[Closed - open call] - creatives dao council - 5 positions- results soon

The current Creatives DAO Council (@chloe @JulianaM @frnvpr @tabear) has been considering ways in which we can begin to involve more of the creative community in the daily operations and governance of the DAO vertical, responsible for funding creative Guilds and DAOs in the NEAR Ecosystem since June.

The entire ecosystem is changing and discussions are in place to establish rules for the various Verticals. As the conversation evolves, the Creatives DAO must also evolve, so we are expanding our council to 9 members, from the 4 currently existing members. This will be done in 2 different phases; as explained below.

Note: We are coming forward with these changes in a time when there is no certainty in which path the community will follow. We hope to be an example to the rest of the community, but we are also aware that the rules we are putting in place might change when the rest of the community changes.

Therefore, we are continuing our steps on the path to decentralization:


How do I qualify for a council position?


then you are eligible for a Creatives DAO council position!

Other criteria to be taken into account:

  • Diversity of backgrounds (we aim to represent the community as much as possible, therefore diversity will be taken into account);
  • Stats gallery;
  • Compliance with etiquette rules;

Reply to this thread to state your interest with a bit about yourself, your Telegram handle, and the activities you’ve undertaken in the NEAR creative community so far.

Please submit your interest in being considered for one of the 5 council spots we are opening on the Creatives DAO by Friday, January 14 at 6pm EST.

What then?

After Friday the 14th, we will assess the candidacy of each of the individuals who have replied on this thread and will [Approve] the 5 most engaged creative community members to post a new proposal to the astrodao to join as a council member.

As soon as February 1st, we hope to have the new council formed. At the end of February, current members will rotate out, and by April the new council is expected to publish an Open Call to increase the number of members to 9.

These new council members can then expect to:

  • Create Polls for all council members to be able to vote;
  • Vote on proposals and respect voting deadlines (12th of each month), either on astro dao , if that is possible, or on an alternative system (ideally, Forum);
  • Make sure Guidelines are being followed;
  • When necessary, engage with proposals off chain (directly in the Forum), specifically if a proposal has not passed; passed proposals might not need off chain communication;
  • Be open to off chain communication when that is requested by the community;
  • Respond to and engage with all prospective creative community leaders posting their introductory posts on the Forum to help welcome and direct them to the Creative Guild Leaders Telegram chat;
  • Engage with the creative community leaders in the Creative Guild Leaders Telegram chat - no one is expecting everyone to have the answers but if you have insights, information, or resources to share we’ll be looking to you to help our leaders trouble-shoot, brainstorm, and connect with one another;
  • Attend and host weekly Creative Leaders meetups (traditionally held on Mondays at 5-6pm EST but always subject to change dates and times) to help foster the NEAR Creative Community;

For this, we will offer these 5 new council members 250 NEAR monthly moving forward for as long as they choose to remain as active contributing members of the council. Council members will not sit on the council for more than 6 months. Current council members will sit on the council until end of February, to guarantee a smooth transition.

If the above sounds feasible and exciting to you, register your desire to join the council below now!

Roadmap for turnout

In order to increase transparency and decentralization, the Creatives DAO council is establishing, from January on, a few rules. Those might change, depending on what the community ends up agreeing upon for the better functioning of DAO Verticals.

  • Council members stay in their role for ideally 6 months (2 periods of 3 months).

  • The suggested turnout system is as follows:

  • The number of Council members should be 9 (this will happen on the Open Call of April).

  • Council members can stay on the council for two periods of 3 months.

  • They enter by replying to an Open Call, and 3 months later they have to organize and publish an Open Call.

  • Council members on the role for 6 months rotate out, and new members rotate in.

  • There should be at least 9 council members at all times.The only exception is this transition period, because otherwise a group of new council members would stay on the role for only 3 months. If a council member drops out by their own choice, it should be replaced by an Open Call.

  • In practical terms, the current Council will remain in functions just until the new Council Members are adapted to the role they are expected to perform. The 28th of February will mark the exit of current Council Members. By the end of April, the existing council members (5) will add 4 more. Three months later, a new Open Call is created and the 5 members with 6 months on the role will rotate out, the 4 council members with 3 months on the role will continue, and 5 more council members will be added.

