[Closed] onboarding event in port harcourt nigeria

Not far from that mate, we intend to make it a near protocol crypto feast, thereby creating a strong awareness in this part of Nigeria. That even passers-by would want to know what is going on, and even get interested.


I see this as a medium of educating port harcourt youths more about decentralization and blockchain technology.
Near as a point of contact, let’s make Near known the the city of port harcourt :partying_face::star_struck:


@Sammy9ce quick question for clarity and transparency. Expected attendance 200 hall capacity 400? Or what’s the 400 for?

what’s product are you planning on selling on this event? $Near related ?
For well understanding of your idea :bulb:.
And hope @marketingdao-council considers it



Share please your previous experience.
Also, it would be great to see the report for this proposal [Approved] onboarding university students

About the event: DJ, video, photography, food and drinks, etc looks like a party.

Also, the budget is much over than Onboarding-dao supports.
Also, onboarding-dao already supported some events in Nigeria. I think it will be fair to support events in other countries for more decentralization.


Thanks for your comment fam.
The earlier project is still on the process of accomplishment as stated in the forum but due to some circumstances there’s delay. Kindly go through this below fam.

We tagged onboarding DAO for them to be aware of everything on going, knowing fully that the is above what the onboarding DAO offers, and I think that’s why my colleague @Sammy9ce and I directed the post to the marketing DAO. Thanks for your contribution fam. Hope this clears your doubt. @mr_free


The number of attendees is estimated to be over 200 and the hall we are expected to use is a 400 capacity hall. Is better we plan ahead of time for necessity purpose rather than making preparation for smaller hall and then it becomes over populated

what’s product are you planning on selling on this event? $Near related ?
Every attendee will go back with Near merch,
T-shirts for 4-men committee that will help in organizing the event
2 hoodie for the hosters
T-shirts to the 10 best performers during our quiz session
Cups,handfan etc to every attendee. So they can go out and say these is what I got from attending the near outreach in Port Harcourt city.


Such a great idea , hoping to see this become successful

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Great initiative pal!
Hope to see this approved sooner, so to start working ahead of time

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Appreciated mate. Nice having you here @Psalmy

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Yo @Karisma26 Why are you using my NFT in your profile pic LMAO :sweat_smile::joy:


Thank You for your proposal. Did you try to contact with Sankore 2.0 regional hub? Thanks



How do we contact them Sir, do we share our proposal with them? Are they going to be in charge of the funding? Thanks @Dacha


Thank you !


Hi @Dacha can you please review my proposal, been tagging you and marketing DAO but no response, don’t know why

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Thanks for your proposal,

Few questions:

  • what is your current involvement with NEAR to date?
  • have you organised any events to date?
  • what is the current presence for NEAR in that city?
  • how will you reach the desired audience as invite them to event?

I believe that IRL event organisers should be nimble - start with smaller meetups and start nurturing the local community. $2000 per event is not sustainable and there is no track record to support it


Agreed. I cannot support this proposal.

This type of event without clear enough info on the community, space, material covered, etc is too high for a first-time event given the circumstances.

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Sorry for late reply.

Thanks for your question @santojandro
For your first question about our involvement in Near protocol, currently I am an active contributor in the merchant of Near community , A community moderator and a video editor
[Approved] Merchants of Near 2022. For my partner @dabbie3229, she has been an active creative DAO community builder [Introduction] Near Style and Merchandise DAO and has stats here on the forum says it all.

For your second question about hosting of events. I haven’t hosted any event in the Near Protocol community but has done some IRL. My partner will be hosting the Near onboarding event in Owerri Imo state next week and sure I’ll be opportune to grace the event next week… [Approved] onboarding university students

For your third question, this city is field with so many crypto enthusiast but with few or no knowledge about near protocol. And for that reason we deem it fit two on board and teach them about Near Protocol. https://businessday.ng/technology/article/luno-nigeria-takes-cryptocurrency-literacy-to-port-harcourt/

On the 4th note.
Advertisement will be made concerning this event we intend to print posters flyers and advertise on our social medias too for this event which we already started, on our daily WhatsApp statuses…

Dear @santojandro, thank you for your honest and sincere suggestions but I have every belief that with the announcement of this events we will make a huge success. Will still be open for more suggestions, this is a decentralized community, we will accept your opinions as a vital information.

As @dacha suggested we have already booked a call with sankore 2.0. thanks so much.


Checking in on this – can you let us know the results of your call with @Sankore2.0 once it has taken place?


Thanks for your response,

I am grateful for all the contributions that you and your partner are making to the ecosystem and would like to find ways to continue supporting the growth of NEAR in your city. However, in its current form, I cannot support this proposal.

I am increasingly going to Meetups which are amazing for educating, meeting people, building community, etc. and most of them are run by volunteers with little to no budget (in an expensive country like Australia). Once again, I’d encourage you to revise the growth plans for the city and start small. Save the larger budget for larger events once traction justifies it.

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