[Closed] Onboarding of university students and teachers

Hi Again!
We are still working from NEAR México and after our successful onboarding, we receive 5 invitations from different universities to create a few onboardings.

You can read the report HERE
The numbers in this new onboarding are:

Project name
Onboarding of university students and teachers, we have to options now to start (UTCancun or Tec Misantla)

Onboard students and professors into NEAR México, NEAR ecosystem.

2 hours workshop, probably 2-4 sessions:

  • Blockchain
  • NEAR protocol
  • NEAR Certifications
  • NEAR Ecosystem
  • NEAR Community and Social networks
  • NEAR Dapps

1 live call to invite the students(Explain the objectives.)
We will invite Students for NCA and NCD(Near certifications)
1 Live call with students 100-200 students. After the event 200 views.
At Least 40 wallets.
40 new students NCA
10 NEARs for the best question


  • New wallet creation funding and 2 winners(10 dls in nears ). 100
  • Audiovisual content creation 100
  • printed material for sharing at the university 100
    *We will create Mini (3 NFT)NFT collection to show how is the process and mint like a workshop. 100

TOTAL: $400 dls.


I like this proposal. Particularily i like the focus on University students and teachers. What departments are you focusing on?


Nice Initiative, Can share your any experience before these proposals .


I recommend setting aside some funding to buy food for hungry students. To attract bright minds, you have to appeal to their gastric desires. Consider asking for a higher amount to cover the costs of food and drinks. I was asked to provide recruiting talks at different universities, and free food always increased the crowd

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Hello @Symbolik !
In this case, we did the first one for students who study international business and innovation careers. So that they know the technology and see how to apply it to their projects. now we are going to have guys from engineering, programming and data engineering careers, but we also have invitations from other careers with engineering and design, architect and fashion design careers, although we are doing everything in steps.

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Sure @Albhion , We did it before several times.

This year we did it 2 times

And others with aurora México community.

After these, we receive 5 invitations from different universities to share with them students, we want to accept them.

@agt you are right, many times that opens more doors and sets a pattern, but for now we are doing it merely as first contact and to educate them about blockchain and that they know the NEAR protocol to create projects, but we are focusing on it in a short time that opens the door for us. door in any university and 100% educational material.

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Hello @josedlujan

You did a great job previously.
Please describe what audiovisual content you want to create. Could you please remind me audiovisual content created earlier? Is it possible to use it again?

Also, I am not sure about the NFT collection.
You can ask a Design Guild to help with some creative assets

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Hi Again @mr_free
We create videos with explanations of topics for example:
PoW, PoS
smart contracts
Universities in Mexico are receiving many talks and invitations about crypto education, but they end up being only an invitation to trading and investments, so they all ask us for these videos as evidence so that they can demonstrate that this is educational and serious. So when someone audits a university or evaluates the workshops given, they have the evidence.

I share some examples.


what are you using for wallet onboarding app.neardrop.io or something else?

You have my support. :love_you_gesture: :beers:


Awesome. Very sensible and deliberate.

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Hi @minorityprogrammers no, we create the wallet with the students and who participate we fund the wallet…

Thank you for sharing examples.
But the question was: is it possible to use already created videos? Why do you need new?
As I understand, it will be the same program but in another location, right?

Also, I am not sure about creating NFT-collection. I don’t support this option.

Onboarding-dao supports proposals with a budget of less 500$
Also, probably you know about a pause in funding from NF, so it would be great to save funds and spend them smart.

Hello again. @mr_free

I I spoke with the university about the possibility about the videos, so it took me a while, I made an adjustment to the budget, as you can see I changed it to 500.

We eliminate the generation of the videos, we will only create 1, we will reuse the other videos(great idea) we already have, only changing logos and details. So this allows us not to have to invest in the videos and helps us to have a budget of 500.

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Creating wallets is a good job. Will these wallets be actively used in the future? Have your students joined any projects? Are you creating a new video that doesn’t exist? Or are these videos created in your language?
Thx :blush:

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Also, I didn’t see the sense in creating NFT for 200$. I think better to focus on learning about the ecosystem. I am not sure about this option.
@FritzWorm @Symbolik @zubairansari07 @kc_sollano @NatalieCrue what do you think?


I believe the amount of $200 (including NFT) is to be use for the execution of the workshop

Please @josedlujan clarify

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The theme of NFT is that there are universities that have design careers, so a designer comes and gives a small workshop on how to create an NFT, because the kids think it can be something different, but they are shown how to create some simple with photoshop, illustrator, and how they are exported, size, recommendations, quality, etc, etc… then upload to mintbase or stop so they can see how the process is, that is, it is a bit long, since if it lasts about 2 hours. The designer is supported. The NFT mint because we know that it is not expensive at all. @mr_free

If the designer starts to show how to create art in Photoshop/Illustrator - how long it takes?! I don’t think we need to support design courses and spend time on them. I think better focus on Near Ecosystem and show what is it and how it works.