  • This process will then be repeated, until the community finds better ways to manage turnout (i.e. transparency and decentralization).


Oh wow, this is amazing


Yeah, Im quite interested in this.

Telegram handle @sterryo

This is the successful activities I’ve undertaken so far: :slightly_smiling_face:

I Own AfroStar Guild
[APPROVED] AFRO STAR Guild PROJECT Funding for JANUARY 2022 - #15 by sterryo… and this is what people has to say about it so far!

I Coordinate C1 Guild workshop for 4-5 Months
[Approved] C1 TV Workshop December budget (FOR 4- 5 MONTHS)
[Project Approved] Producing & Featuring my fellow Nigerian Celebrities - December 2021 - #30 by sterryo

[APPROVED] AFRO STAR Guild PROJECT Funding for JANUARY 2022 - #8 by sterryo!
Conveying people during workshop has always been easy for past 4 Months :heart_eyes:


Woo hoo :metal: I am able and I wish to help you here.

The following if is and/or ?

Happy Near Year :metal::beers: :tada: all the best and success


Hello! IF, but feel free to submit yourself, if you think you would be a good fit. The 1st point is actually an OR, since it would be cool to have people for other areas of the ecosystem (DAOs engaged with other verticals) submit themselves to this council.

note: edited the 1st criteria to include other Verticals; we feel the first goal is to have engaged ‘creative’ individuals, but we also think it’s fair and interesting to allow members of the community who have proven themselves in other areas of the ecosystem to participate in this effort. :slight_smile:

We will, later, review all submissions.


Woooowwwww, it sounds really amazing!

In fact, I honestly don’t know if I’m qualified under the proposed terms, but I’m very interested, even if it’s not for this specific position, I would love to go into the education/research area. I’m in, if I can. :):crossed_fingers:t3::raising_hand_woman:t2:

Ok so, let’s try it…

I’m not part of a DAO yet. Actually, @carrapatoso and I, we posted our Art DAO proposal few minutes ago. Here is the link Introducing ArtDAO - #3 by NatLoyola

As I told you before, I don’t meet the requested requirements, but I hope to be close to that. what I can say is that I am committed and would love to somehow be involved in diverse projects. Almost 20 years ago, I was very active in a free radio (Radio Muda), organized discussions about free communication, and now, in another context, it makes a lot of sense to me how the organization of the work is done here. I also understand the need for constant adaptations, after all, if culture is alive, we cannot have fixed and closed structures.

I was very happy as an artist to have been part of the first edition of Poliedro’s artistic residency. I also have a proposal for a cycle of studies and practices on the image that I believe will take place in May. I also invite everyone to get to know the project, so they can get to know a little more about me.




Hello Creatives Fam,
I’d like to apply for the Creatives council position.
My Telegram handle: mendaxg
I am a writer and an NFT enthusiast who believes that NFTs have a lot of potential to revolutionize how the creative industry works.
I am the leader of KalakendraDAO.
These are the proposals which the CreativesDAO council has accepted.

I am from India, and here’s my Stats gallery.
As soon as I have joined, I have been actively involving myself in all the communities and contributing my best with my skills.

I have been engaging with the CreativesDAO community Telegram, Social Media, weekly community calls & in the governance forum and I’d like to be a part of the CreativesDAO and involve myself in the governance of the CreativesDAO by becoming a part of the council.


Hey Creatives Fam,
I’m Very Much Interested in the Creatives DAO Council Position.
I am an Active Community Member in Near Ecosystem and Creatives DAO Community.

Created and Been a Part of "Kalakendra DAO" Proposals for the Month of November & December

1. Council of "Kalakendra DAO
2. Onboarding Council of NxM
3. Open web sandbox Moderator
1. Actively Engaged Through Creatives DAO Telegram Chat. 
2. Attended Community Call Most Times.
3.active through various Near community - Near Forums , Telegram,Discord and Twitter

And Finally, I see a Perfect Fit for Myself in Creatives DAO Council. I could extend my community Building in Onboarding More Creatives into the Creatives DAO and support Everyone.

