[Closed] onboarding a-level students into near ecosystem

It has been a great experience and wonderful opportunity, being around the Near protocol ecosystem. Seeing how work is being done and how contributive every Nearian is in the ecosystem.

Here’s is a proposal to onboard A-level students into the near ecosystem…

This is to fore introduce them Earlier to the Ecosystem and equip them for their further studies. Most of them will be hearing web 3 and Near Protocol for the first time, this will help most of them in choosing area of concentration in their further studies. So as they grow in the ecosystem, they will discover more.


Near name: bossp.near.

Visit secondary schools speak with their head teachers to secure time and permission from them to be able to teach the students…
Schedule classes with the students, this will last for a period of 2 weeks, I intend to meet with the students 5 times as follows:
Day 1&2: teaching about web 3
Day 3&4: teaching about Nearprotocol
Day 5: assessment on their knowledge about web 3 and near protocol, and opening of near wallets and governance forum accounts.

This class is scheduled for 5 days because of their curriculum, to enable sound administration of the classes and assessment.
Target students: Students in their 12th grade according to the Nigerian Education System.

Location. Owerri Municipal Council of Imo State Nigeria
We I and @Dabbie3229 intend to start with one school for effective administration and to prove the effectiveness of this model of onboarding.

Funding Request
Transportation for school visiting $35 for 5 days.

Hiring of projector for effective display of lesson $100

Printing and typing of question paper for the assessment $70

Refreshment for the students for the 5 days $200 for the 4 days

Each student is entitled to 1 burger and 1 coca-cola drink. (= $0.8 x 50 students = $40 for 5 days $40x5 = $200).

Extra 10N for Near drop and wallet activation after the period of 5 days teaching.

Sum total = 35+100+70+200 = $405.

@marketingdao-council @Dacha @cryptocredit @so608. I will be willing to answer your questions for further clarifications. Thank you.


Due to legal reasons and regulatory requirements passed from the NEAR Foundation, we are unable to fund any proposals aimed at individuals under the age of 18.

I’m closing this proposal as it is not eligible for funding.


Wow, love the initiative, however do you plan on working with a team on this? Or alone?

Thanks for your contribution sir, but here in Nigeria the 12th grade student’s age usually comprises of ages ranging from 17 - 19 years, could we select them based on their ages to be able to carry out this event. It’s will be a very nice idea to onboard this youths and prepare them, most of them are into some other crypto spaces already, I think telling them about Near Protocol wouldn’t be a bad idea. Thanks sir.

I am alone for now fam, unless you want is to make a team in future with @Dabbie3229

Your idea is great but i advice you choose an audience that ages from 18 and above given what @satojandro has stated.


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We don;t have the ability to monitor these things, this is why have to make broad generalisations such as no ‘school aged’ targets for proposals - while the participants may still be 18+, the project would require you to be within environments with other underaged children, we can’t really stop them from accessing information if they are in close proximity to the main cohort, etc.

Once again, thanks for your proposal! The inability of the Marketing DAO to fund does not mean the idea is bad or that it can’t be pursued independently from us.

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Thanks sir im glad to receive the replies.

Alright sir, that’s the idea I will work with thanks

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