our first experience without any approval, only our initiative

Our community growing