Finally am from india, which is diversity enriched with culture and arts.

Get to know me from this article Humans of OWS : Humans of the Open Web Sandbox: Monish | by OWS Team | Open Web Sandbox NEAR | Medium


Thank you Fam,
Happy New Year Everyone.
TG : @MonishMuralidharan


Hello again, :blush: now that is clear that I can be eligible, I am going to apply:

Wallet Use

I have being using my NEAR wallet a lot so according to stats.gallery I am level 8 right now

fritzwagner.near wallet stats

DAO Council

I am a member with voting power on the following DAOs:

  3. OWS

Building NEAR Community

Even though I have not been active on the #creatives I can assure you that I have being active here on the forum and other communication channels, sharing ideas, connecting, helping in whatever I can to build projects, onboard new members and have a good time while we all walk together into a better word provided by the web3

Here I share a list of users I have brought into the NEAR community forum, few of them are high quality contributors, thats why I received this badge.

List of users onboarded
nacho.near 19 hours 19 hours 0 0 < 1m 1 / 1 link
yawondao3 Dec 28, '21 Dec 28, '21 2 4 2m 2 / 7 link
chad Dec 27, '21 Dec 27, '21 2 3 < 1m 1 / 7 link
lalacat Dec 27, '21 Dec 28, '21 1 0 < 1m 2 / 8 link
yawonDAO Dec 26, '21 0 0 < 1m 0 / 8 link
deadshot Dec 26, '21 Dec 26, '21 0 0 < 1m 1 / 9 link
Enrico Dec 13, '21 Dec 13, '21 0 0 < 1m 1 / 22 link
Prod_Solo7 Dec 12, '21 Dec 15, '21 8 29 12m 2 / 23 link
user3 Dec 12, '21 0 0 < 1m 0 / 23 link
JacopoB Dec 9, '21 Dec 9, '21 0 0 < 1m 1 / 26 link
isiah Dec 8, '21 Dec 15, '21 7 22 3m 4 / 27 link
ChainFights Dec 5, '21 3 days 6 8 18m 7 / 30 link
nacho963 Dec 5, '21 Dec 18, '21 5 20 6m 4 / 30 link
user2 Dec 2, '21 Dec 20, '21 2 10 16m 7 / 32 link
ame9986 Dec 1, '21 3 days 24 42 1h 8 / 34 link
King1 Nov 30, '21 Dec 19, '21 5 18 15m 8 / 34 link
Leozamorat Nov 27, '21 Nov 27, '21 2 7 8m 1 / 38 link
Savageftc Nov 27, '21 Dec 2, '21 7 18 15m 2 / 38 link
Mingua Nov 26, '21 Nov 27, '21 1 15 2m 1 / 38 link
Nathbruz Nov 26, '21 Nov 28, '21 2 8 3m 2 / 38 link
Jkbg Nov 26, '21 Nov 26, '21 1 8 1m 1 / 38 link
Alecorcega Nov 26, '21 Nov 26, '21 1 3 3m 1 / 39 link
Estevan17 Nov 26, '21 Dec 19, '21 5 18 8m 5 / 39 link
Ouail.M Nov 25, '21 Nov 26, '21 2 23 13m 1 / 39 link
user1 Nov 25, '21 2 days 35 148 2h 13 / 40 link
NelzoRamirez Nov 25, '21 18 hours 30 272 42m 6 / 40 link
TheQueen Nov 24, '21 42 mins 13 75 1h 16 / 40 link
Benmurri Nov 24, '21 Nov 26, '21 0 0 < 1m 1 / 41 link
Developer Nov 17, '21 2 hours 12 42 1h 21 / 48 link
abdresdom Nov 17, '21 2 days 17 93 29m 10 / 48 link
leyner Nov 17, '21 Dec 10, '21 3 3 1m 2 / 48 link
mavimorantes Nov 15, '21 Nov 25, '21 3 25 9m 5 / 49 link
Tibyparedes Nov 15, '21 Dec 24, '21 2 13 37m 10 / 49 link
ArianaVictoriaMoreno Nov 11, '21 Dec 23, '21 7 56 2h 16 / 54 link
Alfredonet Nov 8, '21 Dec 18, '21 6 26 23m 4 / 56 link
Arturoahs Nov 8, '21 19 hours 33 208 2h 26 / 56 link
Giselle059 Nov 7, '21 Nov 8, '21 1 2 1m 2 / 58 link
Charles96 Nov 6, '21 Nov 6, '21 1 2 < 1m 1 / 58 link
Guarata Nov 6, '21 Nov 6, '21 0 0 < 1m 1 / 59 link
Arnelys Nov 6, '21 Nov 17, '21 7 15 14m 4 / 59 link
Butneversaved Nov 6, '21 21 hours 139 964 8h 46 / 59 link
sebasgr Nov 6, '21 1 hour 51 128 1h 30 / 59 link
blad1 Nov 6, '21 2 days 33 170 2h 29 / 59 link
grex Nov 6, '21 1 day 30 80 2h 23 / 59 link
LuisAponte99 Oct 21, '21 3 days 67 430 5h 46 / 75 link
Gastonromano Oct 13, '21 2 days 32 163 40m 22 / 83 link
Mary.dancr Oct 9, '21 Dec 16, '21 32 263 1h 33 / 87 link
MarcoPerezP Sep 30, '21 Sep 30, '21 1 0 2m 1 / 96 link
yehosua.near Sep 29, '21 8 hours 40 263 3h 40 / 96 link
DiegoEleizalde Aug 25, '21 Sep 1, '21 3 2 5m 3 / 132 link
Portes Jul 6, '21 1 day 62 161 3h 81 / 181 link
pranav Jul 6, '21 Jul 6, '21 1 0 < 1m 1 / 182 link
NEXC Jul 5, '21 1 day 9 38 1h 21 / 183 link

Thank you all for taking me into account and good luck for other participants :rocket:


Hey, friends, I am The Philosopher, thephilosopher.near, and I would like to submit for the Creatives DAO council position. I am a council member of Metaverse DAO, a PhD philosopher and a university professor. As such, I am used to coordinate and analyse many different projects, as you can see in my curriculum lattes (a researcher curriculum for Brazilians). As a person, before being a council member from a DAO, I’ve already submitted some projects for Mintbase DAO, many of them involving bringing people to Mintbase-NEAR (one of them is a succssfull story, that is the Gambiarra Gallery, with more than 100 Brazilian artists). You can also see our Metaverse DAO building on Cryptovoxels, created under our council time. I am also part of many different blockchains and projects within them, and I believe this diversity of backgrounds can give a good insight on the development of the proposals. My stats gallery. We already submitted an approved proposal for funding for December, we also submitted our report, and are submitting a new funding proposal for January today.

I wish you all a good new year.


GoodDay to all in the Creatives Im very Much interested for this position and trying my Luck To try for this Opencall :heart:

I may not say that im an expert about this Ecosystem but im willing to learn explore and Try :relaxed:

For this screenshot i think im qualified but im not a Council of any Dao because this is my First Time.
About engaging to Creatives and even not on creatives telegram i love to hang out with the people related to Near ecosystem.

And about to the 2 successful Approved proposal my experience for this is my proposal to MarmaJchan foundation about my proposal for sticker Pack and Choosen for the colored Font of marmajchan bounty .
I also submit a payout proposal about my Project in Hakuna Matata Dao last november. And Also join in some bounties under creative in Hype Dao Mintbase marmajchan bounties Muti open web sandbox bounties and Hakuna matata bounties. Some of it im one of the winners some is still in the Top 3 chosen artist.

Ill Just Try my Luck and support all Aspiring Creatives Council applied for this opencall. Whoever will be chosen its nice to meet you soon because im always around in creatives :sweat_smile: thank you​:heart:


Do you want a normal consul who does not owe anything to anyone and will really work and monitor the results of the participants honestly, openly and fairly, in accordance with all the laws of openness, publicity, fairness and decency? Take me!
Sincerely, Igor!
:sunglasses: :v:


Hi all!

I am Adrian, adrianseneca.near, and I am excited to submit for the Creatives DAO council position! I am a Bay Area Native who has been working in art, community organizing, and cooperative development for 5+ years. Much of what I have been focused on the last few years has been finding stability for unhoused communities, collectively stewarding physical land and learning regenerative earth tending practices. I am newer to NEAR than many others here but feel I have unique contributions to offer in this space. I have been a part of NEAR since September 2021 and since then have;

  • co-founded Kin DAO
  • self taught and onboarded my entire DAO team (5 people) to NEAR governance forums as well as Astrodao
  • engaged in the Creative Guild Leader Telegram Chat both in messages and on the live video meetings
  • engaged in posts on Creatives category, posted bountys and submitted two successful proposals to Creative DAO;

Although I am not as experienced in the NEAR space, I believe I would be a great option for the Creatives DAO council for a few reasons;

  • I am committed to learning and extremely interested in gaining more experience in DAO functioning and council operations.
  • I learn efficiently and can make quick turnarounds with my tasks.
  • I work passionately and have a high standard for my work so all I do is full and intentional, never neglected.
  • I am heart based person that values people deeply. This means that even in the digital space I very much prioritize the humanness of each interaction.
  • I come from and represent communities I do not see on the blockchain often. The more experience, knowledge and skill I obtain, the more I am able to pour into these communities. This also gives me an on the ground perspective of what it’s like to be an outsider in this space. I am rooted in decentralization for liberation and can help instill that wherever I am.

I hope you will consider me for this position!

Telgram: adrianseneca

With gratitude,


Bravo, @creativesdao-council for this move.

Near is modelling (exemplifying, really) what Decentralisation should look like.

It is remarkably impressive.

Cheers to giant strides this year​:clinking_glasses:


@Monish016 & @FritzWorm Should definitely be considered for this! They are wonderful leaders in the NEAR ecosystem & have a lot of great ideas. BOTH have also been featured in our publication “Humans of the Sandbox” for their contributions to our ecosystem​:fire::fire: Good luck gentleman :pray:t3::pray:t3:


Thank you for your kind words and promotion :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

May the force be NEAR you



Hello! I would like to put my name forward for a position within the Creative DAO Council!

I am an audio engineer, music promoter and music scholar from Ireland currently based in Lisbon. I have a lot of experience with administrative work outside of the NEAR realm, having been a staff member of my University’s IT department for the last 4 years. I have over 10 years of experience within the music industry, as well as a bachelor’s and master’s degree in experimental sound practice. I have lots and lots of experience within the arts, arts facilitation and events, all of which I’d be more than happy to elaborate on if you would like!

In terms of the criteria that would qualify me for this role, I have been part of successfully approved projects, including one that supported the release of my own album and the onboarding of an artist colleague:
[APPROVED] Promotion, Printing and Mastering of Album
As well as this I have become a council member recently of the Graffiti DAO, which was until now previously on hiatus. I am excited about resurrecting this DAO. We just completed our first mural, which you can check out here:
KONE graffiti mural in downtown Lisbon

As well as this I have also just recently joined as a council member of the very exciting Beat DAO, which I’m excited to get working on too.

I am also an active member of multiple NEAR TG groups and have taken part in many live stream events and other initiatives with other DAOs.

I also would like to add that what interests me about this role is the opportunity to learn more about and work within the governance side of things here, and to hopefully help others in their creative endeavours. This role would be a step up from my current role as a council member and a step that I would be very excited to make.

Thanks for your time and please do let me know if you’d like any more clarification. :slight_smile:


Hey Sammy! Thank you So Much. That is So Nice of you to do so.


Hello! I would like to apply for a Creatives DAO council position. I am a councilmember for HypeDAO and have been successfully submitting proposals with that DAO for a few months now. (I just joined the Creatives DAO telegram chat. I did not know that existed!)

I also host Twitter Spaces for the NFT community twice a week, which has been amazing for meeting creative people, onboarding, and helping them connect to the global NEAR community.

I am very interested in connecting with more of the creative community and learning more about governance. I would love to be able to help and support more creative projects in the NEAR ecosystem as a part of the Creatives DAO.

telegram: @ kodandi

submitted as a part of HypeDAO budget proposals: